You may have heard that giving someone an aspirin to chew or hold under their tongue when they are having a heart attack could save their life. Doctors recommend this because drugs are rapidly absorbed through the tissues of the tongue, mouth, and gums, so prolonging the time aspirin is held in the mouth can mitigate the devasting effects of a heart attack within minutes. This delivery method is called sublingual (under the tongue) or buccal (membranes of the mouth) administration.

Founder, Dr. Connie Wan has always been fascinated by this method of delivery because of its efficacy: it is one of the fastest routes of administration next to an IV injection, its value: less of the ingredients are wasted by the acids of the stomach or filtered through the liver (like traditional tablets and pills,) and its health benefits: the optimal delivery of bioactive compounds can improve the performance, health, and well-being of millions of people.
Because gummies are chewed and dissolve slowly, the ingredients have more and prolonged contact with the mucosa of the mouth. As a result, they are the perfect format to deliver bioactive compounds directly into the bloodstream. This is the premise behind Seattle Gummy Company—to develop effective and efficient methods of delivering active ingredients that taste great!

If you have ever chewed an aspirin, you quickly understand that the only time you would ever want to do so is in a life or death situation. Many bioactive ingredients taste terrible, which is why they are normally administered in pill format or concentrations that are too low to be beneficial.

Leveraging their vast knowledge and experience from pharmaceutical science and polymer chemistry, SGC scientists have developed key technologies that isolate the unpleasant taste of these compounds while improving their absorption and bioavailability. Our precision-formulated gummies work, and they work fast!

What Makes Seattle Gummy Different?

In addition to developing performance-focused gummy formulations, founder Connie Wan is skilled in the art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Not only is she well versed in pharmaceutical science, she also has a deep understanding of the benefits and interactions of traditional herbal therapies and conventional western medicine. As a result, Seattle Gummy products feature elements of TCM that complement and enhance the effects of traditional ingredients.

Most gummies on the market are manufactured by candy companies who expanded into vitamins. As a result, they are chock full of sugar and other additives to make them palatable because they are not formulated specifically for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical use.
We call our gummies “Functional Gummies” because they perform.