Butterfly Dash and Burger Bash 5K/10K

Sat August 10, 2019 Knoxville, TN US 37916 Directions

Course Monitors High Priority

You must be 16 or older to volunteer for this task.

At least 9 more volunteers needed.


-Monitor a specific location along the course
-monitor and report any injuries
-guide runners on the course
-cheer for runners
-assist children and or runners if needed

Directions to volunteers: Please open the attached map to see and understand both courses. The 5k course is a 3 mile loop that 5k participants will do once out and back and 10k participants will start the same but shortly after mile 1 you will head to Tyson Park and take the greenways and Neyland drive back into the festival grounds.
Please arrive and check in at the volunteer check in NO LATER THAN 7:15, the 10k will start promptly at 8:15. From there you will be assigned to a monitoring location for the race.

Please bring a cell phone so that you can communicate with the Course Captain if necessary during the race.

Also in previous races, volunteers have brought a folding chair or a bicycle to go to and from their station, that is optional but you are welcome to do so.

Brent Crabtree is the Course Captain and will be leading you on Saturday August 11, 2018.
Brent's cell phone is 865-202-3321
James Harrill is the Race Director and will also be available to assist, his cell is 865-789-1982

Water Station #1

At least 8 more volunteers needed.


The first water station will be placed 1 mile into the course along 22nd street

You will be responsible for setting up the water station (tables, water cooler)
Pour water into cups
Hand out water to race participants
cleaning up the water station location at the end of the race

You may park close to the water station, and you need to be at the water station by 7:45.

All supplies will be provided for you and please remember to wear comfortable shoes.

Race Registration

At least 2 more volunteers needed.


-one person to be the "tent coordinator"
-two volunteers for pre-registration
-four volunteers for day of registration
-two t-shirt runners
-two volunteers acception money/credit cards
-a couple of runners for "spontaneous incidents"

Please report to the entrance of the world's fair site which is were the registration will take place no later than 6:45 a.m. since day of race registration will begin at 7:00 a.m.

You will work at the registration tablaes, you will assist race participants in signing up for the race by providing them with their race bibm t-shirt and any other items. You will also assit race participants that have registered for the race. We will supply all the items needed to do your assigned task.

Team Packet Pick-up

You must be 15 or older to volunteer for this task.

At least 7 more volunteers needed.


work on Saturday August 3, 2019 from 9 am -12am to give out race supplies to Teams participating in packet pick up.

Team Packet pickup will take place at Homewood Suites in Turkey Creek in Farragut Tennessee.

Finish Line Support

At least 17 more volunteers needed.


-Hand out water to run participants when they cross the finish line.
-Help pick up trash afterwards.
-Cheer on the participants when the cross the finish line.

Please report to the volunteer check-in station no later than 8:15 a.m.

End of race water and cheering station

At least 9 more volunteers needed.


-set up tent and tables to distribute water
-serve to participants after they cross the finish line
-clean up and break down the area when the race has ended.

Please check in to volunteer check-in no later than 8:15 a.m.