The House DC's 2nd Annual Candy Corn 5k - VIRTUAL

Fri October 16 - Mon October 19 Washington, DC 20020 US

The House DC's 2nd Annual Candy Corn 5k - VIRTUAL

Donation Goal: $5,000

Our House DC kids were significantly impacted in 2020 not only by the pandemic but also by the civil and social inequality unrest affecting our country.  Despite these challenges, we are confident in the bright futures for our kids.  We had a 100% graduation rate this spring, and we continue to provide an "online lifeline" to our kids with activities and connections daily.  Several safe and social-distancing outings provided an opportunity for social connection where youth received encouragement and support.  The House DC also participated in community Prayer Walks throughout Anacostia in support of social justice through the community.

NOW MORE THAN EVER, it is time for all of us to do what we can to support those that have been marginalized for far too long.  We must recognize that each and every one of our precious Black Lives Matter.  Every kid - EVERY KID - in Anacostia is deserving of the chance to have a happy, healthy life and a successful future.

What would your donation cover?

$25: Target Gift Card:  The House DC is providing Target gift cards to our students so that they can make their "home school" space a bit more comfortable.

$50:  House Kid Giant Food Gift Card:  The House DC provides food for House DC kids and their families.  One way is to provide $50 Giant Food gift cards to our Kids and their families.

$100:  Covering the utilities for a House Kid's family for one month:  Utilities are often turned off in our Kid's households.  Now that our Kids are taking virtual classes, we need to make sure they have electricity and other necessities so that they are able to be comfortable living and studying at home.

$250:  Provides a House Kid internet access, school supplies and technology for one semester:  The House DC is providing necessary support to their students during Covid 19 shutdowns.  Most of our kids do not have internet or phone service in their home, and most of them do not have access to computers or school supplies.

All donations benefit the House DC's general operating fund.  


Raised of $5,000


Top Donors

$12,005 Raised By 65 Donors

$5,000 on behalf of Moore & Lee, LLP
$500 on behalf of Amy Solis
$500 on behalf of Curtis Buser
$250 on behalf of Amy Chontos
$250 on behalf of Anderson, Davis & Associates, CPA
$250 on behalf of Carolyn Weimer
$250 on behalf of CHRISTOPHER CHILES
$250 on behalf of Dahlia Lerner
$250 on behalf of Jessica Pragada
$250 on behalf of keith and jan willner
$250 on behalf of Laurelle S McCready
$250 on behalf of Phylander Pannell
$250 on behalf of Senator John Lewis
$250 from Anonymous
$250 on behalf of Youlee Nishimura
$250 on behalf of Zachary Crowe
$200 on behalf of Brian Astill
$200 on behalf of In appreciation of Amy
$100 on behalf of Amy Solis
$100 on behalf of Betsy West
$100 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Christine McNicholas
$100 on behalf of Jamie and Gina Williams
$100 on behalf of John Rock
$100 on behalf of Karen Dorigan
$100 on behalf of KEITH WELDON
$100 on behalf of Larry & Lyn Huff
$100 on behalf of Leon Duncan
$100 on behalf of Mackenzie Kelley
$100 on behalf of Rachel Sullivan
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Amy Solis
$50 on behalf of Baby Blake
$50 on behalf of Beth Diederich
$50 on behalf of Brian Mitchell
$50 on behalf of Janel Taylor
$50 on behalf of Joanna Sonley
$50 on behalf of Krista Vetrano
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Margaret Phillips
$50 on behalf of Rachel Brown
$50 on behalf of Trish Cunningham
$40 on behalf of Tiffanie Williams
$25 on behalf of Aidan Duffy
$25 on behalf of BEN YUST
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Cheryl Jackson
$25 on behalf of Courtney Eiland
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Hitha Palepu
$25 on behalf of James Poch
$25 on behalf of James Woodward
$25 on behalf of Jerilyn Samuel
$25 on behalf of Libby Madden
$25 on behalf of Lorraine Feury
$25 on behalf of Mamie Alston-Plowden
$25 on behalf of Martin Jones
$25 on behalf of Phillip Kim
$25 on behalf of Rosemary Battles
$25 on behalf of Sarah Spector
$25 on behalf of Sue Jackson
$25 on behalf of Sue Vetrano
$25 on behalf of Tecia Sellers
$10 on behalf of Fernanda Ruiz
$5 on behalf of Eric Johansen

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