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Type: Triathlon, Aquabike


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GroundForce IT Robious Landing Triathlon presented by Active Chiropractic

The Robious Landing Triathlon benefits the Cameron K. Gallagher Memorial Foundation and the SpeakUp 5K. 

About CKG:

The Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation is a beacon of hope for those who are affected by teenage mental illness. From free mental health programs for teens, to peer support curriculum in locals schools, to nationwide 5k races that raise awareness of teenage depression and anxiety, CKG Foundation helps those who are fighting the good fight to SpeakUp and get help.

Cameron taught us the power of community when she designed the SpeakUp5k. She taught us that depression and anxiety are nothing to be ashamed of and that we need to help each other because we are all fighting our own battles and we all have something to give back. We are a positive force because of Cameron but we are stronger with your help.

Website link: http://www.ckgfoundation.org

About SpeakUp5k:

This September, we will celebrate our fourth year of making an impact on our local community through our SpeakUp5k. Thousands will come together to show their support for those fighting the ongoing battle with mental illness, and to take a stand to end the stigma. The festive, family-friendly atmosphere and signature on-course “fun zones” are sure to bring smiles to all.

Race web page link: http://www.ckgfoundation.org/ speakup5k-richmond/


About SpeakUp Race Team:

Due to the overwhelming success and growth of the SpeakUp5k race series, the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation has created a way for athletes of all abilities to compete under the SpeakUp umbrella.  With the SpeakUp Race Team, athletes from across the country can “Race with Purpose” to support the CKG Foundation’s mission to fulfill 16-year-old Cameron’s dream and legacy by being a positive force that works to cultivate awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety.

As a member of the SpeakUp Race Team, you can participate in any race you want, from a neighborhood 5k to a full triathlon.  Our SpeakUp Race Team package includes a performance SpeakUp Race Team shirt, training programs, monthly newsletters, and Race Team swag. Additionally, you will be a part of a fantastic community who shares common goals and interests.  With your membership, you will have access to Race Team events, the Race Team Facebook group, and additional activities planned throughout the year.

To help us work toward our goal of increasing awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety, each teammate will have a yearly fundraising commitment of $350.  Team members who are 18 and under will have a yearly fundraising commitment of $100. Although fundraising is a key element in spreading the CKG message, you will not have to conquer this goal alone!  Our team will not only provide you with a personalized fundraising website and toolkit, but also with tips and suggestions on how to help you reach (and exceed!) your fundraising goal.


Race Team Website Link: http://www.speakupraceteam. com/


Raised By 28 Donors

$100on behalf of Kirby Forlin
$50on behalf of Rebecca Angus
$50on behalf of Robert Green
$25on behalf of Anne Chamberlayne
$25on behalf of Ben Poling
$25on behalf of Elizabeth Johnson
$25on behalf of Michael Asip
$25on behalf of Nancy Placide
$20on behalf of Dave Dzubina
$20on behalf of Meghan Edwards
$15on behalf of Raymond Sterner
$10on behalf of Andrew Gay
$10on behalf of Daniel Jones
$10on behalf of elizabeth tobin
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Nicole Kensicki
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Erik Aulestia
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Pamela Houston
$5on behalf of Rob Saur
$5from Anonymous
$1on behalf of Christopher Davis
$1on behalf of Gene Bachman
$1from Anonymous

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