The 5K Orchard Run

Sat November 23, 2019 Germantown, MD US 20876 Directions


The 5K Orchard Run

Donation Goal: $2,000

The 5k Orchard Run supports passionate dreamers from the UpCounty area who imagine the world to be a place of love, justice, compassion, and provision. The 5K Orchard Run prioritizes local groups who have a vision, a plan, and a following to make their corner of the world, locally or globally, as it should be.

This year, we have chosen four local organizations.

1. Jobs Partnership- Teaching inmates at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility resume, interview, and jobs skills.
2. Little Free Pantry- An anonymous 24/7 emergency food pantry with locations in Damascus and Clarksburg.
3. PURE Youth- A local chapter of middle school students raising money to support the education of peers in India.
4. Campus Life- A middle and high school club dedicated to helping young people build positive relationships.


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Jobs Partnership
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PURE Youth
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