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Lee's 12th Annual Jingle Bell Run

Sat December 9, 2017
Type: Run or Run/Walk, Other

Committee Captains

December 9, 2017


With so many volunteers and so many roles/responsibilities, it is hard for one person to manage. If you are a take-charge individual, love being part a project from start to finish, and want to help children and dreamFIT..this is the role for you! Duties include working closely with organizers, communicating to your assigned volunteer group, ensuring all information is dispersed in a timely manner, ensuring all members in your group show up at their assigned time/location. Strong attention to detail, problem solving and customer service are required.

Pre Race/Registration

December 9, 2017


There is a lot to do before Lee's Jingle Bell Run starts on race day! We need your help in the following areas:
* Race Day Volunteer Check In: Help volunteers get checked in and ready to fill their role.
* Registration/Race Day Packet Pick Up: Help participants register, check in and hand out race day packets prior to the race.
* Move runners/walkers to the start line. Help keep strollers and dogs at the rear of the pack. Need a loud clear voice and outgoing personality.


Courthouse Square

Post Race Area

At least 2 more volunteers needed.


Be the first to greet the runners when they cross the finish line. We need your help in the following areas:
* Pass out cards as runners cross the finish line. Direct runners to location of card baskets.
* Water distribution: Hand weary runners bottles of water.
* Food Distribution: Make sure there food at easy reach for the runners. Duties include restocking tables and passing out food to finishers.

Course Workers/Water Station

At least 20 more volunteers needed.


*(Cheering) Course Workers
Great for Groups! WE GOT SPIRIT YES WE DO — WE GOT SPIRIT HOW 'BOUT YOU! Course workers will be stationed at each turn to direct and cheer runners on. Be a key player in keeping the excitement and momentum going on the course. Paint your faces, wear festive attire, make banners and posters with silly sayings...and don't forget the SILLY STRING! Duties include acting crazy, screaming, cheering, laughing — anything to bring out a smile on our runners faces! Standing for long periods of time is required — jumping with excitement is encouraged.
*(Cheering) Water Station
This key role is not just about providing hydration support — but moral support and excitement! As runners travel the course, they may get fatigued; but with your smiling face, festive attire and cheering attitude, you will revive them! Duties include setting up the station, filling and stacking cups with water, handing water to runners as they come by, and finally cleaning up the area when the last runner passes. Don't forget your SILLY STRING!