Raw Deal Run

Sat September 28, 2019 Directions


Raw Deal Run

The Raw Deal Run is organized by Sweet Grass Community Foundation and is part of a community-wide fundraising event.  The Raw Deal Run Community fundraising period opens on September 1 and runs until the day of the race, September 28th. Qualified local nonprofit organizations launch their fundraising efforts, and donors are invited to make gifts of all sizes to their favorite causes. All donations come through Sweet Grass Community Foundation, allowing donors to use one form and write one check to support as many of the organizations as they wish. After the campaign, organizations receive the money that was contributed on their behalf plus matching money from our Match Fund. The matching money motivates donors to give, as it ensures that the value of their individual donations will increase. *Donation Totals shown here are only representative of donations made through RunSignUp and not actual donation totals from the campaign. Through RunSignUp it is only possible to make one donation to an organization at a time - go to sweetgrasscf.org to more easily donate to multiple organizations at once, with one donation. Thank you!

Top Donors

$399 Raised By 13 Donors

$100 on behalf of Bryan Beveridge
$50 on behalf of Carol Bertolino
$50 on behalf of Carol Bertolino
$50 on behalf of Janet Schroeder
$25 on behalf of Carol Bertolino
$25 on behalf of Janet Schroeder
$25 on behalf of Janet Schroeder
$25 on behalf of Kathy Mandity
$24 on behalf of Cottonwood Resource Council
$10 on behalf of kristian mesce
$5 on behalf of Alex McGee
$5 on behalf of Julie Johnson
$5 from Anonymous

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$0 Collected
Big Timber After School Club
$15 Collected
Crazy Mountain Dog Park
$10 Collected
Crazy Mountain Museum
$0 Collected
Crazy Mountain Wrestling Club
$0 Collected
Crazy Peak Cattle Women
$0 Collected
Friends of Dornix Park
$0 Collected
Friends of the Big Timber Carnegie Library
$75 Collected
Hearts and Hands Hospice
$0 Collected
Hospitality House Senior Center
$0 Collected
Match Fund
$50 Collected
Sweet Grass Arts Alliance
$25 Collected