49IN49 Virtual Fitness Challenge

Sunday, September 20th - Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Team Jesse Sapolu 61

Total Distance in Miles: 5,242.216 miles
Virtual 49IN49 - 49 Mile Challenge - Team Results: 5 Team Results

Sorry, you can no longer join this Legend Team.

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location Total Distance in Miles
Renee P. Photos F 47 San Jose, CA 54.12 miles
Rhea R. Photos F 9 San Jose, CA 49.26 miles
Dina Q. Photos F 54 Alameda, CA 86.12 miles
Karina H. Photos F 38 Merced, CA 168.32 miles
Mayra H. Photos F 42 Merced, CA 168.83 miles
Diana R. Photos F 60 Livermore, CA 64 miles
Natalia L. Photos F 38 Livermore, CA 56.3 miles
Peter L. Photos M 54 San Francisco, CA 52.78 miles
Esther J. Photos F 46 Los Angeles, CA 0
Lori G. Photos F 56 Los Angeles, CA 0
Estella M. Photos F 37 Fresno, CA 0
Salvador T. Photos M 35 Fresno, CA 49.81 miles
Nicholas T. Photos M 39 Prescott Valley, AZ 0
Tina H. Photos F 42 Mission Hills, CA 57.23 miles
Kristen B. Photos F 57 Cupertino, CA 95.84 miles
JERUSHA R. Photos F 45 Tracy, CA 71.34 miles
Laura M. Photos F 54 Los Altos Hills, CA 346.2 miles
Lucy S. Photos F 41 Capitola, CA 49.38 miles
David C. Photos M 48 Paso Robles, CA 8.14 miles
EVELYN R. Photos F 56 San Mateo, CA 67.42 miles
Melissa H. Photos F 33 Campbell, CA 49.14 miles
Sabine J. Photos F 61 Walnut Creek, CA 49.54 miles
Kelly C. Photos F 54 San Jose, CA 74.5 miles
Lori D. Photos F 56 San Jose, CA 368.53 miles
Jenn W. Photos F 45 Morgan Hill, CA 0
Howard W. Photos M 38 Macungie, PA 53 miles
Amy G. Photos F 40 Macungie, PA 49 miles
Kaz S. Photos M 50 Cupertino, CA 0
Therese P. Photos F 56 Hollister, CA 84.75 miles
Amanda B. Photos F 62 Los Altos, CA 274.24 miles
Michele R. Photos F 61 Poway, CA 80.8 miles
Melissa T. Photos F 33 San Jose, CA 130.1 miles
Julie M. Photos F 48 Mountain View, CA 71.28 miles
Sara M. Photos F 42 Merced, CA 61.72 miles
Mike M. Photos M 46 Merced, CA 57.53 miles
Ty M. Photos M 14 Merced, CA 60.52 miles
Zack M. Photos M 10 Merced, CA 54.06 miles
Chan T. Photos F 41 Hayward, CA 14 miles
Son L. Photos M 45 Hayward, CA 14 miles
Alexis L. Photos F 11 Hayward, CA 14 miles
Amber L. Photos F 11 Hayward, CA 14 miles
Austin L. Photos M 7 Hayward, CA 14 miles
Julie S. Photos F 62 San Jose, CA 125.93 miles
Marissa V. Photos F 31 Castro Valley, CA 133.78 miles
Maxine F. Photos F 65 San Francisco, CA 1,050.242 miles
Natalia E. Photos F 14 Santa Cruz, CA 0
Karolina E. Photos F 12 Santa Cruz, CA 0
Evangeline F. Photos F 41 Concord, CA 0
Andres Pablo G. Photos M 9 Stockton, CA 49 miles
Paulina G. Photos F 38 Stockton, CA 91.5 miles
Mitanni S. Photos F 35 Memphis, TN 0
Tiffany A. Photos F 38 Irving, TX 52.5 miles
Roby M. Photos M 42 Albuquerque, NM 46.03 miles
Racin' F. Photos M 42 Pittsburg, CA 68.38 miles
Vicente E. Photos F 44 Redwood City, CA 0
Robert P. Photos M 65 Lodi, CA 237.99 miles
Jesse S. Photos M 59 Anaheim, CA 0
Frank A. Photos M 56 Westminster, CA 0
Juvy I. Photos F 52 Cerritos, CA 0
Julie F. Photos F 57 Half Moon Bay, CA 0
Elliot G. Photos M 33 San Francisco, CA 236 miles
ANA L. Photos F 37 Ripon, CA 49 miles
Michaela O. Photos F 34 Calgary, AB 61.964 miles

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