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2024 INDOOR TRIATHLON RACE SERIES Chicago, IL 60601 US Directions


Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled start time, in order to allow sufficient time for check in (10min), setting up your transition gear in the locker rooms or pool deck (10min), and report to the pool deck 10 minutes before your scheduled start time for instructions and optional warmups.


Report to the pool deck (lowest basement level) for lane assignments 10 minutes before your scheduled start time.  You'll complete a 10-minute swim where every length (~25yds) and lap (~50yd) will be counted towards your total distance completed within 10 minutes (note some select event locations may feature different length pools such as 20yards at EAC instead of 25 yards).  Each of the wave's participants will have either a shared lane or private lane for their swim (no circle swimming). Participants are required to touch the wall before the start horn.  After that, participants may use any swim stroke (or even walk!) to reach the other end of the pool and turn-around. Swim timer staff and volunteer will count total lengths achieved during the 10-minute session. Staff will blow a SINGLE whistle announcing a 1-minute warning, then blow a DOUBLE whistle to announce the swim conclusion. Participants will only be given credit for a full length if they reach either end of the pool and touch the wall to get credit for each length (e.g. 25 yards) completed.  Staff will record each participant's total pool lengths achieved and you are welcome to verify results prior to moving to the BIKE.

Participants will generally have 10 minutes to proceed from the pool deck and up to the Bike area. Please be prompt and considerate of others while moving throughout the club.  You may use the Men's  & Women's locker rooms as your transition areas, but note that the transition clock keeps running, so plan your time wisely because 10 minutes goes by fast!  To save time we encourage use of the pool deck area to set up small transition areas on a towel (if no wardrobe changes are required), or use additional Men's & Women's areas available off the pool deck area to quickly rinse off and change.


The bike portion will be held in a dedicated area - sometimes in a spin studio, fitness floor, or alongside a running track!  Upon check in we'll confirm the bike location - at some events this will be in a SPIN studio, but we may move bikes to fun and unique areas - sometimes right next to the treadmills and sometimes even outdoors on roof decks (if weather permits!) or alongside an indoor track.   Indoor stationary bikes include integrated power (e.g. ANT+ and BLE compatible 4iiii crank-arm power meters on SCHWINN bikes at LSF-IC and Wattbike Trainer or Wattbike Pro at EAC), cadence and distance meters. To ensure accuracy, all bikes will be calibrated prior to the event.  Participants will be guided to a specific bike for their session, where you may adjust the saddle, handlebars, etc. prior to the start.  All bikes will have pedals with toe cages (for regular running shoes) and SPD cleat connections (for "indoor" or "mountain bike" style cycling shoes), as well as LOOK KEO pedals (at select events including both LSF-IC and EAC). Staff and volunteers will assist and announce an official start for the entire wave, ensuring all bike computers are cleaned and reset at the beginning of the 20-minute ride. Participants may adjust their tension and cadence throughout the session, which impacts distance achieved - you'll cover more distance if you generate more POWER.  After 20 minutes, bike staff and volunteers will ensure all participants stop accordingly and record each bike computer's distance.  Athletes can verify their results before proceeding to the Run portion.

Participants have a brief 5-minute break to proceed from the BIKE area to the RUN (treadmill or indoor track) area. 

The run will generally be held on standard commercial-grade treadmills (e.g. LIFE FITNESS treadmills), or an INDOOR TRACK (at select events).  If competing on an indoor running track, volunteers will count laps and give credit based on half or full laps (based on instructions).  On treadmills, staff and volunteers will assist you starting (e.g.- with the push of a green "Quick Start" button). Treadmills may be set to a 0% incline or higher (no negative decline allowed), and adjusted to any speed manually using increase and decrease buttons, or entering a specific speed number (e.g. set "5" and "0" for 5.0 mph, and then hit "enter").  Participants must remain on the treadmill's belt for the duration of the session (no "straddling" the tread at any time), and must support themselves without holding onto the handrails or console (unless required and pre-approved for medical reasons).  Anyone who steps off the treadmill belt or stops the treadmill before the set run time (e.g. 15 minutes) expire will have their results recorded immediately as their final result.  If you plan to take a walking break, we recommend simply changing the speed to 2.0 to 4.0 mph for walking breaks instead of stopping completely.  Anyone who gains an unfair advantage by supporting themselves or taking their feet off the tread during the allotted will receive a preliminary warning for the first offense, then a variable time penalty for additional offenses (1 minute for every minute of offense).  After the allotted time, please note your DISTANCE (miles) covered as staff record your results and hit the stop button.  Athletes can verify results with volunteers before treadmills are cleaned and disinfected between participants.

Congrats, you are now an official triathlon finisher!!!  Enjoy some celebratory photos, finisher medals, snacks, and celebrate with your "wave" of new fellow triathlon friends!



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