Susan G. Komen Brainerd Lakes Race for the Cure

Sat June 29, 2019 Pequot Lakes, MN US 56472 Directions


Every dollar makes a difference! Your donation provides women and men in Minnesota with services that have literally saved lives. You help make the following programs possible:

  • Free mammograms and diagnostics
  • Preliminary medical treatment for qualified breast cancer patients who cannot afford care
  • Support services including support groups, assistance with finding financial resources, prescription refills and transportation to medical appointments, and meals 
  • Education about the warning signs of breast cancer, methods of early detection and the latest treatment options
  • Cutting edge research to find a cure for breast cancer

Up to 75 percent of net proceeds are used for local programs like those listed above, with 25 percent used to fund breast cancer research.


How do I submit my offline donations? 

You may bring them with you to our Race Registration site on Race weekend or mail them to:  Susan G. Komen Minnesota, Attention: Brainerd Lakes Friends for the Cure, 960 Southdale Center, Edina, MN 55435.

of $250,000


Raised By 321 Donors

$2,360Donated By Fillies for the Cure
$1,300Donated By Midwest Outdoors Unlimited
$1,040Donated By Wells Fargo Advisors
$500Donated By Baxter Lions Club
$500Donated By Ceramic Tileworks
$500Donated By Elbert Rhett
$500Donated By Fillies for the Cure
$500Donated By Serakos LTD.
$500Donated By Sertoma Sunrise Club
$355Donated By Cameo Ellis
$269Donated By Jillian Rinde
$250Donated By Cash Donations
$250from Anonymous
$250Donated By Peggy Halvorson
$250Donated By Peggy Voss
$250Donated By RiverWood Bank
$250Donated By Ron Welle
$250Donated By Sallye Douma
$250Donated By Shelby Sorvig
$250Donated By The Loeffelbein's and Johnson boys
$250Donated By Todd Kimmes
$200Donated By Barb's Pet Boarding
$200Donated By Brainerd Hardwoods, Inc.
$200Donated By James Rosenow
$200Donated By Rapid Roof Truss Inc.
$180Donated By Bremer Bank
$180Donated By Bremer Bank
$180Donated By Bremer Bank
$150Donated By Ike Paar
$150Donated By Wendy McBroom
$100from Anonymous
$100Donated By Amanda Loeffelbein
$100Donated By Amy Hart
$100Donated By Andrea Louisa Luca Vittorio Raimondi
$100Donated By Andrea Sueker
$100Donated By Annette Brenny
$100Donated By Barbara Scherbing
$100Donated By Bob & Karen Engler
$100Donated By Charles Burnett
$100Donated By Chris Tracy
$100Donated By colin mather
$100from Anonymous
$100Donated By Dan Vevea
$100from Anonymous
$100Donated By Dorothy Allen
$100Donated By Gail Hillis
$100Donated By Gary & Mae Busko
$100Donated By GREG SNIEZEK
$100Donated By Heidi Holtan
$100Donated By Jay Nesbit
$100Donated By jeff jaglo
$100Donated By Jerry Loeffelbein
$100Donated By john paggen
$100Donated By Jonathan Brauer
$100Donated By Julie Hansen
$100Donated By Julie Serakos
$100Donated By Kathy Keep hl
$100Donated By Keith Stutz
$100Donated By Kevin Busko
$100Donated By L. Michael Hall
$100Donated By Lisa and Terry Burke
$100Donated By Lisa Grant
$100Donated By Lisa Slepica
$100Donated By Mary Claire Ryan
$100Donated By Max, Miles, Katie and Matt
$100Donated By MCF Savings Bank
$100Donated By Nesbit Agencies
$100Donated By Pam Loeffelbein
$100Donated By Rachel Bjorklund
$100Donated By Renee Rolfes
$100Donated By rick kaliszewski
$100Donated By Robert Erickson
$100Donated By Robert Ruenitz
$100Donated By Roland Ring-Jarvi
$100Donated By Sara Thoms
$100Donated By Sarah Gonsior
$100Donated By Scott and Jen
$100Donated By Shannon Anderson
$100Donated By stacey kroll
$100Donated By Steven & Gail Fonnest
$100Donated By Susan Gunderson
$100Donated By Teresa McLean
$100Donated By thomas pavek
$100Donated By Tom & Sylvia Reilly
$100Donated By Veda Davis
$100Donated By Vicki Rockwell
$100Donated By Vicki Weikert
$100Donated By william lubov
$75from Anonymous
$75Donated By Brian Rhett
$75Donated By Donna and David Sippel
$75Donated By Jennifer Koontz
$75Donated By Jerome & Pam Markfort
$75Donated By Kara Ulrich
$75Donated By Karen and Micheael Goldfarb
$75Donated By Nedda and Dan Zetah
$75Donated By Sindy Shanks
$70Donated By Claire Steen
$55Donated By Blake, Lacey, Nathaniel & Logan
$50Donated By Aaron Stanton
$50Donated By Adam Mohr
$50Donated By Amber Senn
$50Donated By Amy Hart
$50Donated By Andrea Murrill
$50Donated By Ann Kisch
$50from Anonymous
$50Donated By barbara Merritt
$50from Anonymous
$50Donated By BJ Hall
$50from Anonymous
$50Donated By Charla Howard
$50from Anonymous
$50Donated By Cristina Thomas
$50Donated By Cynthy
$50Donated By Dan Steffel
$50Donated By Dawn Marano
$50Donated By Dawn Stebbing
$50Donated By Diane Kline
$50Donated By Emily Lanin
$50Donated By Emily Larson
$50Donated By Fred Walch
$50Donated By Gerry Schmidt
$50Donated By Heidi Maybruck
$50Donated By Janet Mcchesney
$50Donated By Jessica Berglin
$50Donated By Jill Hanson-Follingstad
$50Donated By Jim and Julie Kiekhoefer
$50Donated By Joan & Bill Zielenbach
$50Donated By Josh & Shelly Netland
$50Donated By Judith Rykken
$50from Anonymous
$50Donated By Justin Herman
$50Donated By Justin Herman
$50Donated By Kelli LeBlanc
$50Donated By Lance Wasniewski
$50Donated By Linda Traynor
$50Donated By Linda Lichty
$50Donated By Lisa Ostendorf
$50Donated By Lyle Beumer
$50Donated By Lynn Mittelsteadt
$50Donated By Mary Pogatshnik
$50Donated By McKenzie Olson
$50Donated By Melissa Crowley
$50Donated By Micki Marano
$50Donated By Mike Cardinal
$50Donated By Nancy (Miller) Nelson
$50Donated By P. Dowley
$50Donated By Pat & Cindy
$50Donated By Patti L
$50Donated By Paul and Julie Carr
$50from Anonymous
$50from Anonymous
$50Donated By Renee Schindeldecker
$50Donated By Robert Meyers
$50Donated By Rosie Corbett
$50Donated By Scott Gustafson
$50Donated By Sheila DeChantal
$50Donated By Stacy Jossart
$50Donated By Stacy Shermer
$50Donated By Steven Deglmann
$50Donated By Sue Norskov
$50Donated By Susan Pederson
$50from Anonymous
$50Donated By Valorie Johnson
$50Donated By Veronica Witham
$50from Anonymous
$40Donated By Cameo Ellis
$35Donated By Jill And john Munday
$35Donated By Key Chain Fundraiser
$35Donated By Megan Hildebrandt
$35Donated By Robert O'Hara Jr.
$30from Anonymous
$30Donated By Jane Lincoln
$30Donated By Rachel Davis
$25from Anonymous
$25Donated By Abbey Minke
$25Donated By Alison Seman
$25from Anonymous
$25Donated By Barb Bense
$25Donated By Barbara Bogdanovich
$25from Anonymous
$25Donated By Bill Monroe
$25Donated By Brenda Kinnan
$25Donated By Brenda Scherber
$25from Anonymous
$25Donated By Cassie Dowley
$25Donated By Christopher McGregor
$25Donated By Danielle Addison
$25Donated By Darla Nieson
$25Donated By Darlene and Duane Jasperson
$25Donated By Dave Claypool
$25Donated By Dylan Raph
$25Donated By Eileen Nissen
$25Donated By Emilie Bronson Blair
$25Donated By gerard sinner
$25Donated By Gina Nacey
$25Donated By Gretchen Carney
$25Donated By Jane Brabec
$25Donated By Jim Gardiepy
$25Donated By Jim Greenwood
$25Donated By Joan Burnett
$25Donated By Johanna Swalley
$25Donated By Julia Tollgaard
$25Donated By Julie Engelmeyer
$25from Anonymous
$25Donated By Katherine Bellos
$25Donated By Kathleen Gustafson
$25Donated By Kathy Buske
$25Donated By Katie Wassermann
$25Donated By Kim Davis
$25Donated By Kim Davis
$25Donated By Kraig Kuelbs
$25Donated By Kris Kuelbs
$25from Anonymous
$25Donated By Leni Petter
$25Donated By Lori Dosa
$25from Anonymous
$25Donated By Madeline Rosinsky
$25Donated By Mark Morris
$25Donated By Marvin & Becky Dupre
$25Donated By Mary Beth Wroolie
$25Donated By Meranda Mosher
$25Donated By Michelle Barstow
$25Donated By Mike Dillon
$25Donated By Nancy Malecha
$25from Anonymous
$25Donated By Neola Raasch
$25Donated By Nicole Converse
$25Donated By Nicole McHale
$25Donated By Nicole Stark
$25Donated By Nikki Lyman
$25Donated By Pat Erickson
$25Donated By Paula Keck
$25Donated By Peter Jirik
$25from Anonymous
$25Donated By Robert Chickey
$25Donated By Rose Aune
$25Donated By Roxanne Gorton
$25Donated By Sally Ward
$25Donated By Sara Hamann
$25Donated By Seanay Berghuis
$25Donated By Sheila Larson
$25Donated By Shelly Bolt
$25Donated By Shirley Johnson
$25Donated By Susan Voss
$25Donated By Todd Bymark
$25Donated By Todd Latterell
$25Donated By Todd Sandberg
$25Donated By Tom & Ellen Lanin
$25Donated By Vickie Roiger
$25Donated By Zebulon Hodel
$24Donated By Kelly Bray
$20from Anonymous
$20from Anonymous
$20Donated By Cash Donation
$20Donated By Dorothy Plante
$20from Anonymous
$20Donated By Joanie Harrell
$20Donated By Lydia Orlando
$20from Anonymous
$20Donated By Mary Lindberg
$20Donated By Monica Abraham
$20Donated By nancy schuneman
$20Donated By Vic Machen
$20Donated By Wayne Harkness BKBM
$15Donated By Kathy Berghuis
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10Donated By Arthur Ley
$10from Anonymous
$10Donated By Janeen Burow
$10Donated By Karin Fischer
$10Donated By Kyla Bangasser
$10from Anonymous
$10Donated By WANDA LANE
$10Donated By Zona Levendoski
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5Donated By Lanny Friedman
$4Donated By Ashlee Chambers
$4Donated By Barry Benest
$4Donated By Beth Karnitz
$4Donated By Brenda Sadowski
$4Donated By Carol Hansen
$4Donated By Chuck Whalen
$4Donated By Colette Macbeth
$4Donated By Colleen Dols
$4Donated By Cynthia Brklich
$4Donated By Denise Aune
$4Donated By Erika Misenko
$4Donated By Erin Rubeck
$4Donated By Jessica Dunham
$4Donated By Joy Terrazas
$4Donated By Karen Strobel
$4Donated By Kathy Strampe
$4Donated By Katie Davis
$4Donated By Kayla Woolliscroft
$4Donated By Kim Churack
$4Donated By Lisa Schreifels
$4Donated By Lisa Slepica
$4Donated By Lisa Slepica
$4Donated By Lisa Slepica
$4Donated By Lori Scharenbroich
$4Donated By Marie Egnell
$4Donated By Matt Kilian
$4Donated By Meg Douglas
$4Donated By Melissa Schmidt
$4Donated By Melonie Laine
$4Donated By Natalie Berg
$4Donated By Nathan Kehr
$4Donated By Ranae Lacey
$4Donated By Rick Weyhrauch
$4Donated By Sally Boos
$4from Anonymous
$4Donated By sheila schreiber
$4Donated By Terry Thompson

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