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Support Blue Fresno 2Mile and 10k

Donation Goal: $10,000

When you make a donation, you are partnering with us to invest in the lives of at-risk youth in our community

100% of your donation goes to Project STEALTH
(Stop Teen Exploitation And Liberate Through Hope)

Project STEALTH brings hope to our youth by meeting with runaways to offer resources and mentorship and by offering other programs such as the Teen Police Academy, Teen Explorer Program, and VOICES (a program for girls to help them foster self esteem, positive relationships and healthy living).

Thank you in advance for you support!

of $10,000


Raised By 35 Donors

$100from Anonymous
$100on behalf of JASDEEP PANNU
$50on behalf of Cheri Barkley
$50on behalf of Jeremy Thissell
$50on behalf of Kirk Geringer
$25on behalf of Andrew Toews
$25on behalf of Bev Bowling
$25on behalf of Chelsea Stafford
$25on behalf of Francine Kanne
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Harald Schweizer
$25on behalf of Jenni DeRuosi Jones
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Josue Montes
$25on behalf of Kimberly Sanchez
$25on behalf of Marvin Harms
$25on behalf of Patricia Biggerstaff
$25on behalf of Paula Prendergast
$25on behalf of The Ghan Family
$25on behalf of Tiffany Molle
$25on behalf of Tonya Carter
$20on behalf of Daniel Fink
$15from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Hannah Wilkerson
$10on behalf of Maria Ceballos
$10on behalf of Marnie Jones
$10from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of cesar gomez
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Karla Aranzazu
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Stefanie Lopez
$5from Anonymous
$2on behalf of Bryan Hamilton

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