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By  my signature  below,  I  hereby  assume any and all risks  associated with  participating in  events  including,  but  not  limited  to,  camps,  clinics,  and other athletic  training  and  racing  on  this  day  and all  future  dates  (henceforth  included  in  “Athletic  Activities”)  through  or  involving  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties, including  contact  with  or  effects  of  other  participants/clients.    I  indemnify  and  hold  harmless  Max  Kasten,  Paul  Myers    and  Schuylkill  River  Runners    Parties  from any  and all claims  made  or  liabilities  assessed  against  them  as  a  result  of  (i)  my  actions,  inactions,  or  negligence,  (ii)  the  actions,  inactions,  or  negligence  of  other participants/clients,  (iii)  the  actions,  inactions,  or  negligence  of  the  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties  and  others  hereby  indemnified,  (iv)  the  conditions  of  the facilities,  equipment,  or  areas  where  the  Athletic  Activities  are  being conducted,  and (v)  any  other  harm  caused  by  an  occurrence  related  to  Athletic  Activities through  or  involving  Max  Kasten,  Paul Myers  and,  the  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties. Athletic  Activities  are  strenuous  activities  which  are  beyond  the  capability  of  most  people,  and  may  cause  minor,  severe,  and/or  permanent  injuries  or death  to  those  people  that  are  not  in  sufficient  physical fitness,  training and/or  experience.  I  have  made  my  own  determination  as  to  whether  or  not  I  am  able  to safely  participate  in  Athletic  Activities.  I  recognize  that  Max  Kasten,  Paul Myers  and,  Schuylkill  River  Runners  including but  not  limited to  all sponsors/coaches/volunteers/  vendors/affiliates/personnel,  as  well  as  any  other  party  included in  the  definition  of  “Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties”,  have  not evaluated  my  ability  to  participate  in  Athletic  Activities.  I  also  recognize  that  any  advice  dispensed  by  or  through  such  parties  may  not  be  appropriate  for  me,  and it  is  my  responsibility  to  make  this  determination.  I  acknowledge  that  Athletic  Activities  are  an  extreme  test  of  a  person’s  physical and  mental  limits  and  carry with  them,  regardless  of  physical fitness  or  experience,  the  potential for  death,  serious  illness  such  has  Covid 19 or  any  other  infectious  disease  injury  and property  loss.  I  hereby  assume  the  risks  of  participating  in  Athletic  Activities.  I  certify  that  my  level  of  physical fitness  is  appropriate  to  participate  in  the  Athletic Activities  of  today’s  events,  which  I  am  voluntarily  undertaking.  I  certify  that  I  have  sufficiently  trained  or  prepared for  the  Athletic  Activities  which  I  am undertaking  and I  certify  I  am  not  currently  running  a  fever,  have  not  knowingly  been  exposed  to  the  Corona  virus  or  Covid 19,  and that  I  have  not  been  advised against  participation  in  such  activity  by  a  qualified  health  care  professional. I  understand that  the  entry  fee  is  non-refundable  and  non-transferable.  I  hereby  grant  full  permission  to  any  and  all  of  the  Schuylkill  River  Runners Parties  to  use  any  photographs,  videotapes,  motion  pictures,  website  images,  recordings,  results,  or  any  other  records  of  this  event. I,  for  myself,  my  past,  present  and future  agents,  attorneys,  representatives,  predecessors,  successors,  assigns,  heirs  and  executors,  do  hereby  waive, release  and discharge  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties,  its  past,  present  and future  officers,  directors,  agents  (including any  individual giving a  presentation, advice  or  information  in  conjunction  with  the  Athletic  Activities),  attorneys,  parents,  subsidiaries,  predecessors,  successors,  volunteers,  affiliates,  assigns, sponsors,  partners,  joint  ventures,  independent  contractors,  coaches,  representatives  and any  clients  of  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties  other  than  myself (insofar  labeled as  the  “Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties”)  from  any  and  all  matter  of  liability,  claims  for  damages,  causes  of  action,  suits,  proceedings, compensation,  attorneys’  fees,  costs  and expenses  of  suits,  claims  and demands  whatsoever,  which  may  arise  in  the  future  from  my  participation  in  Athletic Activities  through  or  involving  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  any  and all  claims,  losses  or  liabilities  for  death,  personal  injury, partial  or  permanent  disability,  property  damage,  medical  ,  transportation,  or  hospital  bills,  theft  or  damage  of  any  kind,  including  economic  losses,  which  may  in the  future  arise  out  of  or  relate  to  my  participation  in  or  traveling  to  and from  Athletic  Activities  through  or  involving  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties.  I acknowledge  that  runs  on  roads  or  paths  (whether  paved,  off-road  or  otherwise)  conditions,  hazards,  wildlife,  or    hidden  objects  present  during Athletic  Activities, and hereby  assume  the  risk  related thereto  of  participating  in  Athletic  Activities  through  or  involving  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties.  I  hereby  assume any and all other  risks  associated  with  participating  in  Athletic  Activities  through  or  involving  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties, including  contact  with  or  effects  of  other  participants/clients  and  effects  of  weather  including  cold,  heat,  humidity  I  understand that  the  running portions  of  the Athletic  Activities  could  be  on  state,  county,  and  local  roads  and will  not  be  closed to  vehicular  traffic.  I  also  understand  that  I  must  obey  all  race  staff  commands, traffic  laws,  and  yield  to  vehicular  traffic. I  agree  not  to  sue  any of the  Max Kasten, Paul Myers  and,  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties  for  any  and all  claims  made  or  liabilities  assessed  against them  as  discharged  herein.  I  indemnify  and  hold  harmless  Max  Kasten,  Paul  Myers  and,  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties  from  any  and  all  claims  made  or  liabilities assessed  against  them  as  a  result  of  (i)  my  actions,  inactions  or  negligence,  (ii)  the  actions,  inactions  or  negligence  of  the  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties  and others  hereby  indemnified  (iii)  the  conditions  of  the  facilities,  equipment  or  areas  where  the  Athletic  Activities  are  being conducted and  (iv)  any  other  harm caused  by  an  occurrence  related  to  Athletic  Activities  through  or  involving  Max  Kasten,  Paul  Myers  and,  the  Schuylkill  River  Runners  Parties. All  matters  contained within  this  waiver  shall  be  governed  by  and  construed in  accordance  with  the  substantive  laws  of  the  Commonwealth  of Pennsylvania.    I  understand  that  Max  Kasten  Paul  Myers    and  other  representatives  shall  have  the  right  at  their  discretion  to  take  my    temperature  at  any  time before,  during  or  after  the  event  and to  maintain  appropriate  social distancing and  take  appropriate  other  steps  to  avoid  the  spread  of  the  Corona  virus.  enforce established rules  of  conduct  and/or  terminate  individual’s  participation  for  failure  to  maintain  these  standards,  or  for  actions  or  conduct  detrimental to  or incompatible  with  the  welfare,  comfort,  or  interest  of  the  group  and its  program.  I  understand and  agree  that  once  said  program  has  begun,  no  refunds  are provided  for  said participants;  unless,  program  is  cancelled  by  Township  or  organization  sponsoring program. I  hereby  warrant  that  I  have  read  this  Agreement  carefully,  understand  its  terms  and conditions,  acknowledge  that  I  will  be  giving up  substantial legal rights  by  signing it  (including  the  rights  of  the  minor,  my  spouse,  children,  parents,  guardians,  heirs  and next  of  kin,  and any  legal and personal  representatives, executors,  administrators,  successors  and assigns),  acknowledge  that  I  have  signed  this  Agreement  freely  and voluntarily,  without  any  inducement,  assurance  or guarantee,  and intend for  my  signature  to  serve  as  confirmation  of  my  complete  and unconditional  acceptance  of  the  terms,  conditions  and provisions  of  this Agreement.  This  Agreement  represents  the  complete  understanding between  the  parties  regarding these  issues  and no  oral  representations,  statements  or inducements  have  been  made apart  from  this  Agreement.  If any  provision  of  this  Agreement  is  held  to  be  unlawful,  void,  or  for  any  reason  unenforceable,  then  that provision  shall  be  deemed severable  from  this  Agreement  and  shall  not  affect  the  validity  and  enforceability  of  any  remaining provisions. I  hereby  affirm  that  I  am  eighteen  (18)  years  of  age  or  older,  I  have  read this  document  and I  understand its  contents.   

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