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Tips and Tricks


You can find additional tips, emails to copy, and letters under (FUNDRAISING Button)

Tips and Tricks for Fundraising: 

Setup: First thing you should do is to set up your Team Run Sign-up page and share across all social media, spouses’, friend’s, department’s if possible.  Link main Run Sign-up page is .  After Team page is created, create your own individual page to share in email blasts etc.   


Sponsorship: The Event Flyer has sponsorship opportunities on back to sell. Any sponsorship you sell goes directly to your team, and the sponsor gets the benefits while supporting their local team.  Any company your group works with, buys from, or protects usually will support you as part of their business. 


Email blast: A carefully crafted email blast to all your contacts that tells the story of who you are, what/why the cause is important, and how they can help.  Friends, family and business contacts are always happy to help.   


-Add your personal Run Sign-up page link.  (Download email example under FUNDRAISING IDEAS button on )


Squares: Every Sunday could be an opportunity for fundraising with football squares.  It is a cheap and easy way to raise money and everyone loves to win.


Beverage/Food Raffle: work with your local stores to get donations you can raffle.


Holiday Parties: have a Christmas party for your local or group, this is a great way to get everyone together have some fun, and ask for donations.  


Scratch ticket raffle - for 100 in raffle tickets you can sell tickets for 5-10 dollars. and make good profits and give one person the opportunity to play for a lot of money. 


Host an event night at local restaurants/bars/business: many local restaurants will do a kick back based on sales for the night.  Sell auction items, door prizes etc.   Local restaurants and bars are more than willing to help your cause. Trivia night, bowling night etc.


Sell T-shirts/hats/water bottles:  Everyone likes Fire and Police clothing and gear.  Companies that already print your clothing are more than happy to give you great prices.  Add the event or team name to separate from other items you department might already sell.  


Hold an event at local gym:  Spin-a-thon’s, Boot camps, or other competitions. Gym’s are always looking for new ways to motivate members. Always willing to help local first responders.


Car Wash: a car wash in November sounds like a terrible idea, however people will pay a decent amount of money to have their car washed when they stay warm and dry. 


Help from the community:  See if local high school teams, Kiwanis, or other community groups will hold an event to help your cause.  Many are used to fundraising and already have great ideas.

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