STL Cure Sarcoma 6K Run/Walk 2018

Sun October 7, 2018 Saint Louis, MO US 63146


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STL Cure Sarcoma 6K Run/Walk 2018

Donation Goal: $200,000

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Raised By 268 Donors

$7,500From Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.
$2,500From Ellie Waide Memorial Fund
$2,500From Lilly Oncology
$1,111From jeff bikshorn
$1,000From Aetna
$1,000From Felicia Doll
$357From Novartis Pharmaceuticals
$300From Steve Frey
$250From Christine Durkee
$250From Christine Durkee
$250From Douglas Krapf
$250From Jill Wilberding
$250From Jill Wilberding
$208From match of Kim Hellenga two 2017 gifts
$200From Gary Bokermann Sr.
$200From Gayla Rudd
$200From John Drexler
$200From John Oppeau
$200From Kevin Gore
$200From Linda Hellenga
$200From Patty Kernell
$200From Urban and Annette Molitor
$125From Susan Saxton
$100From Alesha Esker
$100From Amy Isbell
$100From Amy Lazaroff
$100From Amy Shaw
$100From Amy Wilberding
$100From Ann Figura
$100From Barb Ackermann
$100From Boeing
$100From Boeing - Cybergrants
$100From Brian Binch
$100From Charolette Hendricks
$100From David Hartley
$100From Dentons
$100From Emilee Roberts
$100From Ethan Silverman
$100From Geri Fleming
$100From James Jenkins
$100From Jan Hill
$100From Janice Davis
$100From Jeff and Celia Homsher
$100From Jenny Williams
$100From Jerry & Pam Townsend
$100From Joan O'Neill
$100From Julie Julie
$100From June Saxton
$100From Justin and Angela McMillian
$100from Anonymous
$100From Kevin and Tomomi Gore
$100From Kevin Gore
$100From Lacey Pritchett
$100From Linda Behrhorst
$100From Lisa Williams
$100From Lucie Dempsey
$100From Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
$100From Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
$100From Matt Watkins
$100From Mema Jerri
$100From Michael Falvo
$100From Michele Eubanks
$100From Nancy Pugh
$100From Opal Bearden
$100From Opal Bearden and Susan Herning
$100From Paula Pritts
$100From Rhonda Kathalynas
$100From Rhonda Kathalynas
$100From Richard & Susanne Janssen
$100From Robert Saxton
$100From Ruth Figura
$100From Selina meyer
$100From Sonya Stevenson
$100From Stacey and Scott Massa
$100From Steven and Felicia Doll
$100From Susan & Joe Orr
$100From Tracy Lanes
$100From UHY Advisors
$75From Emily Weinhaus
$75From Paul and Sue Wilberding
$75From William and Brenda Whittington
$60From Lauren Bikshorn
$53From Karen Waide
$50From Alice Brenrman
$50From Anna Hooppaw
$50From April Eisenhauer
$50From Ashley Grosz
$50From Bank of America
$50From Barb Werthmuller
$50From Beth Peters
$50From Boeing - Cybergrants
$50From Carol Ann Verhulst
$50From Carol Havel
$50From Carrol Lee Schilly
$50From Cathy Scherer
$50From Chloe or Bonnell Boyd
$50From Danielle McKay
$50From Dave Waggoner
$50From David Will
$50From Dawn Merkel
$50From Deborah Sellers
$50From Diane Bingham
$50From Diane Wade
$50From Donna Witt
$50From Ellie and Ryan Wilhelm
$50from Anonymous
$50From Gary & Linda Weingartner
$50From Gayla Rudd
$50From glennon kraemer
$50From In Memory Of Zizi Rosa
$50From Jane Kaderabek
$50From Janeann Taubel
$50From Jennifer Pope
$50From Jenny Williams
$50From Jill Wilberding
$50From Jim Doll
$50From Joe Egan
$50From Kathie and Wiley Turner
$50From Kathie Turner
$50From Kathy Moore
$50From Katie Schmittgens
$50From Kristi Bowdern
$50From Lauren Elwell
$50from Anonymous
$50From Lester and Donna Thornton
$50From Linda Bozarth
$50from Anonymous
$50From Lucy Krause
$50From Luke Shultz
$50From Matthew Molitor
$50From Megan Megan
$50From Meghan Martin
$50from Anonymous
$50From Molly Vila
$50From Monsanto through Good Done Great
$50From Nancy Grigsby
$50From Randy Vandiver
$50From Robert and Donna Gerth
$50From Robert Lee
$50From sanda rosenblum
$50From Sandra and Robert Arn
$50From Sandra Lee
$50From Sarah Paradoski
$50From Susan Saxton
$50From Susan Tatham
$50From The Gorski Family
$50From The Tidwells
$50From Tom Reaka
$50From Trish Rehling
$50From William and Brenda Whittington
$40From Barbara McDowell
$40From Linda White
$40From Patrick Noonan
$40From Todd and Sue Herning
$35From Alan and Kate Siegfried and Zint
$33From Alyssa Patel
$33From Ashley Crecelius
$33From Danielle (#teamfe) Schenk
$33From Jamie Gehrin
$33From Katherine Riti
$33From Kathy House
$33From Kevin Gore
$33From Marty Kathalynas
$33From Mary Burke
$33From Mindy McFarland
$33From Nichole Morrow
$33From Rhonda Kathalynas
$33From Roxanne Carson
$33From Sarah House
$33From Tim McKay
$30From Debbie McMillian
$25From Alicia Herbst
$25From Allison Brennan
$25From Amanda Willenborg
$25From Amanda Zajicek
$25from Anonymous
$25From Barbara and Gary Jemison
$25From Barbara Light
$25From Belinda May
$25From Belinda May
$25From Billie Robinson
$25From Bob and Jane Palisch
$25From Carrie Page
$25From Catherine Micnheimer
$25From Christine Schieffer
$25From Colleen Davis
$25From Colleen Gale
$25From Darlene Darlene
$25From David Libonn
$25From Deborah Musen
$25From Denise Karras
$25From Dianne Brinkman
$25From Elyssa Sahr
$25From Elyssa Sahr
$25From Harry and Kathryn Lawrence
$25From James Micnheimer
$25From Jeff Mavrogeorge
$25From Jennifer Linton
$25From Jessica Hubbard
$25From Jessica O'Dell
$25From Karen Hanks
$25from Anonymous
$25From Kristina Kozlowski
$25From Larry and Ronnie Autry
$25From Laura Albes
$25From Laura Williams
$25From Linday Ashford
$25From Lisa Lisa
$25From Lisa Reese
$25From Mary Brown
$25From Mary Gisch
$25From Mary Lombardi
$25From Pamela Sass
$25From Patricia Coffelt Spener
$25From richard crook
$25From Roger Heidenreich
$25From Rose DeCourcey
$25From Stephanie Wieberg
$25From Stephen and Jayma Cook
$25From Thomas Gummersbach
$25From Tommy Vandiver
$20from Anonymous
$20From brett humphreys
$20from Anonymous
$20From Chelsea Bollinger
$20From Chevon Purchase
$20From Clint Watkins
$20From Colleen Dwyer
$20From Dalia Morgan
$20From David Scott
$20From Dorthea Davis
$20From Heather Dedon
$20From Jane Wilhite
$20From Jason Coleman
$20From Jennifer Davis
$20From Jennifer Jennifer
$20From Jennifer Washington
$20From Jerrica Kowcheck
$20From John Barnett
$20From Joi Blakemore
$20From Justin & Jennifer Pennycook
$20From Madelene Eldridge
$20From Michelle Arnold
$20From Michelle Michelle
$20from Anonymous
$20From Monisha Gleghorn
$20From Nancy Fitzgerald
$20From Nicholas Hagan
$20From Rachel Moffitt
$20From Rebekah Full
$20From Robin Heifner
$20From Steven Larson
$20From Tenika Jones
$20From Tonya Stevenson
$20From Victoria Sanzottera
$20From Zachary Teahan
$15From Amy Sage
$15From Bill Nolte
$15from Anonymous
$10From Katie Schmittgens
$10From Micaela Howe
$5From Ashley Rottler
$5From Ronnie Titus

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