Q: Where do I log/submit my miles? 
A: Click HERE. NOTE: The first time you submit, click on the "submit virtual results" button. After that you can click on your name in the results list on the page or use the search bar on that page.

Q: Do I have to race the same distance each day?
A: This is totally up to you! You can do the whole distance at once (if you’re CRAZY!), or break it up any way you like. Just make sure you log your miles and hit the 157-mile mark by September 7.

Q: Can I do a combination of running/walking/biking/swimming/etc. for the 157 miles?
A: You overachiever! You sure can. You can run the whole thing, bike the whole thing, bike/walk/run the whole thing…any combination works for us as long as your miles are logged.

Q: Are treadmills okay?
A: Sure! Same goes for exercise bikes, rowing machines, and elipticals. As long as it tracks miles!

Q: How do I convert my steps/other activities into miles?
A: If you don’t have a GPS watch, phone, or similar tracking device, click HERE for some helpful resources.

Q: If I’m running another virtual/live race, can those miles count for this one?
A: Wow, you’re busy! YES! Those miles will count.

Q: How will you know I finished?
A: All you need to do is make sure you submit your miles. We don’t make you “prove” your distance—this is all the honor system. However, you won’t earn your finisher medal if you don’t submit your miles!

Q: How can I see my progress?
A: Click HERE, search for your name, click on your name, view where you are on the map and the miles you've submitted.

Q: I’m running on a team—how do I earn my medal?
A: As long as the team accumulates and submits 157 miles, every runner who has submitted at least one mile will earn their own finisher medal.

Q: Can I still sign up after August 1st?
A: You better get moving! But yes, you’ll just have less time to complete the 157-miles.

Q: I registered my pet! Do they have to go the whole 157 miles?
A: Welcome, furry pals! Nah, pet’s aren’t required to complete the full distance. By registering your pet, they will receive a tag for their collar!

Q: Can I submit my pet's miles?
A: Absolutely! Click HERE

Q: I submitted my pet's miles but they aren't showing up.
A: To view your pet's submitted miles, click HERE, change the Results Set to Pets, and search.

Q: I got an email asking me to fundraise for Wheeler Mission. Isn’t my registration fee my donation?
A: Good question! While your registration fee definitely supports Wheeler Mission and the incredible men, women, and children in its care, you can make an even BIGGER impact by raising funds above and beyond your entry fee. The COVID-19 pandemic has added additional layers of costs and expenses, so your fundraising will do tremendous good for our neighbors in need.

Q: How do I earn that awesome gaiter/face covering?
A: GREAT QUESTION! Raise or donate at least $320 (on your personal fundraising page) and that swanky gaiter is yours!

Q: Is there a family/kids discount?
A: Nope—everybody is $45.

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