Jersey Shore Rescue Mission 5K Race, Family Walk, & Virtual Challenges

Thu October 1 - Sat October 31, 2020 Asbury Park, NJ 07712 US Directions
COVID Health & Safety Plan

Event Day Health & Safety Rules - Attendee Expectations 

  • Above all, we are anticipating an amazing day of live competition, camaraderie, family activity, and support for the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission! In these times, it is each of our responsibilities to protect one another, ourselves, and the community at large. What follows is the plan we have created for a safe and healthy event day. We ask that each attendee reads this guide prior to event day and understands what is expected of them as part of the JSRM 5K Race community.
  • The event team reserves the right to disqualify and ask to leave anyone not following these rules of participation.
  • If you have any signs or symptoms related to COVID-19 including an elevated temperature … DO NOT ATTEND. We can convert your registration to a virtual run/walk.
  • As per USA Track & Field and our Insurance Policy:
    • Attendees who have a documented case of COVID-19 must have a written letter from a physician indicating they are cleared to compete.
    • Participants must perform a self-temperature check prior to arrival at the event.
    • Volunteers will have their temperature checked upon arrival.
    • Attendees must not be experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, must not have been around anyone who was sick in the past 14 days, and must not have travelled internationally or to a travel advisory state in the past 14 days.
    • Event Day Safety Survey – Participant Statement & Advisory
      • On event morning, your verbal confirmation and acceptance of your bib number at check-in will serve as your signature and agreement to this document. Please see below to read the text prior to event day.
  • There will be no on-site event day registration. Please make sure your family and friends register by the deadline: Wednesday, October 21st at Noon.
  • There will be no bag check to limit contact between attendees and volunteers/staff. Please do not bring extra items to the site or return them to your vehicle before your assigned start wave.
  • Where to spend time on-site
    • Upon arrival please report to the check-in area on the boardwalk side of Langosta Lounge (1000 Ocean Ave., Asbury Park, NJ) and wait on line on a socially distanced arrow; once at the check-in table, provide your assigned bib # and wait behind the line to receive your bib and shirt.
    • Between check-in and assigned start time, we would appreciate attendees to spread out along the boardwalk, on the beach, or return to your car if you like. Basically, we are asking for you not to congregate near check-in, the DJ, or the start corrals. We will even be broadcasting the Kick-Off Celebration (8:15 a.m.) and Finish Line (9:15 a.m.) on Facebook Live, so you can still see and be part of the action from a safe social distance.
    • Please report to the starting corrals (just opposite the check-in area) 5 minutes prior to your assigned start time. There will be socially distanced arrows within the corrals to keep you safe.
    • After your run or walk, we encourage you to enjoy your Grab N’ Go snack pack from the beach or your car prior to departing. Again, please do not congregate at the finish area or refreshment tent. 
  • Masks
    • Required on the event site
    • Required to be worn properly over both the nose and mouth
    • Do not lower or remove your mask when speaking to someone. Yes, it is a little harder to hear, but speaking near someone is one of the most vulnerable times for transmitting respiratory droplets.
    • Required to be carried on course, but not required to be worn while running or walking
      • except when you can not maintain a minimum of 6’ social distance (12’ preferred while in motion)
      • except when passing others (and please announce yourself)
  • Social Distancing
    • Always respect the personal space of others
    • Maintain a minimum of 6’ separation from other attendees, staff, and volunteers
    • Pass widely on course to maintain a minimum of 6’ distance (preferably 12’), put on your mask whenever this is not possible, slow down if necessary and announce your intention to pass so the other party has the opportunity to also put on their mask
  • Other
    • Please NO spitting on-site or on the course
    • Cough/sneeze away from people and into your elbow
    • Remember that in 2020 it is perfectly polite AND expected to NOT shake hands or high 5
    • Smiles and good vibes are always welcome!
  • Water
    • Individual sealed water bottles will be available at the event site.
    • The course water station(s) will only have individual sealed bottles (no grab n’ go cups). It is recommended that you bring your own water for the course in a hydration pack or favorite water bottle to alleviate any congestion near the water station(s) and reduce the risk of plastic bottles being left along the boardwalk or on the beach. 
  • Restrooms
    • Please wait on the socially distanced arrows if there is a line.
    • Always wash your hands as per CDC recommended guidelines whenever leaving the restroom (and perhaps even upon entering).
    • Restrooms are located inside APYC (connected to Langosta Lounge). Public restrooms may be open at 1st Ave on the boardwalk. Additional restrooms may be open inside Langosta Lounge if attendance calls for them.
  • Sanitizing Stations
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at check-in, prior to entering the restrooms, at the event site water table, at the course water station, and at the finish/refreshments.
    • Sanitizing wipes will be available in the restrooms, at the event site water table, and at the course water station.
  • Staggered Assigned Start Waves
    • Expect to receive your starting time via email a few days prior to the event.
    • Plan to arrive at the event site no later than 30 minutes prior to your start time.
    • Report to the starting corrals 5 minutes prior to your assigned start time.
    • There will be socially distanced arrows within the corrals to keep you safe.
  • 5K Results & Awards
    • Results are by CHIP time as there is no one official “gun time”.
    • Printed results will not be displayed to avoid close congregating.
    • Finish times will be available quickly after you cross the finish line on (places will not be official or final until all runners have finished) and full official results later on the event website.
    • There will not be an on-site awards ceremony this year, again to avoid close congregating. Instead, medals will be mailed to overall and age winners.
    • The RaceJoy GPS tracking app will be available for your use on the 5K course or for spectators to track you. This finish time will be unofficial and all official times will come from via the timing chip on your bib #.
  • Grab N’ Go Snack Packs
    • We regret that due to health and safety concerns we must forego our post-run/walk carb buffet this year. Instead please help yourself to a Grab N’ Go Snack Pack just after you finish and enjoy it from the beach or your car prior to departing. We ask that you please do not congregate at the finish area or refreshment tent to ensure a safe environment for all. 
  • Spectator Statement
    • We respectfully request that spectators do not attend the Live Event this year so that we can safely accommodate the greatest amount of runners and walkers while adhering to state gathering limitations. We consider our event site the boardwalk and ramps between APYC/Langosta Lounge (just South of 3rd Ave.) and the 1st Ave. restrooms. If a non-registrant does accompany a registrant to Asbury Park on event day, we ask that you enjoy the town/beach/boardwalk outside of this area to alleviate congestion.
    • We will be sharing a Live Broadcast of our Kick-Off Celebration on Facebook at 8:15 am so that spectators, virtual and challenge participants, and even registered runners and walkers can safely watch and join us from anywhere. We will also be live streaming the finish line on Facebook so you can watch your runner or walker's big finish from your car, across town, or even another state! In addition, we will be utilizing RaceJoy, a GPS run-tracking app, that will allow for spectators to follow their 5K runner’s progress from anywhere. You can even send your runner cheers!

Event Day Safety Survey – Participant Statement & Advisory

On event morning, your verbal confirmation and acceptance of your bib number at check-in will serve as your signature and agreement to this document.

Participant Statement

  • I certify that I have
    • performed a self-temperature check today and attest that my temperature was below 100.4 F.
    • not experienced any signs or symptoms related to COVID-19 within the past 7 days or if I have that it has been a full 72 hours since all signs or symptoms have fully resolved.
    • not been in close or sustained contact with anyone who was sick within the past 14 days.
    • not traveled internationally to a location with widespread ongoing transmission of covid-19 per the CDC or on a cruise ship/river boat within the past 14 days.
    • self-quarantined for 14 days after arrival from a state on NJ’s travel advisory list.
  • I agree to wear a face covering/mask at all times while on the event site:
    • except when participating on the 5K/2M course except when passing or not able to maintain proper social distance (6’ minimum, 12’ preferred while in motion);
    • unless I have a medical condition where face coverings/mask wearing is contra-indicated.
  • I understand the risks and possibility of contracting covid-19 or any other virus at an in-person gathering.
    • I take personal responsibility for that risk to my own health and safety.
    • I agree to protect others by following event mask-wearing protocol as I understand that people may have covid-19 without knowing or exhibiting any symptoms. 

Advisory to Participants

  • It is strongly recommended that individuals considered by the CDC to be “at-risk” NOT participate in any capacity. This would include individuals who are/have:
    • Over age 65
    • Living in nursing home
    • (or live with someone with) certain underlying medical conditions.
  • If these “at-risk” individuals choose to participate, it is recommended that they get clearance from their healthcare provider.
  • As per our insurance policy, participants who have a documented case of COVID-19 must have a written letter from a physician indicating they are cleared to compete.
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