Mon September 13 - Mon November 29, 2021 Shallotte, NC 28470 US Directions
12 Week Workshop

First Strides® BRUNSCO Fall Workshop

5:30PM EDT - 6:45PM EST


Beginner Walking & Running Workshop For Women

Do you sometimes imagine yourself fit and strong, striding comfortably down the road during an easy workout or a 5K event?

You know being more active makes you healthier, but you may not know how to get started?

This gradual 12-week program will help you comfortably progress to walking, jogging, running or some combination at a pace that's right for you.


Monday evenings beginning September 13th through November 29th.  Workshops meet from 5:30pm to 6:45pm rain or shine!


Mulberry Park located at 123 Mulberry St, Shallotte NC 28470


Women 12 to 112 years of all shapes, sizes and abilities. No experience necessary!  Bring your daughters, mothers, neighbors, co-workers, friends or come solo.  

*No Pets and Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.


Weekly workshops include a group walk/jog/run, stretching and a brief discussion of various topics:  proper walk/run shoes, training principles, injury prevention, safety, heart health, motivation, nutrition and more. Come dressed for activity.


All who complete this program will be able to participate in and complete a 5K Walk/Run


Area walking and running enthusiasts from the RunCRP, the Grand Strand Running Club and others volunteer their time to lead and support your progress!


 $40.  Fee includes 12-weekly workshops, instruction, group walk/run, mentors, literature and a graduation shirt (if earned...must attend 8 of 12 workshops).  Workshop fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.  

♥  Register Online at


Novant Health & RunCRP


Coastal Race Productions 

123 Mulberry St
Shallotte, NC US 28470
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Know Before You Start


Important information to know before you come!

First Strides Brunsco is for females aged 12 to 112!  This program was founded in 1997 in Allentown,PA and still continues there today with over 8000 women participating. First Strides was recognized with a national award in 2001 by Road Runners Club of America and has the highest graduation rate of any beginners program. 

Things To Know

  • Stay home if you feel sick or have been exposed 
  • Practice social distancing
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Thank you for your help and consideration of everyone's health!



  • Structure: 12-week, proven workout schedule with 2 additional homework assignments each week
  • Mentors: Will teach, lead and encourage you during your Monday evening workouts
  • Participants:  Attendance at least 8 out of the 12 weeks 
  • Homework:  2 additional weekly workouts on your own time and this will lead to success
  • Training Principle:  Stress + Rest = Success (Improvement)
    • Stress = Going faster, going farther, heat, hills
    • Rest = yoga, swimming, going slower or a complete day off
    • For best results you will want to alternate days of stress (homework) with days of rest
  • Goal:  Calabash Turkey Trot 5K


  • Check in...see why this is important below
  • Speaker/Topic
  • Mentor Introductions
  • Announcements
  • Group Stretch
  • Workout
  • Group Stretch
  • Final Announcements


The check-in table is located near the amphitheater.  On the first night you attend you will be given a NAME TAG - this is a very important piece to keeping attendance and helping us get to know one another!  After the workout and before you leave please turn in your name tag at the same table.  Beginning Week 3 you will check-in with your Mentor and Animal Group.


During our weekly workshop your mentors will keep track of the time (Minutes walking/striding) but you will need some sort of timing device that keeps track of your workout intervals for your homework.  Keep in mind we are tracking minutes NOT distance or speed.  There is a free app for smart phones called "Interval Timer" and you can program your workout ahead of time.


  • Do your homework!  Consistency will guarantee your success!
  • We meet Rain or Shine and Heat!
  • Arrive 5 - 10 minutes early to check-in.
  • Come dressed for activity
  • Hydrate before or after as needed

Attending this Workshop is not a “selfish” act:

Good for your kids, your partner, your boss, your mood and your health.  It is good for your stress level, self-esteem, social connection and so much more therefore it is good for everyone else in your life as well!


Click the icon below to download the attached PDF.

Warm Weather Tips

Hot Weather Walking or Running Tips
Adapted from the Road Runners Club of America

Walking and running in the heat of summer can be dangerous (especially in the south!) if proper precautions and preparations are not followed.

Avoid dehydration! You can lose between 6 and 12 oz. of fluid for every 20 minutes of running or walking. Therefore it is important to pre-hydrate (10–15 oz. of fluid 10 to 15 minutes prior to exercising) and drink fluids every 20–30 minutes along your workout route. To determine if you are hydrating properly, weigh yourself before and after walking/running. You should have drunk one pint of fluid for every pound you’re missing. Indications that you are walking or running while dehydrated are a persistent elevated pulse after finishing your walk/run and dark yellow urine. Keep in mind that thirst is not an adequate indicator of dehydration.

Avoid walking or running outside if … the heat is above 98.6 degrees and the humidity is above 70-80%. While exercising, the body temperature is regulated by the process of sweat evaporating off of the skin. If the humidity in the air is so high that it prevents the process of evaporation of sweat from the skin, you can quickly overheat. Check your local weather and humidity level. Think about exercising at an indoor mall or on a treadmill.

Stop walking or running if … you become dizzy, nauseated, have the chills, or cease to sweat…. STOP WALKING or RUNNING, find shade, and drink water or a fluid replacement drink, such as Gatorade. If you do not feel better, get help. Heatstroke occurs when the body fails to regulate its own temperature, and the body temperature continues to rise. Symptoms of heatstroke include mental changes (such as confusion, delirium, or unconsciousness) and skin that is red, hot, and dry, even under the armpits. Heatstroke is a life-threatening medical emergency, requiring emergency medical treatment.

Walk and Run in the shade whenever possible and avoid direct sunlight and blacktop. When you are going to be exposed to the intense summer rays of the sun, apply at least 15 SFP sunscreen and wear protective eyewear that filters out UVA and UVB rays. Consider wearing a visor that will shade your eyes and skin but will allow heat to transfer off the top of your head.

Consult your doctor - If you have heart or respiratory problems or you are on any medications, consult your doctor about walking or running in the heat. In some cases it may be in your best interests to walk/run indoors. If you have a history of heatstroke/illness, walk or run with extreme caution.

Walk or run in the morning or late afternoon/evening hours.  Avoid the peak heat of the day to prevent heat related illnesses. It is especially important to keep children hydrated while walking, running and playing outdoors in the heat.

Do wear light colored breathable clothing. Do not wear long sleeves or long pants or sweat suits. Purposefully walking or running in sweat suits hot days to lose water weight is dangerous!

Plan your route so you can refill water bottles or find drinking fountains. City parks, local merchants, and restaurants are all good points to incorporate on your route during exercising. Be sure to tell someone where you are walking or running, how long you think you will gone, and carry identification.

Stay hydrated, and cool!


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