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11th Annual Birthday Bash and Dash

Donation Goal: $50,000

of $50,000

Smiles For Sophie Forever is fast approaching the MILLION DOLLAR MARK in fulfilling its tri-fold mission! To date SFSF has awarded $713,253 in family grants (with the assistance of Jenna's Rainbow); $107,000 to The Cure Starts Now; and $143,047 to St. Jude, where Sophie was treated. Fulfilling this mission takes work, commitment, and a united effort.

As SFSF's major fundraiser, we are hoping that this year's Bash and Dash fundraising efforts will put us over the million dollar mark. As the years pass and SFSF grows, so does the number of families seeking help, the cost of the work of cancer research and the cost of running St. Jude.

We so appreciate all those who register for the race and/or participate in the kids' activities, but also all those who donate and fundraise on our behalf. Please consider a donation in any amount and share this page (or your individual page) with friends and family to reach $1Million!

Thank you for your support. We couldn't do this without you!

Smiles For Sophie Forever is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.


Raised By 249 Donors

Grand Finale$3,500From FMU Fitness - Amber and Theo
Grand Finale$2,500From FMU Obstacle Course Championships
Grand Finale$1,800From Troy Intermediate School, Avon Lake - Penny Wars
Grand Finale$1,500From Uncle Charly & Aunt Dawn
Grand Finale$1,000From All Metal Sales, Inc
Grand Finale$1,000From Baker & Hostetler LLP
Grand Finale$1,000From Grandma and Grandpa Miklaski
Grand Finale$1,000from Anonymous
Grand Finale$1,000From Susan Turner
Grand Finale$500From Edwin Huck
Grand Finale$500from Anonymous
Grand Finale$500from Anonymous
Grand Finale$500From Parks family
Grand Finale$500From Robin Sherwood
Grand Finale$500From The Esparza Family
Firecracker$483From "The Soph" Memorial Day Workout
Firecracker$350From David Kovacs and Elizabeth Wilson
Firecracker$320From Lis Kalin
Firecracker$300From Braddock Enterprises
Firecracker$300From Jerry and Candace Carver
Firecracker$300From Melissa Belas
Firecracker$250From Cynthia Glaza
Firecracker$250From Kelly Bradshaw
Firecracker$250From Lois Lee
Firecracker$250From Mary LaPointe
Firecracker$250From Matt, Sarah, Zach and Nic
Firecracker$250from Anonymous
Firecracker$250From Rebecca House
Firecracker$250From Sarah Antonetti
Firecracker$250From The O'Toole Family
Firecracker$250From The Quinn Family
Firecracker$250From The Samuels Family
Sparkler$200From Patti Bozoian
Sparkler$200From Sharon Lopata
Sparkler$200From The Glass Family
Sparkler$200From The Rudolphs
Sparkler$150From Dave & Rita Boyer
Sparkler$150From Jen Berkowitz
Sparkler$150From Kevin Gordey
Sparkler$125From The Rustad Family
Sparkler$100From Aileen Smith
Sparkler$100From Amanda Willhite
Sparkler$100From Amy Chappelle
Sparkler$100From Ann Ann
Sparkler$100From Anthony Wilson
Sparkler$100From Bailey Scheel
Sparkler$100From Becky Perry
Sparkler$100From Bridgett Holzheimer
Sparkler$100from Anonymous
Sparkler$100From Cheryl Cheryl
Sparkler$100From Christine Christine
Sparkler$100From Cynthia Carone
Sparkler$100From Denise Anderson
Sparkler$100From Dina Heile
Sparkler$100From Don and Mary Burnham
Sparkler$100From Fox Family
Sparkler$100From Gail Joyce
Sparkler$100From Gina Wiedemer
Sparkler$100From Grandma and Grandpa Miklaski
Sparkler$100From Jason Massey
Sparkler$100From Jen Lombardy
Sparkler$100From Jill Reynolds
Sparkler$100From Jim & Evelyn Dallos
Sparkler$100From Jim & Sandi Schneider
Sparkler$100From Jim and Julie Bell
Sparkler$100From Kate Smith
Sparkler$100From Katie Musbach
Sparkler$100From Kit Ginley
Sparkler$100From Laura Falkinburg
Sparkler$100From Laurie Collins
Sparkler$100From Lindsey Martin
Sparkler$100From Lori Hawkins
Sparkler$100From Matt Heintzelman
Sparkler$100From Megan Clark
Sparkler$100From Melissa King
Sparkler$100From Michael A Smith
Sparkler$100From Misty Karn
Sparkler$100From Nancy Stickney
Sparkler$100From Orthopaedic Associates
Sparkler$100From Patrick Patrick
Sparkler$100From Randi Miles
Sparkler$100From Rebecca Campbell
Sparkler$100From Rebecca Doubler
Sparkler$100From Rochelle Jonke
Sparkler$100From Ron Oswick
Sparkler$100From Rosa Maguire
Sparkler$100From Sarah Kate Ebert
Sparkler$100From Sharon Lopata
Sparkler$100From Susan Miklaski
Sparkler$100From Susan Pichotta
Sparkler$100From Teresa Snow
Sparkler$100From The Ashton Family
Sparkler$100From The Mohar Family
Sparkler$100From Thompson Family
Sparkler$100From Tim Pugliese
Sparkler$100From Tina Ingraham
Sparkler$100From Tinsley Family
Sparkler$100From Trish Smith
Sparkler$100From Uncle Charly and Aunt Dawn Miklaski
Sparkler$100From Vickie Rowney
Blue$80From Amber Theodore
Blue$53From Anne Thomason
Blue$50From Amy Nguyen
Blue$50From Anthony Stross
Blue$50From Barbara Oswick
Blue$50From Barbara Miller
Blue$50From Barbara Swanson
Blue$50From Bob Solymos
Blue$50From Carah Olds
Blue$50From Cheri deHaan
Blue$50From Cheryl and Joe Gumbis
Blue$50From Cindy Perry
Blue$50From Cori Dreher
Blue$50From Danielle Galt
Blue$50From David Ashton
Blue$50From Denise Erving
Blue$50From Dennis Cavalier
Blue$50From Dennis & Donna Guzenda
Blue$50From Gary and Ursula Sliwka
Blue$50From Gary Gilanyi
Blue$50From Greg Gordon
Blue$50From Gregory Zilka
Blue$50From Jamie Collins
Blue$50From Janey Janey
Blue$50From Jason Motorojescu
Blue$50From Jay Olson
Blue$50From Jennifer Goldyn
Blue$50From Jennifer Hescott
Blue$50From Jill Gurney
Blue$50From John (Jack) Reilly
Blue$50From John Boylan
Blue$50From Juliette Perko
Blue$50From Karen Wingeart
Blue$50From Kathleen Wilson
Blue$50From Kathy Elmer
Blue$50From Keith Dando
Blue$50From Kim Gudin
Blue$50From Kim Murphy
Blue$50From Kristin Erbacher
Blue$50From Kristin Erbacher
Blue$50From Lindsey Martin
Blue$50From Lisa Mitchell
Blue$50From Lisa Wilhoit
Blue$50From Marian and Gary Fairchild
Blue$50From Marie Cutts
Blue$50From Marilyn White-Kylmala
Blue$50From Max Gee
Blue$50From Megan Albright
Blue$50From Mona Thompson
Blue$50From Monica Bruaw
Blue$50From Rachel Whitson
Blue$50From Rochelle Jonke
Blue$50From sandy and tom novak
Blue$50From Shannon Prumo
Blue$50From Sharon Lopata
Blue$50From Sheila Kingsley
Blue$50From Sue&Doug Pretty
Blue$50From Susan Turner
Blue$50From The Behrend Family
Blue$50From The Perko Family
Blue$50From Tim Piazza
Blue$50From Tim Pugliese
Blue$50from Anonymous
Blue$50From Whitney Begeman
White$40From Hannah and Molly Zepp
White$40From Kim Gudin
White$35From Sandy Meeks
White$30From Erica Merth
White$30From Sam King
White$30From Sharon Lopata - Obstacle Course Championships
White$25From aileen boone
White$25From Alistair Crannis
White$25From Amanda Williams
White$25From Andrea Massie
White$25From Angela Allen
White$25From Anthony Stross
White$25From Barb Dechert
White$25From Beth Hauck
White$25From Bethany Kural
White$25From Carolyn Gray
White$25from Anonymous
White$25From Courtney Roberts
White$25From Debbie Thomas
White$25From Derrick Williams
White$25From Dina Doyle
White$25From dunleavy kids
White$25from Anonymous
White$25From Eva Hollender
White$25From Jack Reilly
White$25From Jennifer Deledda
White$25From Jennifer & Haley Guest
White$25from Anonymous
White$25From Jennifer Merlo
White$25From Joanne Murphy
White$25From John and Kathy Bell
White$25From Julie Vaccarelli
White$25From Kathryn Daugherty
White$25From Katie Preto
White$25From Kellie Cramer
White$25From Kelly Matus
White$25From Kelly Nichols
White$25From Kerri Keller
White$25From Kimberly Mayfield
White$25From Kristen Weber
White$25From Lindsay Peterson
White$25From Lisa Mitchell
White$25From Loretta Borne
White$25From lynne jeric
White$25From Margie Bucci
White$25From Marilyn Crisafi
White$25From Martha Adams
White$25From MaryEdith Malin
White$25From Michele Miller
White$25From Monica Miller
White$25From Penny Bukovey
White$25From Ryan Theodore
White$25From Sara Ody
White$25From Sgro Family
White$25From Shannon Feiszli
White$25From Susan Turner
White$25From Suzanne Smith
White$25from Anonymous
White$25From Tommy Novak
White$25From Valerie Revesz
White$25From Vickie Ballentine
White$25From William Peters
White$25From Zak Harty
Red$20From Ashley Okumura
Red$20From Erin Soroosh
Red$20From Mirian Roman
Red$20From Trevor Waagner
Red$15From Katie Mihalik
Red$15From Kim Sulpizi
Red$10from Anonymous
Red$10From Amy Van Sickle
Red$10From Ann Banks
Red$10From Beth Fielding
Red$10From Deidrea Otts
Red$10From Erin Ziegan
Red$10From Gianna Anu
Red$10From Jeremy Mayer
Red$10From John Bolden
Red$10from Anonymous
Red$10From Lori Mann
Red$10From Maggie Armour
Red$10From Mary Mikesell
Red$10from Anonymous
Red$10From Stephanie Morano
$5From Jaicob Williams

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