Mansfield Turkey Trot

Thu November 28, 2019 Mansfield, TX US 76063 Directions

Camp Gladiator

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Group/Team Details

Race Date Thursday November 28, 2019
Created Date Tuesday October 29, 2019
Group/Team Type Team
Group/Team Size 3+
No. of Members 47
19 Male; 28 Female

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location
Allison I. F 38 Fort Worth, TX
Amanda T. F 31 Mansfield, TX
Ashley H. F 34 Burleson, TX
Ava Grace H. F 8 Burleson, TX
Axel M. M 7 Mansfield, TX
Bethany M. F 31 Mansfield, TX
Brittney B. F 32 Fort Worth, TX
Brooke N. F 13 Venus, TX
Bryant B. M 39 Mansfield, TX
Cambelle S. F 5 Fort Worth, TX
Camden H. M 10 Burleson, TX
Camila C. F 11 Grand Prairie, TX
Carson H. M 12 Burleson, TX
Chris C. M 42 Grand Prairie, TX
Christine H. F 34 Mansfield, TX
Cindy P. F 49 Joshua, TX
Coco G. F 39 Arlington, TX
Craig C. M 49 Mansfield, TX
Cristian C. M 8 Grand Prairie, TX
Daniel H. M 38 Burleson, TX
Darla C. F 53 Burleson, TX
Dawn B. F 49 Midlothian, TX
Elizabeth L. F 34 Fort Worth, TX
Gary R. F 27 Fort Worth, TX
Isaiah H. M 8 Mansfield, TX
J'amie M. F 28 Venus, TX
Javier G. M 37 Arlington, TX
Jeanne W. F 48 Grand Prairie, TX
Jeff L. M 41 Fort Worth, TX
Jeremy B. M 37 Fort Worth, TX
Kade G. M 10 Arlington, TX
Kayden H. M 15 Burleson, TX
Leah S. F 27 Fort Worth, TX
Liam L. M 5 Fort Worth, TX
Lucas L. M 7 Fort Worth, TX
Lynda B. F 62 Mansfield, TX
Madison M. F 17 Burleson, TX
Matthew H. M 35 Mansfield, TX
Megan B. F 37 Mansfield, TX
Pam B. F 52 Venus, TX
Rachel H. F 54 Joshua, TX
Stephanie M. F 35 Alvarado, TX
Tamlin J. F 26 Venus, TX
Tiffany T. F 42 Joshua, TX
Veronica C. F 41 Grand Prairie, TX
Walt C. M 63 Burleson, TX
Wil I. M 42 Fort Worth, TX

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