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Sat June 13, 2020 Any State, CT 99999 US
Any City
Any State, CT US 99999

Can you run 2.08 miles in 30 minutes?  Seems pretty easy right?  Then this virtual challenge is for you!  The Beat the Clock Challenge is a way to get your feet wet in a shortened format and see how you stack up against the competition.  If you can finish in 30 minutes, you have the option and opportunity to start the next lap with everyone else.  We will keep going until there is ONE runner left! 

There is a catch though with this event though in that every 2 laps/1 hour we will be reducing the amount of time by 1 minute that you have to complete the loop.  This will certainly push you to the edge of your endurance and speed as you will have to run faster as the event goes on.  It's your choice on how long you can continue to "beat the clock"!  You will certainly have to be running at the end if you are one of the last few runners left!

There will also be two different divisions:  Outside and Treadmill.  This will give those of you that don't feel comfortable going outside at the current time because of COVID-19 or would rather run on the treadmill.  ​There will also be some prize money to the winners of each division! (see details below) 


These are important details/rules/guidelines for the Beat the Clock Challenge.  They are put in to make your race experience seamless and to ensure a consistent and level opportunity for all the participants.


  • ZOOM VIDEO APP This virtual event will utilize the **Zoom video app not only to be able to see everyone, but for some verification that you have finished your lap.  You MUST be able to use Zoom on either your phone, iPad, or computer.  We will have a test run the day before the event to make sure everyone's Zoom connection is working.  Don't use the same device for Zoom as you do for recording each lap.  
  • STRAVA Strava is a GPS based app that can you use directly through your phone or you can sync through your watch (i.e. Garmin Connect, Suunto, etc.).  This is an additional mode of verification for each of your laps as you will be REQUIRED to upload them after each lap when possible.  Make sure you have a Strava account or set one before race day and get everything in order for syncing your activities after each lap.
  • STRAVA Event Club Page  There will be a Strava Event Club Page which will make it easier for the RD to keep track of everyone on one platform.  That link will be sent via your confirmation email, but will be at this link>>>>>>Beat the Clock Challenge

**Camera Setup Suggestions for your CORRAL**

  1. In your house.  This is recommended obviously if you are on the treadmill, but could also be used if you are running outside.  It is best to put it as close to your front door as possible so that you can come right in and be visible to your Zoom camera.
  2. Outside your house.  You could set up a table and/or tent to use as your corral location.  This could work if you have a family crew member who will be helping you keep things in order while you are gone.
  3. In your garage.  Same as above, but a little more privacy and out of the elements if weather becomes an issue.
  4. In your car.  This could be used if you are planning to use a remote location away from your home, such as a trail or secluded area.  


  • OUTSIDE  You must use a GPS watch or the Strava App to log your runs and then upload them after EACH lap.  You may not record more than one lap at a time.  You MUST reset your watch after EACH lap.  You can run any kind of out and back, loop that you want to.  It is recommended to pick the flattest route that you can to improve your chances of completing the lap in the allotted time.  The route also does not have to be the same one over and over.  That might get mind numbing!  
  • TREADMILL  Because your miles will have to inputted manually through Strava you will be required to have the camera (on the device connected to ZOOM) pointed at the treadmill at all times during your lap.  This will ensure that "big brother" can see if you actually on and running/walking on the treadmill.  Set your treadmill to any grade your want.  We think 0-1% would probably work best, but you may set it higher too if you like, though that would be foolish.  You may NOT however, set your treadmill to a decline (or negative grade).  That would be against the rules!


  • The Beat the Clock Challenge will start at 8:00 a.m. EST on Saturday June 13, 2020
  • Before the start of each loop, the race director will go through the following protocol as such indicating time until the start.
             --2 minutes before the start (whistle will be blown 2 times)
             --1 minute before the start (whistle will be blown 1 time)
             --30 seconds will be announced before start
             --10 seconds will be counted down before the start
             --START (Cowbell will be rung)
  • If you finish a loop within the allotted time, you have the opportunity to START the NEXT lap provided you are IN your start corral when the next lap starts. 
  • Every hour (2 laps), the time to finish the lap will decrease by 1 minute (i.e. At the start of lap 3/4 you will have 29 minutes to finish.  At the start of lap 5/6 you will have 28 minutes to finish, etc. If you do not finish within the allotted time, you are OUT of the race and considered a DNF.
  • Each runner will be required to have a video feed via Zoom going for the entirety of the event in your corral so that we can see when you leave and when you finish.  Closer to race day you will be given a link to go to for the event.
  • Once you are back to the start and assuming you've finished within the allotted time for that lap, you may use the bathroom, eat, drink, sleep, ponder the next lap, etc., but you MUST be back in your designated start corral or you will be considered a DNF (NO EXCEPTIONS).  You MUST start within 15 seconds (even if you are in bathroom).  You may also choose not to continue though you will be considered a DNF.
  • To prevent technology glitches, use a separate stop watch or clock that is running all the time, so you can see when the next lap starts if your Zoom connection is lagging, preventing you from seeing the official time.  We will have an official clock running online, but have a backup in case you have technological issues.
  • If you are one that needs more time in between loops, then run faster so you have more time, but you might burn more energy.  You may also choose to run slower which will give you less time back at the start/finish area, but you will burn less energy.  You have to choose which strategy works best for YOU. 
  • Runners will continue until ONE runner completes a FINAL lap.  (i.e. If there are two runners left and one does not complete the loop, then the one that completed the loop will be declared the winner).  That runner will be considered the winner of the Beat the Clock Challenge!  If you are in the Outside division and there is one male and one female left, we will continue until one person is left.  The same will be said for the Treadmill division.

In this type of virtual event, there can only be ONE possible winner for each division.  Everyone else is a DNF, but we will still give away awards to the top 3 in each division.  Here is what are you running for: 

  • 1st place OVERALL in EACH division (Outside and Treadmill) for both male and female:  25% of the entry fees for that division as prize money plus a unique placque courtesy of Ragged Cuts.  
  • 2nd place OVERALL in EACH division (Outside and Treadmill) for both male and female:  prizes from our sponsors
  • 3rd place OVERALL in EACH division (Outside and Treadmill) for both male and female:  prizes from our sponsors

We want to hear about your run when you do it!  Share your Beat the Clock Challenge experience with us by tagging us the following ways.  We will highlight your experience and re-post for others to see too!​

Instagram/Facebook:  @steependurance

Hashtags: #beattheclockchallenge #steependurance 

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A portion of the proceeds will go to the First Responder's Children's Foundation
The First Responders Children’s Foundation provides financial support to both children who have lost a parent in the line of duty as well as families enduring significant financial hardships due to tragic circumstances.  First Responders Children’s Foundation also supports, promotes, and facilitates educational activities and programs created and operated by law enforcement and firefighting organizations whose purpose is to benefit children or the community at large.

First Responders Children’s Foundation has also announced recently that the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund would award grants to first responders experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation will also fund temporary housing and need-based grants to first responders and public safety agencies across the country. College scholarships for children of first responders who have passed away as a result of COVID-19 are also available.  To read more about it:


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