49IN49 Virtual Fitness Challenge

Sunday, September 20th - Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Team Patrick Willis 52

Total Distance in Miles: 5,784.45 miles
Virtual 49IN49 - 49 Mile Challenge - Team Results: 3 Team Results

Sorry, you can no longer join this Legend Team.

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location Total Distance in Miles
Kira B. Photos F 12 San Jose, CA 5.5 miles
Reid B. Photos M 10 San Jose, CA 95.25 miles
Evelyn G. Photos F 46 Daly City, CA 399.41 miles
Angela R. Photos F 51 Vancouver, WA 171.33 miles
Greg H. Photos M 32 San Jose, CA 27.2 miles
Dianne S. Photos F 56 Saratoga, CA 245.5 miles
Jessica T. Photos F 39 Hayward, CA 30.61 miles
Paul T. Photos M 45 Vallejo, CA 49.18 miles
Jean B. Photos F 43 Verona, WI 303.49 miles
Vickie S. Photos F 47 Sun Prairie, WI 209.13 miles
Raquel M. Photos F 43 Aromas, CA 53.5 miles
Karen I. Photos F 64 San Jose, CA 198.14 miles
Maryellen W. Photos F 66 Coatesville, PA 50.73 miles
Sonia C. Photos F 34 South San Francisco, CA 98.16 miles
Alyssa Jeane C. Photos F 28 Daly City, CA 61 miles
Iris S. Photos F 28 Hercules, CA 63 miles
Raylene K. Photos F 61 Gilroy, CA 205.76 miles
Paula R. Photos F 59 Denver, CO 864.7 miles
Jesse K. Photos F 33 Olympia, WA 0
Jesse K. Photos F 65 Olympia, WA 0
Dave V. Photos M 43 San Jose, CA 25.68 miles
Aidan V. Photos M 15 San Jose, CA 0
Amber L. Photos F 33 Sergeant Bluff, IA 49.18 miles
Antonio C. Photos M 35 Sergeant Bluff, IA 41.94 miles
Cam B. Photos M 34 Richmond, VA 33.614 miles
Sherryl S. Photos F 64 San Jose, CA 136.031 miles
Tammie P. Photos F 55 San Jose, CA 53.81 miles
Josh Z. Photos M 40 Walnut Creek, CA 0
Alex H. Photos M 40 Sacramento, CA 128.414 miles
Kristy G. Photos F 48 Highland, CA 50.05 miles
Alan N. Photos M 33 Newark, CA 6 miles
Tracy N. Photos F 50 Clovis, CA 0
Sarah B. Photos F 32 Sunnyvale, CA 142.85 miles
Cathy L. Photos F 63 Pacific Grove, CA 68.05 miles
Meghan G. Photos F 30 San Jose, CA 51.87 miles
Anonymous Participant Photos N/A 62 N/A 53.511 miles
Javier Z. Photos M 51 Gilroy, CA 87.81 miles
James S. Photos M 63 Coeur D Alene, ID 163 miles
rich s. Photos M 48 Lake Forest, CA 23 miles
Constance H. Photos F 46 Los Gatos, CA 10.31 miles
Angelo P. Photos M 31 Vacaville, CA 49.19 miles
Nancy Z. Photos F 41 San Francisco, CA 73.6 miles
Jessica M. Photos F 35 Oakley, CA 55.4 miles
Michelle P. Photos F 49 Canyon Lake, CA 93.5 miles
I Q. Photos F 36 San Jose, CA 52.22 miles
Christopher R. Photos M 50 San Leandro, CA 85.06 miles
Teivaun B. Photos M 19 Las Vegas, NV 0
Ali B. Photos F 30 Campbell, CA 2 miles
Andi B. Photos F 30 Campbell, CA 23.44 miles
Ashley R. Photos F 25 Petaluma, CA 78 miles
Ulises G. Photos M 28 Hollister, CA 31.72 miles
julie e. Photos F 41 Hollister, CA 4 miles
Ilse J. Photos F 33 South Gate, CA 52.3 miles
Rylen T. Photos M 12 San Jose, CA 55.52 miles
Donna L. Photos F 60 San Carlos, CA 49.01 miles
Christian M. Photos M 10 San Jose, CA 58.19 miles
Jordan H. Photos M 24 Sacramento, CA 0
Nick T. Photos M 51 San Carlos, CA 0
John S. Photos M 61 Santa Clara, CA 99.97 miles
Lee L. Photos M 25 Bayside, NY 0
Sarah H. Photos F 30 San Francisco, CA 191.84 miles
Sara L. Photos F 39 San Jose, CA 145.56 miles
Rory R. Photos M 32 Normal, IL 0

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