June 1, 2019 through November 9, 2019
Saturday or Sunday Group Runs
Sunday runs will incorporate some trail runs too!
Training team Website

Additional training team information can be found at https://rvaraces.com/training/.

Saturday team runs from Lucky Road Running Store in Willow Lawn
Sunday team runs from Lucky Road Running Store & some trail runs (TBD)

Summer Training Team 2019

Please note: Registration for Race Team RVA training does not include race entry. You must register separately for your desired race.

Saturday Group Run Location: 3 options:  Willow Lawn (near West End), Short Pump park (will train at this location through the Patrick Henry Half on August 24, then this team will merge in with the Willow Lawn team), or Woodlake (Southside).  Group runs will be held at Lucky Road Running Store in Willow Lawn Shopping Center and at Woodlake Commons Loop Shopping Center (in front of the Burn Bootcamp, just down from the ABC store).  Periodically these teams will come together to run some of the longer distances of the program.  You can switch your location at any time during the season to meet your schedule.

Sunday Group Run Location: Group runs will be held at Lucky Road Running Store except for trail runs which will be determined later.  

Note As a member of the team, you can run both Saturday and Sunday.  For example, you may want to run one day for your marathon running pace (MRP) and the other for an easy recovery run.

Optional 9 mile program. This program is based on World Class Ironman Champion, Marlies Kort, who developed this program to help her train more efficiently and in less time and effort than using the traditional marathon plans.  As a busy mom, she was looking for a better way to train so she worked with several PhD researchers to develop this program.  This program is now being offered worldwide and since rolling out in 2015, many have run marathons the 9 mile way.   For the Full marathon, your longest run is 9 miles.  For the Half marathon, your longest run is 7 miles.  This program uses your Marathon Heart Rate (MHR) as a means to control your running so that you stay in your MHR zone during your runs.  You will need a watch that has a heart rate monitor so you can stay in your zone.  For this program, you will train with our team of runners in June & July, then in early August we begin our testing for your Critical Heart Rate (CHR) & your 10k time, together these are used to calculate your MHR.  The schedule for this plan is:

  • June 1 - August 3 - train with the rest of the team for your 10k trial run in August
  • August 3 - 10k trial run (race) - uses this time for the MHR formula (members who miss can use an old 10K time from the past year or race on their own)
  • August 10 & 17 -  CHR testing offered 2 dates - Meet at track to determine CHR to use for MHR formula.  If you cannot make these dates, you will have to do your CHR testing on your own (we will show you how).
  • August 18 - week 1 starts (Monday) of 9 mile training; day 1 of 90 for both the full and half marathons
  • Aug 24 - First group run using MHR

Register for one of the programs below and make your decision by early August if this is a program for you.   This is optional and not recommended for first time marathoners.  We believe first time marathoners should train the traditional way to appreciate this program.  

Summer Training Team Options

Marathon Training Program (starts June 1)

This program will prepare you for any fall race you choose, whether your first marathon or your 20th.
Cost: $70.00  

Discounts for over 60 years old and returning members   


Requirements for the full marathon training program:  Must be able to run 2 miles by June 1 start date.
Must be at least 18 years old to participate.


Half Marathon Program -Two Options: starts June 1 (aligns to Patrick Henry Half) or August 3 (aligns to Richmond Half)

If you want to commit to a full season (6 months) of half marathon training with the team, this is the program for you. Those who register for this program will begin in June or August and will train for the Patrick Henry Half and Richmond Half.   This is a base-building program that will keep you fit to run any half marathon in late summer or early winter season.

Cost: $60.00 (for June 1 start)     

Cost: $50.00 (for August 3 start)   

Discounts for over 60 years old and returning members   


Requirements for the half marathon training program:  Must be able to run 2 miles by June 1 or August 3 start dates.
Must be at least 18 years old to participate, or 15 with a parent's approval.


Just Run Program (starts June 1)

New to running or just want to stay in shape? This program will help keep you fit and prepare you for any 5k through marathon race, depending on your desire to run the distance.  For the athlete that wants to stay in shape and use running as a means to stay fit through the summer / fall.
Cost: $40.00

Please note: Registration for Race Team RVA training does not include race entry. You must register separately for your desired race.

What does Race Team RVA offer?

  • Experienced coaches many of whom are CPR Certified
  • Performance training for those looking to 
  • Organized group runs on Saturday or Sunday with Water/SAG support
  • Periodic mid-week speed workouts (West End)
  • 23 week individual training plans based on your predicted finish time
  • On-course support for the Richmond Marathon/Half Marathon and Outer Banks Marathon/Half Marathon
  • Team socials
  • Team Discounts at Lucky Road Running Store
  • Technical Race Shirt
  • Option to participate in the 9 mile marathon and half marathon programs developed by Coach and World Ironman Champion Marlies Kort
  • Option to participate in Core/Strength programs (Additional Fee through our partners)

Refund Policy – If you change your mind about participating in our programs, we are happy to honor your decision as long as the refund request is made before July 15, 2019. (for June 1 starts) and August 15 (for August 2 starts).  To request a refund, please submit your request in writing to Dan Blankenship, info.rvaraces@gmail.com. A check will be processed once the refund has been accepted and approved.

Training team Contact Info

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Train with the team that runs Richmond!   Whether your first or 20th half or full marathon, or you just want to run to stay in shape.  Come join us for the fun that kicks off on Saturday, June 1, 2019.


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