Wed May 6 - Fri July 31 Any Beach, IN 12345 US
American Beach
Any Beach, IN US 12345

Summertime Fun!!!

As America turns 244 years old, let’s celebrate our freedom!

Run/walk/hike/ride on your favorite summer Beach/Park/Trail (or wherever you can).

Show your patriotism! by wearing red, white and blue!


Now is the time to support our fellow Americans, especially our front line support and Coronavirus patients and families. A portion of registration money and all donations go to


Happy Birthday, USA!  We look forward to celebrating with you, Virtual Race Style!

Which challenge will you be celebrating?

4 Mile Independence Day Celebration

Complete 4 miles on foot (Run, Walk, HIke or Ride) then upload your results.

Why 4 miles?  Because it's the 4th Celebration, and we still measure distance in miles:)

Plus, it's a bit more challenging than that typical 5K that many of us are used to.  Enjoy the extra .9 miles!

17.76 Mile Declaration of Independence Celebration

Complete 17.76 miles on foot (Run, Walk, Hike, Ride) then upload your results.

Why 17.76 miles?  Because 1776 was the year in which we declared our independence.

And, it is likely to be a PR for most of us, because who has ever done 17.76 miles???

50 Mile 50 States Celebration

Complete 50 miles on foot (Run, Walk, Hike, Ride) then upload your results.

Why 50 miles?  One mile for every state in our Union.

We're excited to see some Ultra Runners finish the 50 miles in one session.  For us mortals, you are able to break the 50 mile Challenge into several segments.

244 Mile Happy Birthday USA Celebration

Complete 244 miles on foot (Run, Walk, Hike, Ride) then upload your results.

Why 244 miles?  That's how old our country is.

Hard to believe the United States of America is turning 244 this year - so for those of you who are up to the Challenge, Celebrate our country by completing one mile for every candle on her cake!

You may break this event into as many segments as you need.



*Patriotic Beach Towel


*Patriotic Cotton Face Mask


*Patriotic Sun Glasses Clipped with Bottle Openers


*Souvenir Bumper Sticker


*Patriotic Finisher's Medal 


*Yummy Fruit Chew Snack 

*Printable Race Bib (Not mailed, you print it)

*Printable Finishers Certificate (Not mailed, you print it)

refer 3 friends and receive $20 back!

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Every year, Feeding America helps 1 in 7 Americans.

The Feeding America network provides over 4.3 billion meals annually, helping 1 in 7 Americans facing hunger live more secure and stable lives.

How we are leading the charge to solve hunger:
Supporting the nation’s largest network of food banks
Reaching 40 million people in need
Serving virtually every community in the United States
Leading the way in hunger research
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Race Contact Info
If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at

PLEASEl comply with the current CDC Guidelines and other directives from your Governorr, Mayor, and/or Town Leaders of your residence/running area when participating in this event.  Our advice is to run alone or with your immediate family members. 

Here are some ways to be safe and still complete a Challenge:

RUN ALONE!  If you run with someone else, maintain Social Distance.

Avoid busy running areas.

Be courteous of others and provide plenty of room when you pass or are being passed. 
Use a treadmill.

You may click this section heading to be directed to the CDC Guidelines Page.


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