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Location: Lexington, KY US 40510 Directions
Type: Run or Run/Walk, Other

Rompf Family

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Group/Team Details

Race Date Thursday November 23, 2017
Created Date Friday September 29, 2017
Group/Team Type TEAM
Group/Team Size No Limit
No. of Members 23
11 Male; 12 Female

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location
Erica R. F 30 Lexington, KY
Patty W. F 39 Plantation, FL
Jerry T. M 38 Plantation, FL
Patricia R. F 77 Jamestown, RI
John R. M 67 Winchester, KY
Elizabeth B. F 39 Chicago, IL
Sean B. M 39 Chicago, IL
Johanna W. F 69 Fort Wayne, IN
Steven W. M 70 Fort Wayne, IN
Laura S. F 37 Lexington, KY
Daniel S. M 37 Lexington, KY
Addison S. F 9 Lexington, KY
Catherine S. F 8 Lexington, KY
Mark N. M 51 Waukee, IA
Kara N. F 21 Chesapeake City, MD
Kelsey N. F 19 Chesapeake City, MD
David R. M 31 Saint Louis, MO
Patrick B. M 8 Chicago, IL
Paul A. M 49 Lexington, KY
Elizabeth R. F 66 Winchester, KY
John R. M 34 Lexington, KY
John N. M 53 Winchester, KY
Victoria N. F 58 Winchester, KY