The Katy Half Marathon course starts with an out-and-back loop within the mall area on 4 lane wide roads before exiting to a single loop, flat, and fast course. The course will be well marked, patrolled by police at all necessary intersections, lined with appropriate traffic control devices and signage and measured for accuracy. Mile markers in the form of large 20′ red teardrop flags will be placed every mile and there will be hydrations stations stocked with water and Gatorade at miles 2, 3.8, 5.1, 6.5, 8, 9.7, 11 and 12.4. These hydration stations will also have two portable restrooms should you need them. 

Once outside of the mall runners will always stay in the furthest right available lane keeping cones and traffic to their left. The cone line is what separates the vehicular traffic from the runners. Always stay to the right of the cones keeping them on your left. Most roadways will be 4 lanes with plenty of room. There are a few spots where it’s 2 lanes but those roads will be turned into temporary one way streets for cars giving runners an entire lane to themselves still. Be careful and pay attention.


The 5k starts at 7:45am, 1-hour after the start of the half marathon. The 5k uses the same start line as the half marathon and follows the same course splitting off with less than a half mile left to the finish.


The Katy Kids K starts at 9:30am slightly south on the mall’s outer circle from where the Katy Half Marathon started earlier that morning (near AMC Drive). The kids will head out of the start corral and make a quick left onto AMC Drive before making another left into the far right curb lane of Kingsland Blvd. From there all kids will make the first left onto Prairie Ln which will take them to the finish line. All portions of road except Kingsland Blvd. are closed to traffic. Kingsland Blvd. will have the left lane open to slow vehicular traffic and right lane coned off specifically for runners. Police will be at all intersections controlling traffic.