Hotter ‘n Firecrackers

Wed July 3, 2019 Frisco, TX US 75033 Directions

Divas on the Run

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Race Date Wednesday July 3, 2019
Created Date Tuesday June 4, 2019
Group/Team Type groups of four or more
Group/Team Size 4+
No. of Members 17
0 Male; 17 Female

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location
Tracey B. F 56 Frisco, TX
Maisha P. F 45 Frisco, TX
Tamara S. F 34 Mckinney, TX
Genetta J. F 52 Allen, TX
Nelisa K. F 34 Frisco, TX
Sharon S. F 50 Frisco, TX
Kimberly B. F 47 Mckinney, TX
Narviar F. F 47 Frisco, TX
Terri T. F 47 Frisco, TX
Jane P. F 44 Mckinney, TX
LaWanda B. F 43 Mckinney, TX
Danielle W. F 46 Celina, TX
Shealine B. F 47 Frisco, TX
LaReeda R. F 41 Allen, TX
Deborah S. F 66 Plano, TX
Ayeshia D. F 43 Allen, TX
Crystal A. F 36 Plano, TX