Harvest Marathon Relay

Fri November 6 - Sun November 8

The Harvest Marathon Relay is designed to provide a fun, team-oriented competition for corporate competitors and challenge teams. 

  1. SAFETY IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. General rules of track and field will apply.  At the discretion of the Race Organizers, teams may be disqualified for flagrant fouls (including by not limited to tripping, pushing and interfering with other runners) and other unsafe behaviors (including by not limited to inappropriate behavior and/or language). 
  2. Each participant must sign the event waiver and attest that they have read and understood the rules before competing in the event.  Individuals who do not sign the event waiver are not allowed to participate.  Any individual who participates without signing a waiver does so at their own risk.
  3. Each participant will be assigned a bib with a unique identifying number.  Bibs must be prominently displayed while competing.  Under no circumstance shall a registered participant allow another individual, registered or not, to participate using their assigned bib.  Sharing a bib assigned to a registered participant will result in immediate disqualification of the team.  
  4. Each team is responsible for crossing the timing mat for their lap to be counted.  Teams will forfeit laps if they do not cross the timing map.  If for any reason a team's lap is not counted after crossing the timing map, the Race Organizers may, at their sole discretion, adjust the number of lap for that team to reinstate for missed laps.  Laps will not be compensated for teams not properly crossing the timing map.
  5. Team members will not modify the timing tag attached to the baton in any way.  Any modification of the timing tag may result in uncounted lap which will not be reinstated.  
  6. The Race Organizer have the sole discretion to give warnings, penalize or disqualify teams for safety or timing violations.  Timing violations include but are not limited to removing the baton and/or timing devise from the designated race area, relay exchanges outside the designated zone, and other infractions.
  7. The event will be run rain or shine.  The Race Organizers may delay the start, temporarily pause the event or cancel the event completely due to severe weather.  
  8. Teams are responsible for setting up race stations (tents, tables, chairs, etc.), before the start of the race, and must remove any materials brought by the team, included any trash created by the team, before designated end time.  Teams will not be able to set up race station once the race has begun without consent of the Race Organizers.  Teams are responsible for following the rules set forth by the venue.
  9. Use of tobacco on the race property is prohibited.  Possession of alcohol, other than that provided by the event, or firearms is prohibited.  Consumption of alcohol provided by the event by individual under 21 years old is strictly prohibited.  
  10. Rules are established by the Race Organizers.  Any question about the rules can be sent to HarvestMarathonRelay@gmail.com.  The Race Organizers reserve the exclusive right to amend, change or delete existing rules, and to add new rules, at any time before, during or after the event.  Protests and disputes can be brought to the Race Organizers, who will rule on the protest or dispute in a timely manner.

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