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STL Cure Sarcoma 6K Run/Walk 2018

Donation Goal: $200,000

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Raised By 1,029 Donors

$20,705From Duplicate Registration
$10,881from Anonymous
$8,876From Sons of the American Legion Squadron 297
$7,500From Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.
$2,500from Anonymous
$2,500From Ellie Waide Memorial Fund
$2,500From Lilly Oncology
$2,280From ChronoTrack Systems Corp
$1,656From Gayla Rudd
$1,656From Linda White
$1,316From Barbara Elliot
$1,111From jeff bikshorn
$1,000From Aetna
$1,000From Felicia Doll
$1,000From Georgia & Robert Maloney
$1,000From Julieann Selden
$1,000From Linda Chapman
$1,000From Merle Fox
$1,000From Novartis Honorarium
$1,000From SMA
$1,000From Terramerica Corporation
$1,000From William Wilson
$990From Ashley Rottler
$750From Don Cherry
$737From Brazier Bake Sale
$702From Rachel Doll O'Mahoney
$600From Christine Durkee
$550from Anonymous
$520From State Farm
$500From Craig Kiefer
$500From Darrell Drissell
$500From David Shroat
$500From Greg & Cindy Sahr
$500From J.W. Biggs
$500From Jack and Jan Quinn
$500From Jim Smith
$500From Judy & Terry O'Neill
$500From Karen Smith
$500from Anonymous
$500From Laura Grapes
$500From Martin & Nanci Daesch
$500From Norm and Donna Vincent
$500From Richard Lazaroff
$500From Robin & Bob Hall
$500From Ron Welty
$500From Southern Illinois Interiors
$500From St. Louis Series of Lockton Companies LLC
$500From Urban & Annette Molitor
$445From Barbara Elliott
$357From Novartis Pharmaceuticals
$300From Linda Valentine
$300From Steve Frey
$300from Anonymous
$250From Andrew O'Brien
$250From Charles Eller
$250From Chris Cundiff
$250From Christine Carr
$250From Christine Durkee
$250From Christine Durkee
$250From Douglas Krapf
$250From In Memory of Joe Schiel
$250From Jeanne Cody
$250From Jennifer Wehrmeister
$250From Jill Wilberding
$250From Jill Wilberding
$250From Karen Jordan
$250From Karen Smith
$250From Matt, Karen, Ella, Anna
$250From Matthew ONeill
$250From Megan Conover, Dan Hoenig, Vickie Mason
$250From Paul Durkee
$250From Russell Hickman
$250from Anonymous
$250From Steven Fruth
$250From Terry & Esther Grapes
$250From William Peterson
$245From Chris Condra
$208From match of Kim Hellenga two 2017 gifts
$200From American Family Insurance
$200From Bonnie Taubel
$200From Caldwell Banker Classic Real Estate
$200from Anonymous
$200From Carol Bosche
$200From Chris Mcsorley
$200From debbie pierce
$200From Gary Bokermann Sr.
$200From Gayla Rudd
$200From Jane Sundermann
$200From Jim Probstein
$200From John Drexler
$200From John Oppeau
$200From Julie & Tom Davis
$200From Julie, Sean, Brian
$200From Kevin Gore
$200From Lana Juedemann in honor of Adam Behrhorst
$200From Linda Hellenga
$200From Lynn Carey
$200From M Suzanne Eagan
$200From Mary Pat O'Neill
$200From Matty Rob
$200From michael fisher
$200From Nancy Dale
$200From Patty Kernell
$200From Paul McCarty
$200From Samuel Turk
$200From Sandy Stamoulis
$200From Stephanie Grelck
$200from Anonymous
$200From Taylor Goulding
$200From Tim ONeill
$200From Tomiko Juedemann
$200From TSi Geotechnical, Inc.
$200From Urban and Annette Molitor
$180from Anonymous
$150From Annie Hurwitz
$150From Brian Christian
$150From Brian MacKinnon
$150From Carly Eastin
$150From Carol Harbaugh
$150From elaine buxton
$150From Francis Figura
$150From Kristen, Terry, Jack, Will, & Hazel O’Neill
$150From Kristin and Derek Winegar
$150From Mary Gisch
$150From Tom & Lisa Spinner
$150From William Nolan
$150From ♥️ The Halperns
$140From Greg Peters Farms
$125From Randy J. Moore
$125From Susan Saxton
$125From The Pishkula Family
$120From Kendra Christian
$100From Alan Domian
$100From Alan Farris
$100From Alesha Esker
$100From Alice Aten
$100From Amy Caes
$100From Amy Isbell
$100From Amy Lazaroff
$100From Amy Shaw
$100From Amy Wilberding
$100From Ann Figura
$100From Anne Dill
$100from Anonymous
$100From Architextures LLC
$100From Barb Ackermann
$100From Barbara and Ed Reeb
$100From Barbara Tschannen
$100From Barry and Lisa Bornstein
$100From Ben and Nina Ben and Nina
$100From Beth Beth
$100From betty worley
$100From Bev Robinson
$100From Bill & Amber Wissler
$100From Bill & Kathy Dorsey
$100From Bill and Karen Jehling
$100From Bob & Becky
$100From Boeing
$100From Boeing - Cybergrants
$100From Brad Palmer
$100From Brian Binch
$100From Carl & Martha Lueker
$100From Catherine Ray
$100From Chad Vogt
$100From Charolette Hendricks
$100From Cheryl Houston
$100From Christine Durkee
$100From Colette Cowan
$100From Computer Counselor Inc.
$100From Constance Hornak
$100from Anonymous
$100From Cynthia Banderet
$100From Dan Anderson
$100From Danette Davis
$100From Darin Williams
$100From Darlene and Barry Bikshorn
$100From David Hartley
$100From David Libonn
$100From Dennis Corrigan
$100From Dentons
$100From Denver Huffman
$100From Donna Durbin
$100From Dorothy Bayer
$100From Duber Koenig
$100From Dustin Price
$100From D’Ann Reyering
$100From Edmund Reinhard
$100From Elaine Strecker
$100From Elaine Strecker
$100From Elizabeth Riccio
$100From Emilee Roberts
$100From Emily Littrell
$100From Eric Keith
$100From Ethan Silverman
$100From faye coffman
$100From Frank Reinhard
$100From Friends of Bob Fullum and RACH Zorro
$100From Gary Lazaroff
$100From Geri Fleming
$100From Greg Bauer Services Inc
$100From Henry Allhoff
$100From Imperial Ornamental Metal Co., Inc.
$100from Anonymous
$100from Anonymous
$100From Jack and Mary O'Neill
$100From James Jenkins
$100From Jan Hill
$100From Jane Aselage
$100From Janet Smith
$100From Janice Davis
$100From Jared Vessell
$100From Jeff and Celia Homsher
$100From Jeff and Debbie Snyder
$100From Jeff Crocker
$100From Jeff McNutt
$100From Jeffrey & Patricia Otto
$100From Jeffrey Boehne
$100From Jennifer Coomes
$100From Jenny Williams
$100From Jerry & Pam Townsend
$100From jerry Doll
$100From Jill Starrs
$100From Jim Bernardini
$100From Joan O'Neill
$100From Joan Silber
$100From John and Denise Nanney
$100From Jonathan Kung
$100From Joseph Kras
$100From Joshua Chapman
$100From Josie Chapman
$100From Joy Keefer
$100From Judith s menezes
$100From Judy & Keith Grosz
$100From Julie Julie
$100From Julie Julie
$100From June Saxton
$100From Justin and Angela McMillian
$100From Karen Gabbert
$100From Karen Woolsey
$100From Kathryn Banusiewicz
$100From Kathryn Kathryn
$100From Kathryn Sorte
$100From Kathy Doering
$100From Kathy O'Sullivan
$100From Kay Nienkerk
$100From Keith Kuehn
$100from Anonymous
$100From Kelly Chilson
$100From Kelly Dundulis
$100From Kelly Dundulis
$100From Ken & Margaret Baxter
$100From Kendra Smith
$100From Kevin and Tomomi Gore
$100From Kevin Gore
$100From Kim and Laura Zajicek
$100From Krista Walsh
$100From Kristin Chwalk
$100From Kristin Groth
$100From Lacey Pritchett
$100From Larry ONeill
$100From LeAnna Stork
$100From Leslie Goodwin
$100From Leslie Smith
$100From Linda and Steve Hoffmann
$100From Linda Behrhorst
$100From Linda Brennan
$100From Lisa Williams
$100From Lucia Weber
$100From Lucie Dempsey
$100From Lynie McInnis
$100From Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
$100From Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
$100From Mandy and Micah Will
$100From Marikay Speckert
$100From Mark & Sandra Schreiber
$100From Mark Watkins
$100From Martha Claire Flynn
$100From Mary Ann Coots
$100From Mary ann Virant
$100From mary beckerle
$100From Mary C ONeill
$100From mary dunne
$100from Anonymous
$100From MaryLee MaryLee
$100From Matt Watkins
$100From Matthew and Katy Reyering
$100From Matthew Kirkpatrick
$100from Anonymous
$100From Melba Bokermann
$100From Mema Jerri
$100From Michael and Jennifer Michael and Jennifer
$100From Michael Falvo
$100From Michele Eubanks
$100From Michelle and Bill Karabas
$100From Mike Bennett
$100From Milton & Pat Wharton
$100From Monica Baumbach
$100From Monte Nienkerk
$100From Nadene Pessis
$100From Nanci Daesch
$100From Nancy Caldwell
$100From Nancy Pugh
$100From Nicki Stukheil
$100From Nilesh Lal
$100From Opal Bearden
$100From Opal Bearden and Susan Herning
$100From Patty Kuehn
$100From Paul & Beth Brauss
$100From Paul Vieth
$100From Paula Pritts
$100From Permit Consultants Inc.
$100From Peter Dunne
$100From Rall Family
$100From Rebecca Rahm
$100From Rhonda Kathalynas
$100From Rhonda Kathalynas
$100From Richard & Susanne Janssen
$100From Robert Saxton
$100From Ron Reyering
$100From Rosemarie Groth
$100From Ross Thomas
$100From Ruth Figura
$100From Sandy & Joe Natalie
$100From Sarah & Bob Heil
$100From Sarah Gouveia
$100From Sarita Sarita
$100From Selina meyer
$100From Shane Mittman
$100From Shane Passafaro
$100From Sonya Stevenson
$100From Southern Illinois Construction Advancement Program
$100From Stacey and Scott Massa
$100From Stacey Massa
$100From Stacia Gehrts
$100From Stacie Reardon
$100From Stephen Phillips
$100From Steve Ott
$100From Steven and Felicia Doll
$100From Steven Bopp
$100From Steven Leyton
$100From Susan & Joe Orr
$100From Tammy Tammy
$100From terri gast
$100From The Cohn Family
$100From The Tylers
$100From Thomas Bariether
$100From Timmy O’Neill
$100From Timothy O'shea
$100From Timothy O'shea
$100From Tom Hinchey
$100From Toni Aden
$100From Tony Hausladen
$100From Tracy Lanes
$100From Travis & Steph Martin
$100From UHY Advisors
$100From Ulises Martinez
$100From Wallace Stewart
$100From Walter Weiss
$100From William & Jean Gaugert
$100From Wilma Shroat
$100From Mark & Ellen Levine
$75From Beverly Duckett-Edwards
$75From Cara Lytle
$75From Dani & Max
$75From Emily Weinhaus
$75From Frisse & Brewster Law Offices, LLC
$75From Karen Weinberg
$75From Laura Sorte
$75From Margee Margee
$75From Mary drexler
$75From Paul and Sue Wilberding
$75From Susan Fruth
$75From William and Brenda Whittington
$70From Patrick & Kathy Oneill
$70From Shaun and Robyn Potts
$60From Andrea Niehoff
$60From Lauren Bikshorn
$60from Anonymous
$60From Susie and Bud Wilson
$54From The Dowdy Family
$53From Karen Waide
$50From Abigail Ullmann
$50From Abigail Caperton
$50From Abigail Taylor
$50from Anonymous
$50From Adrienne Brigham
$50From Alice Brenrman
$50From Allison Nassif Gioielli
$50From Amanda Bangs
$50From Amanda Ryan
$50From Amy and Ben Wegusen
$50From Amy and Todd Hughes
$50From Andrew Calloway
$50From Andrew Daglas
$50From Anna Hooppaw
$50From Anne Tomber
$50From Annie Hanson
$50from Anonymous
$50From April Eisenhauer
$50From Ashley Grosz
$50From Atanas Ignatov
$50From Aunt Marcie and Uncle Terry Wilder
$50From Bank of America
$50From Barb Reininger
$50From Barb Reyering
$50From Barb Reyering
$50From Barb Werthmuller
$50From Barb's Friends
$50From Bart and Cari Small
$50From Ben Barth and Audrey Dewes
$50From Beth Peters
$50From Betsy Morrison
$50From Beverly Rollings
$50From Bill and Mary Christman
$50From Bill Nolte
$50From Bobbiegene Zimmerman
$50From Boeing - Cybergrants
$50From Brenda Auchly
$50From Brian & Christine Cherpeske
$50From Brian & Katherine Smith
$50From Brian Pagano
$50From Cari Arkin-Hickler
$50From Carol Ann Verhulst
$50From Carol Boyd
$50From Carol Harbaugh
$50From Carol Havel
$50From Carol Peterson
$50From Carrol Lee Schilly
$50From Carroll & Ursal Livesay
$50From Cathy Scherer
$50From Cecelia Myers
$50From Chelsea Vogel
$50From Cherie Galinski
$50From Cheryl Dusso
$50From Chloe or Bonnell Boyd
$50From Chris & Rick Filcoff
$50From Chris Condra
$50From chris lingenfelter
$50From Chris Vierig
$50From christi Johaningmeyer
$50From Christopher Garcia
$50From Cindy Mercado
$50From Claire Cioni
$50from Anonymous
$50From Craig & Cindy Ruecker
$50From Curt Fahnestock
$50From Cynthia Galler Bunn
$50From Cynthia Sanderson
$50From Daniel Waxman
$50From Danielle McKay
$50From Danielle Whelehon
$50From Dave Waggoner
$50From David Fedder
$50From David Hannink
$50From David Will
$50From Dawn Merkel
$50From Debbie Weaver
$50From Deborah Sellers
$50From Diane Bingham
$50From Diane Wade
$50from Anonymous
$50From Donna Witt
$50from Anonymous
$50From Drenda Nemeth
$50From Elayne Arana
$50From Elizabeth Thornburg
$50From Ellie and Ryan Wilhelm
$50From Emilie Worley
$50From Emily and Eddie Cherry
$50From Erica Emry
$50From Erin Beaty-Keith
$50From Eve McCarty
$50From Evette Little
$50from Anonymous
$50From Gail Cullen
$50From Gary & Linda Weingartner
$50From Gary Lingenfelter
$50From Gayla Rudd
$50From Gayle Bumb
$50From Gayle Stratmann
$50From Gene DOLL
$50From glennon kraemer
$50From Gloria Crumpley
$50From Gloria Fayollat
$50From Gretchen Hays
$50From Hanah Rasmussen
$50From HARRIET Reisman-snyder
$50From Helen Gorecki
$50From In Memory Of Zizi Rosa
$50From Jackie Wolf
$50From Jamee Strange
$50from Anonymous
$50From James Gucinski
$50From Jane Kaderabek
$50From Janeann Taubel
$50From Janet McIntyre
$50From Jayne Walters
$50From Jayne Wright
$50From Jean Harris
$50From Jeanine Decker
$50From Jeff and Phyllis Alexander
$50From Jeff Frelich
$50From Jennie Elser
$50From Jennifer Bonifas
$50From Jennifer Pope
$50From Jennifer Yates
$50From Jenny Williams
$50From Jill Newman
$50From Jill Allaria
$50From Jill Gardner
$50From Jill Natalie
$50From Jill Wilberding
$50From Jim Doll
$50From Joan Unmacht
$50From Joan Rose
$50From Jodi Merkle
$50From Joe Egan
$50From John Doll
$50from Anonymous
$50From John Wetmore
$50From Jon Barth
$50From Judy Heil
$50From Julie Hederman
$50From Kate Douglas
$50From Kathie and Wiley Turner
$50From Kathie Turner
$50From Kathleen Gardner
$50From Kathleen Hager
$50From Kathy Brown
$50From Kathy Moore
$50From Katie Schmittgens
$50From Katie Smith
$50From Kelly Kimble
$50From Ken & Mary Franklin
$50From Kendra Christian
$50From Kim Vonder Haar
$50From Kristen & Nick Fajt & Parker
$50From Kristi Bowdern
$50From Kristin Kristin
$50From Larry and Nancy Present
$50From Lauren Koeper
$50From Lauren Elwell
$50From Lauren Elwell
$50From Lauren Reyes
$50from Anonymous
$50From Leda Sander
$50From Lee-ann Dunton
$50From Leroy & Mary Gouge
$50From Lester and Donna Thornton
$50From Linda Bozarth
$50From Linda and Richard Mittleman
$50From Linda Holter
$50From Lisa Baron
$50From Lisa Schwarz
$50from Anonymous
$50From Lois Thies
$50From Lucy Krause
$50From Luke Shultz
$50From Lyndsey Anger
$50From Lynn Eastin
$50From M V Swiney
$50From M/A McMahon
$50From Marcia Wickenhauser
$50From Marcia Conaghan
$50From Margee Wall
$50From Mark & Teri Miller
$50From Marti Szabo
$50From Mary Moore
$50From Mary/Gary Schroeder
$50From Matthew Molitor
$50From Meg McGinn
$50From Megan Claybrook
$50From Megan Megan
$50From Megan Parn
$50From Meghan Martin
$50From Melissa Bancks
$50from Anonymous
$50From Michael Leeker
$50From Michele Fish
$50From Michele Karas
$50From Michelle and Steve Hieger
$50from Anonymous
$50from Anonymous
$50from Anonymous
$50from Anonymous
$50From Michelle Jett
$50From Mike and Cathy Miller
$50From Minnie & Jerry Blackburn
$50From Molly Vila
$50From Mom
$50From Monica Budenholzer
$50From Monsanto through Good Done Great
$50From Nancy & Michael Turner
$50From Nancy Grigsby
$50From Natasha Goodwin
$50From Nate Carlon
$50From Nicole Holst
$50From Nicole Kramer
$50From Nicolle McGaughey
$50From Oriana & John Tapley
$50From Patricia Manhart
$50From Patty Barney
$50From Paul Inman
$50From Phil Hof
$50From Philip Cheng
$50From Philip Hof
$50From Phillip Moore
$50From Randy Vandiver
$50From Rebecca Reuther
$50From Richard Rhodes
$50From Robert and Donna Gerth
$50From Robert Benak
$50From Robert Lee
$50From Ron Hunsche Excavating Inc
$50From Roxie Parker
$50From Ruth Ogilvie
$50From Samantha Groden
$50From Samantha Mott
$50From sanda rosenblum
$50From Sandra and Robert Arn
$50From Sandra Lee
$50From Sandy & Don Peterson
$50From Sandy Fultz
$50From Sandy Gore
$50From Sarah Wetzel
$50From Sarah Paradoski
$50From Sarah Sarah
$50From Shannon Partlow
$50From Sharon Gogel
$50From Shelley Botvin
$50From Sonya and Hank Kowalski
$50From Stacey Klein
$50From Stacy West-Bruce
$50From Stephanie Bals
$50from Anonymous
$50From Stephen Warford
$50From Steven Adams
$50From Susan Saxton
$50From Susan Tatham
$50From Suzanne & Stuart Hauser
$50From Suzy and Kevin Callahan
$50From Suzy Richter
$50From Tara Mendola
$50From Taylor Aleem
$50From Terill Coleman
$50From The DeJohn's
$50From The Gorski Family
$50From The Kootman Family
$50From The Runt
$50From The Tidwells
$50From Theresa Darr
$50From Thomas & Lisa Dickey
$50From Thurman Brooks
$50From Tibor & Tammy Kopjas
$50From Tom Evans
$50From Tom Kaletta
$50From Tom McReynolds & Rebecca Case
$50From Tom Reaka
$50From Tonya and James Norviel
$50From Tori Faerber
$50From Trish Rehling
$50From Wendy Rifkin-April
$50From William and Brenda Whittington
$40From Akanksha Schwarz
$40From Aunt Wanda
$40From Barbara McDowell
$40From Creation Station Designs, LLC
$40From Emily Niehaus
$40From Karen Koerber
$40From Linda White
$40From Mark Derheimer
$40From Megan Bardot
$40From Morgan Faulkner
$40From Patrick Noonan
$40From Randi Bakken
$40From Randy & Patricia Rachell
$40from Anonymous
$40From Shane & Elizabeth Donaldson
$40From Suzanne Frank
$40From The Eves
$40From Todd and Sue Herning
$38From Ben Moore
$36From Kalie Levinson
$36From Laura & Mark
$36From linda kline
$35From Alan and Kate Siegfried and Zint
$35From Brandy and Corey Vanderpool
$35From Bruce and Ann Schuete
$35From Georgine Stephens
$35From Michelle Lembeck
$35From Robert and Rose Ottinger
$35From Rollin and Jeni Heaton
$35From Rose Thoele
$35From Sandra and John Branson
$35from Anonymous
$35From Steve and Joanne Mercer
$35From Steven and Dana Jett
$35From Zack Hauser
$33From Alyssa Patel
$33From Ashley Crecelius
$33From Danielle (#teamfe) Schenk
$33From Jamie Gehrin
$33From Katherine Riti
$33From Kathy House
$33From Kevin Gore
$33From Marty Kathalynas
$33From Mary Burke
$33From Mindy McFarland
$33From Nichole Morrow
$33From Rhonda Kathalynas
$33From Roxanne Carson
$33From Sarah House
$33From Tim McKay
$30From Anthony Bylina
$30From Christy Wynne
$30From Dan Rolby
$30From Dean and Dawn Doerr
$30From Debbie McMillian
$30From Donna McMillian
$30From Elyse Elyse
$30From Eric Buettmann
$30From eskuchenjia
$30From Gina Winkeler
$30From Gina Parker
$30From Jen Robinson
$30From Kathleen Allen & Barbara Purlee
$30From Kathy Porter
$30From Kirsten Westrich
$30From Kristen Mater
$30From Lauren Spain
$30From Lois & Raymond Czerniewski
$30From Michelle Wullner
$30From Peggy Kramer
$30From peter mcconnachie
$30From Robin Mirly
$30From Robin Williams
$30From Steven and Melanie Whitworth
$30From Tabatha DeClue
$30From Wendy Kimbrough
$25From Alex McDonnell
$25From Alicia Herbst
$25From Alisha Coleman
$25From Allison Brennan
$25from Anonymous
$25From Amanda Adams
$25From Amanda Willenborg
$25From Amanda Zajicek
$25from Anonymous
$25From Andrew & Kim Kovarik
$25From Angela Hoog
$25From Ann Adolphson
$25From April Arthur
$25From Barbara Bean
$25From Barbara and Gary Jemison
$25From Barbara Arnold
$25From Barbara Light
$25From Becky Prsha
$25From Belinda May
$25From Belinda May
$25From Bethany Bowers
$25From Betsy Rubie
$25From Bill O'Hara & Nancy Larson
$25From Billie Robinson
$25From Bob and Jane Palisch
$25From Bobbie Oliver
$25From Cara Lane
$25From Carol Whittom
$25From Carole Craig
$25From Carrie Page
$25From Catherine Micnheimer
$25From Chandler Domian Ommen
$25From Charles & Rebekah Blyth
$25From Cheryl Povich
$25From Chris & Vicki Roberts
$25From Chris Castetter
$25From Christina Webb
$25From Christine Schieffer
$25From Cindy Trusler
$25From Colleen Davis
$25From Colleen Gale
$25From Connie McCammon
$25From Connie Rau
$25From Crystal Kraus
$25From Dan and Karley Lurk
$25From Danielle Wilkerson
$25From Darlene Darlene
$25From David & Barbara Daniel
$25From David Libonn
$25From Deborah Musen
$25From Deborah DeMartino
$25From Denise Karras
$25From Dennis & Nancy Schlueter
$25From Dianne Brinkman
$25From Donald Norath
$25From Donna Jeffe
$25From Douglas & Mitzi Clippert
$25From Edward Cargill
$25From Elyssa Sahr
$25From Elyssa Sahr
$25From Emily Reque
$25From Emily Terry-Gates
$25From Gail Stukenberg
$25From Gaven Sashidharan
$25From Gina Koebbe
$25From Harry and Kathryn Lawrence
$25From Harry Katz
$25From Harter Larson & Dodd
$25From Jaimee Morningstar
$25From James Micnheimer
$25From Jamie Garofalo
$25From Janet Frankeberger
$25From Janice Munro
$25From Jeb and Gina Vorhees
$25From Jeff Mavrogeorge
$25From Jennifer Linton
$25From Jessica Hubbard
$25From Jessica O'Dell
$25From Jill Jones
$25From Joanie Sundermann
$25From Joe and kate Gisch
$25From Johnna Moffitt
$25From Joseph Herbst Jr.
$25From Joyce Jellen
$25From Judy Picarella
$25From Judy Skubic
$25From Judy Skubic Skubic
$25From Kalima Woody
$25From Karen Hanks
$25From kate kelly
$25From Kathleen Ashby Ontiveros
$25From Katie O'Sullivan
$25From Keith Bokermann
$25From Kent Kent
$25from Anonymous
$25From Kori Bevis
$25From Kristen, Terry, Jack, Will, & Hazel O’Neill
$25From Kristina Kozlowski
$25From Krysti Coad
$25From Larry and Ronnie Autry
$25From Laura Albes
$25From Laura Albes
$25From Laura Wehrenberg
$25From Laura Williams
$25From Laura Woolsey
$25From Leah Riter
$25From Linday Ashford
$25From Lisa Lisa
$25From Lisa Reese
$25From Lisa Thomas
$25From Liz Hayden
$25From Mackenzie Myhre
$25From Margaret Clausen-Holbert & Kenneth Holbert
$25From Marta Keller
$25From Mary Brown
$25From Mary Gisch
$25From Mary Lombardi
$25from Anonymous
$25From Mary Walker
$25From MaryBeth Brugman
$25From Maura Kernell
$25From Maureen Richter
$25From Mechelle Ward
$25From Meghan & Jeff Gostele
$25From Melinda Cappel
$25From MIchelle Sholar
$25From Mike Oligschlaeger
$25From Mike Zomer
$25From Mrs. Carol Lundin
$25From Pam Pettus
$25From Pamela Sass
$25From Pat Kujawa
$25From Patricia Spener
$25From Patricia Coffelt Spener
$25From Peter Allen
$25From Rachel Reinhard
$25From Renee Taylor
$25From richard crook
$25From Roger Heidenreich
$25From Rose DeCourcey
$25from Anonymous
$25From Scott Springman
$25From Shari Robinson
$25From Sharon Cunningham
$25From Shelly Paull
$25From Sheri Schneider-Dicker
$25From Stacy Dahm
$25From Stephanie Stegman
$25From Stephanie Wieberg
$25From Stephen and Jayma Cook
$25From Steve and Mary Louise Simpson
$25From Steven Schmidt
$25From Sue Winter
$25From Thomas Gummersbach
$25From Tommy Vandiver
$25From Trish Curran
$25From Wayne and Mary Britsch
$25from Anonymous
$21From Barbara Barbara
$20From Allison Longest
$20From Alyssa Patel
$20from Anonymous
$20From brett humphreys
$20from Anonymous
$20From Chelsea Bollinger
$20From Chelsea Crimi
$20From Chevon Purchase
$20From Cindy Coleman
$20From Clint Watkins
$20From Colleen Dwyer
$20From Dalia Morgan
$20From David Scott
$20From David Scott
$20From Diana & Dave Doll
$20From Dianne Withers
$20From Dorthea Davis
$20From Emily Amann
$20From Ernest and Mary Jo Verhulst
$20From Heather Dedon
$20from Anonymous
$20from Anonymous
$20From Jacob Hall
$20From Jacqueline Cullen
$20From Jane Wilhite
$20From Jane Yontz
$20From Jason Coleman
$20From JD Rossouw
$20From Jennifer Davis
$20From Jennifer Jennifer
$20From Jennifer Washington
$20From Jerrica Kowcheck
$20from Anonymous
$20From John Barnett
$20From John Hederman
$20From Joi Blakemore
$20From Julianna Cullen
$20From Justin & Jennifer Pennycook
$20From Kalii Baxton
$20From Kay Ostermann
$20From Laura McBride
$20From Leoda Pippitt
$20From Leslie Hunter
$20from Anonymous
$20From Lindsey Birkmann
$20From Lisa Poynter
$20From Lydia Valleroy
$20From Madelene Eldridge
$20From Marcy Lopez
$20from Anonymous
$20From Michael Cimo
$20From Michelle Arnold
$20From Michelle Michelle
$20from Anonymous
$20From Monisha Gleghorn
$20From Nancy Eilers
$20From Nancy Fitzgerald
$20From Nancy Kaye Blaylock
$20From Nicholas Hagan
$20From Rachel Moffitt
$20From Randi Halpern & Larry Glazer
$20From Rebekah Full
$20from Anonymous
$20From Rick Nolte
$20From Robert & Suzanne Finley
$20From Robin Heifner
$20From Sean Fetsch
$20From Sheli Martin Kendrick
$20from Anonymous
$20From Steven Larson
$20From Susan Susan
$20From Tandra Phelps
$20From Taylor Schulte
$20From Tenika Jones
$20From Tiffany Ice
$20From Toni Loomis
$20From Tonya Stevenson
$20From Victoria Sanzottera
$20From Zachary Teahan
$18From Jonathan Becker
$16From Coulson Elder Law, LLC
$15From Amy Sage
$15From Bill Nolte
$15From Jon Minney
$15from Anonymous

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