Georgia Race for Autism 5K/10K - The VIRTUAL Edition

Thu October 1 - Tue October 6

Georgia Race for Autism 5K/10K - The VIRTUAL Edition

Donation Goal: $10,000

Georgia Race for Autism supports SPECTRUM Autism Support Group in providing camps and clubs for those impacted by autism in our community. 

Spectrum Autism Support Group was established in the fall of 1998 for families, friends and teachers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) within Gwinnett County, Georgia and the surrounding metro area. We are a parent operated group whose mission is to provide support, education and resources encompassing the entire spectrum of ASD for children and adults. Spectrum currently serves over 1,000 families in the metro Atlanta area. Spectrum is pleased to be able to sponsor school year programs and 7 weeks of summer camp for children of all ages with ASD. All of the programs offered have been developed to provide each child with opportunities to build friendships and generate social awareness within the community while improving self-esteem, self-awareness and independence.


Raised of $10,000


Top Donors

$9,773 Raised By 213 Donors

$300 On Behalf Of Verity Payroll
$280 on behalf of Carson Tabor
$280 on behalf of Katharine Hawkes
$250 On Behalf Of Greer Gallagher
$250 On Behalf Of Kimberley Culver
$250 on behalf of Mom, Dad, and Granpa Washington!
$250 On Behalf Of Renee Williams
$250 On Behalf Of Traf Daddy
$200 On Behalf Of Melanie Holmes
$125 on behalf of Ricky Dismuke
$100 on behalf of Andrea Graham
$100 On Behalf Of Angela Tuck
$100 On Behalf Of Brian Embry
$100 on behalf of Brian Embry
$100 on behalf of Dan Chappell
$100 on behalf of Dee Coleman
$100 On Behalf Of Denise Meng
$100 On Behalf Of drew cunningham
$100 On Behalf Of Iron Man
$100 On Behalf Of Jessica and Ryan Doyle
$100 On Behalf Of Katharine Hawkes
$100 on behalf of Kimberley Culver
$100 on behalf of LeMetra Dismuke
$100 on behalf of Lisa Bowen
$100 on behalf of M&M Holmes
$100 on behalf of Mark Preston
$100 On Behalf Of Mary and John Amaru
$100 On Behalf Of Mary Culver
$100 on behalf of On Behalf of Griffin Hatcher
$100 on behalf of Perchell White
$100 On Behalf Of ProcessWorx, LLC
$100 On Behalf Of Rebekah Killgo
$100 on behalf of Stephanie Wiggins
$100 from Anonymous
$100 On Behalf Of Tina Renee McCall
$100 On Behalf Of Tom King
$100 on behalf of Tonya Pope
$100 on behalf of Yvonne Carter
$50 On Behalf Of Ann Leigner
$50 On Behalf Of Ashley Sanders
$50 on behalf of Caroline Jefferson
$50 on behalf of Cassie Powers
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Claude Mompoint
$50 on behalf of Dakara Barnes
$50 on behalf of Dawnita McCain
$50 On Behalf Of Derek Tabor
$50 On Behalf Of Diana Baekey
$50 on behalf of For Will Marks (From Shelly Ford & Vickie Neufeld)
$50 On Behalf Of Heather Brown
$50 On Behalf Of Jake Gleghorn
$50 on behalf of jalia dennis
$50 on behalf of Jeff & Lynne Wolfe
$50 On Behalf Of Jerry & Lisa Banks
$50 on behalf of Judith Culliney
$50 On Behalf Of Karlton Holston
$50 On Behalf Of Kate Czerwinski
$50 on behalf of Kelli Saizon
$50 on behalf of kim mitchell
$50 on behalf of LaJuana Williamson
$50 on behalf of Lisa Ford
$50 On Behalf Of Lynne Wolfe
$50 On Behalf Of Mary Hill
$50 On Behalf Of Matthew Garner
$50 on behalf of Mildred O'Neal
$50 on behalf of Morgan Minisee-Barber
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Nicolette McLeod-Pinnock
$50 on behalf of Patrice Jackson
$50 on behalf of Radka Winwood
$50 On Behalf Of Sofia M
$50 On Behalf Of Stefanie Temme-Bapat
$50 On Behalf Of Stephanie Wiggins
$50 on behalf of Tammy T
$50 On Behalf Of Taquoya Shegog
$50 on behalf of TaQuoya Shegog
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Valencia Wiley
$40 On Behalf Of Jalia & Kelvin Dennis
$40 On Behalf Of Maggie Carpenter
$35 on behalf of Cassandra Brown
$35 on behalf of Lynn Walker
$30 on behalf of Justice Morton
$30 on behalf of Rolinda Ball
$25 on behalf of A Hunter-James
$25 on behalf of Aedan Jean-Pierre
$25 On Behalf Of Allison Bishop
$25 on behalf of Alvin Takeshita
$25 on behalf of Amanda Hickson
$25 on behalf of Anne Chappell
$25 on behalf of Arlene Grant
$25 on behalf of B Team
$25 from Anonymous
$25 from Anonymous
$25 On Behalf Of Cathy Picciolo
$25 on behalf of Chequita Adams
$25 On Behalf Of Corneshia Hill
$25 on behalf of Craig Pett
$25 on behalf of Danah Johnson
$25 On Behalf Of Danah Johnson
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Dian Knight
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Gereen Francis
$25 On Behalf Of Hales Fam
$25 On Behalf Of Henry Glover
$25 on behalf of In Memory of Our 3 Little Angels (Korbin, Kristi & Kaleb)!
$25 On Behalf Of Jamie Bernhardt
$25 on behalf of Janice Taylor
$25 On Behalf Of Jeanne Hester
$25 On Behalf Of Jenna Johnson
$25 On Behalf Of Jennifer Williams
$25 On Behalf Of Jonathan C.T.H.
$25 on behalf of Jonathan CTH
$25 on behalf of Josette Long
$25 On Behalf Of Karen Campbell
$25 on behalf of Karlton Holston
$25 on behalf of Kate Czerwinski
$25 on behalf of Kisha Walker
$25 On Behalf Of Krista Wright
$25 on behalf of MaKeitha Kelly
$25 from Anonymous
$25 On Behalf Of Megan O'Malley-Thayer
$25 On Behalf Of Nicholas Mohammed
$25 on behalf of Nikki Porter
$25 on behalf of Pamela Lovett
$25 On Behalf Of Pamela Owens
$25 on behalf of Patricia Styczynski
$25 on behalf of Patricia Solomon
$25 On Behalf Of Quinn Barber
$25 On Behalf Of Randy Doty
$25 on behalf of Raschaa Howard
$25 on behalf of Ryan Mitchell
$25 on behalf of Sharonda Love
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Soror Shebrelia Davis
$25 on behalf of Takara Dudley
$25 On Behalf Of To honor the amazing young man Brian S.
$25 On Behalf Of Todd Mitchell
$25 on behalf of Tonya Mompoint
$25 on behalf of Tyona Mustafa
$25 On Behalf Of Tyrone Swinnie
$25 on behalf of Vernita Moore
$25 On Behalf Of Vicky Werner
$25 On Behalf Of Will
$20 On Behalf Of Abigail Christman
$20 On Behalf Of Amy Cornett
$20 On Behalf Of Ashley Leach
$20 On Behalf Of Brittani Dugger
$20 On Behalf Of Brook Mirabal
$20 On Behalf Of Chris Blue
$20 On Behalf Of Cindy Smith
$20 On Behalf Of Cory Orlowski
$20 on behalf of Elizabeth Parsons
$20 On Behalf Of Genny Ospino
$20 On Behalf Of Kaycee Shuler
$20 On Behalf Of Leslie Dendy
$20 On Behalf Of LIndsey Dalton
$20 On Behalf Of McCall Grosso
$20 on behalf of Mia Chang
$20 On Behalf Of Michelle Campbell
$20 from Anonymous
$20 On Behalf Of Stephanie Kenemer
$20 On Behalf Of Susana Chaves-McCahill
$15 On Behalf Of Elizabeth Grider
$15 on behalf of Genny Ospino
$15 on behalf of wilma williams
$10 On Behalf Of Andrew Puckett
$10 from Anonymous
$10 On Behalf Of Bella
$10 on behalf of Carissa Banks
$10 On Behalf Of Cindy Farris
$10 On Behalf Of Davis Dunning
$10 on behalf of Diana Terry
$10 on behalf of Gabriela Piscopo
$10 on behalf of Georgia Behavior Associates
$10 from Anonymous
$10 On Behalf Of Jacob Laco
$10 On Behalf Of Jaiden Shegog
$10 on behalf of Jamison Ryans
$10 on behalf of Janie McDonald
$10 On Behalf Of JC Shegog
$10 on behalf of Jeff Wiley
$10 On Behalf Of Jennifer Fumea
$10 on behalf of Jordyn Ryans
$10 on behalf of Kelly Stogsdill
$10 on behalf of Kristopher Charles" Happy" Monday
$10 on behalf of Laine Henfield
$10 from Anonymous
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Lena Boyington
$10 from Anonymous
$10 On Behalf Of Mary Marks
$10 on behalf of Maxwell Murray
$10 On Behalf Of McKenzie Fishback
$10 On Behalf Of Michelle Scheffler
$10 On Behalf Of Nicholas
$10 On Behalf Of Paola Collado
$10 from Anonymous
$10 from Anonymous
$10 from Anonymous
$10 On Behalf Of tricia gleghorn
$10 from Anonymous
$5 from Anonymous
$5 on behalf of Rob Leiser
$1 from Anonymous
$1 from Anonymous
$1 from Anonymous
$1 from Anonymous
$1 on behalf of Laine Henfield
$1 on behalf of Laine Henfield
$1 on behalf of Laine Henfield
$1 from Anonymous

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