Ruck 'N' Run® (5th Annual)

Sat November 9, 2019 Directions

The Ruck 'N' Run Referral Program:
When you refer 3 of your friends to Ruck 'N' Run and they register, you'll get $7.50 back! This will continue in increments of 3, until you get your whole registration fee refunded. Boom!

You have a unique referral link are right here: (

On this page you'll see a race page link and a race signup link. What's the difference?

Both are referral links but they go to different pages.
RACE PAGE LINK: (This links to our main Ruck 'N' Run event info page.)
RACE SIGNUP LINK: (This links directly to the registration page where they start filling out their info, just like you did after you clicked the "Sign Up" on our page.)

You'll also see your referral code on the same page. Give this out to your friends, They'll have to enter your referral code manually when they register.

Either way, have your friends sign up through your unique referral link. They click it and register, you get the credit. That simple!

Share your referral link on Facebook and in emails. Post something like:

Hey friends! I'm completing in Ruck 'N' Run! You should too!
Ruck 'N' Run is a walk/run that honors local Veterans!
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