Tulsa Run Pacers

Many thanks to Tulsa Running Club for coordinating our 2018 Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run pacers! If you are interested in being a pacer for the 2019 race, please email info@tulsasports.org


Finish Time 1:00 Pace 6:27


Justin Franklin - Age: 32

•# of Marathons, Ultras, Tris, etc. completed: 7 Tulsa Run (fastest time 55:18), 24 marathon or longer race finishes, 2015 prairie spirit 100-mile champion, 2018 Athens Big folk trail marathon winner and 3x Turkey and Tatur 50k winner.

•Career: Dental Office Manager

•City/State Born: Owasso, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: I enjoy running outside in any weather. Treadmill free since 2013


Chris Rice - Age: 35

•# of Marathons, Ultras, Tris, etc. completed:

•PR: 2:50 – Boston bound 2019

•Career: Financial Analyst, former triathlete

•City/State Born: Tulsa, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: I got off to a late start on running and endurance events.  I started in 2011 and feel very fortunate I found it as it is something I really enjoy.


Finish Time 1:10  Pace 7:32


CJ Simpson - Age: 31

•# of Marathons, Ultras, Tris, etc. completed: 3 marathons

•PR: 2:59:55

•Career: I'm a mechanical engineer currently designing and manufacturing medical devices for BD

•City/State Born: Mission Viejo, CA

•Random/Interesting Fact: I ran Cross Country in High School with Scott Smith


Alex Jones - Age: 31

•# of Marathons, Ultras, Tris, etc. completed: 12 marathons, 4 ultras

•PR: 2:59

•Career: Tulsa Police Officer

•City/State Born: Chicago, IL

•Random/Interesting Fact: I don’t have a spleen


Finish Time 1:20  Pace 8:36


Georgina Walker - Age: 27

•# of Marathons, Ultras completed: 17

•PR: 3:29

•Career: Physician Assistant student à soon to be PA-C!

•City/State Born: Weston-Super-Mare, England

•Random/Interesting Fact: I got engaged this month!


Kelsey Wilkins

•# of Marathons completed: 13 marathons, 31 halfs

•PR: 3:35

•Career: Physician Assistant

•City/State Born: Shawnee, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: I am a certified medical micropigmentologist and specialize in nipple tattooing for breast cancer patients.


Finish Time 1:25  Pace 9:08


Brian Taylor - Age: 44

•# of Marathons: 9 marathons, 2 ultras, 10+ half marathons

•PR: 3:56

•Career: Civil Works Project Manager/Environmental Biologist

•City/State Born: Tulsa, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: I spent time in Puerto Rico working disaster recovery efforts for Hurricane Maria.


Justin Walker

•# of Marathons, Ultras, Tris, etc. completed: 100+

•PR: 17:59 5k, 20:41 100-mile

•Career: Running meteorologist yogi lover of life

•City/State Born: Tulsa, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: Ran across Oklahoma in April 2018, 511 miles in 8 days (avg 61 miles per day).


Wendi McClanahan - Age: 43

•# of Marathons completed: 9 marathons, 13 halfs

•PR: 3:56

•Career: Property Management

•City/State Born: Tulsa, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: We have a pet snake.


Finish Time 1:30  Pace 9:41


Daniel Jennings - Age: 29

•# of Marathons: 12+ ultras

•PR: Last Man Standing at the 2016 Painful Elimination in Bloomington, IL

•Career: Software Developer

•City/State Born: Bartlesville, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: My dog is a more famous runner than myself.


Clint Gibson - Age: 40

•# of Marathons completed: 9

•PR: 3:08:10

•Career: Inside Sales

•City/State Born: Nowata, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: One of my hobbies is grooming show cows.


Jill Vivion - Age: 32

•# of Marathons completed: Training for #7

•PR: 3:59

•Career: CPA (in tax)

•City/State Born: Tulsa, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: I have 2 kiddos (Jocelyn 4 & James 2)


Finish Time 1:35  Pace 10:13


Allen Wilkinson - Age: 40

•# of Marathons: 15

•PR: 3:53

•Career: Dental Hygienist and Teacher at TCC

•City/State Born: Born in Fort Knox, KY, raised in Europe

•Random/Interesting Fact: I have collected comics for 34 years and have over 10,000.


Olivia McNamara - Age: 40

•# of Marathons completed: 7 full, 12 half, 9 Tulsa Run

•PR: 3:58/1:48

•Career: HSE Manager

•City/State Born: Ponca City, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: I have toe thumbs – brachydactyly type D, a type of thumb characterized by a shortened distal phalanx.


Cadie Johnston - Age: 33

•# of Marathons: 36 half

•PR: 2:08

•Career: Wealth Management

•City/State Born: Tulsa, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: OSU Alumni and proud Chickasaw citizen


Finish Time 1:40  Pace 10:45


Brian Dedeke - Age: 48

•# of Marathons: 35 full, 5 Tulsa Runs

•PR: 3:56

•Career: Integrity Engineer

•City/State Born: Salina, KS

•Random/Interesting Fact: I have been on Southwest Airlines flights with both recent Oklahoma US Senators Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn. 


Candice Brown - Age: 37

•# of Marathon completed: 5

•PR: 3:46:38

•Career: Accounting/IT/Photography

•City/State Born: Fremont, CA

•Random/Interesting Fact: I’ve lived in at least 16 cities in 5 states (and I’m not from a military family).


Finish Time 1:50  Pace 11:50


Ryan Nowlin - Age: 42

•# of Marathons: 30

•PR: 1:57:56

•Career: Architecture

•City/State Born: Tulsa, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: My name was inspired by two things – Nolan Ryan the baseball pitcher and her dad’s cousin who married a girl with the last name, Ryan.  In the paper it was listed as Nowlin-Ryan wedding.


Finish Time 2:00  Pace 12:54


Kathleen Kastner - Age: 39

•# of Marathons: 14 halfs, 1 25k, 3 15k, countless 10k and 5k

•PR: 2:29:09 half, 1:44:34 15k

•Career: Administration Assistant, Bookkeeper

•City/State Born: Bartlesville, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: I have lived on 3 continents and 6 different states.


Finish Time 2:10  Pace 13:59


Jenn Overmeyer

•# of Marathons, Ultras completed: 19

•PR: 3:41 marathon, 5:17 50k, 8:50 50-miler

•Career: Engineering Line Support Supervisor

•City/State Born: Woodridge, IL

•Random/Interesting Fact: I started running because a friend at work dared me to do a mud run.


Jenny Rice - Age: 38

•# of Marathons, Ultras, Tris, etc. completed: 3 marathons, 13 50k, 1 50-miler, 2 100-miler

•PR: 4:58 50k/22:58 5k

•Career: Healthcare Technology Consultant

•City/State Born: Pryor, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: I will be 29 weeks pregnant (7 months!) with my baby girl for the Tulsa Run!


Finish Time 2:15  Pace 15:03


Betsy Moore - Age: 52

•# of Marathons, Ultras completed: 4 marathons, too many halfs to count

•PR: 2:28 half

•Career: Account Manager

•City/State Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota

•Random/Interesting Fact: I’m an ovo pescatarian


Katie Bewley - Age: 45

•# of Marathons, Ultras, Tris, etc. completed: 15 half, will be 6th Tulsa Run

•PR: 2:18:11

•Career: Oil & Gas Industry market research

•City/State Born: Tulsa, OK

•Random/Interesting Fact: I’m a grandmother of three!


Finish Time 2:30  Pace 16:08


Frank Muller - Age: 52

•# of Marathons, Ultras, Tris, etc. completed: 87 marathons, 2 ultras, 3 tris

•PR: 4:04 marathon, 1:19:42 Tulsa Run

•Career: Business Owner

•City/State Born: Ft. Belvoir, VA; grew up in Tulsa

•Random/Interesting Fact: Completed a marathon in all 50 states


Kelly Sherry - Age: 57

•# of Marathons, Ultras, Tris, etc. completed: 4 marathons, 54 halfs

•PR: 2:37 half, 1:59 15k


•City/State Born: Oakland, CA

•Random/Interesting Fact: I like taking pictures of landscapes