49IN49 Virtual Fitness Challenge

Sunday, September 20th - Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Co-Commissioner Jerry Rice's Representatives

Total Distance in Miles: 10,633.978 miles
Virtual 49IN49 - 49 Mile Challenge - Team Results: 1 Team Results

Sorry, you can no longer join this Legend Team.

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location Total Distance in Miles
Stephen W. Photos M 73 San Jose, CA 0
Tim P. Photos M 60 Burlingame, CA 66 miles
MARK G. Photos M 61 Bakersfield, CA 126.28 miles
Elizabeth C. Photos F 40 Castro Valley, CA 216.89 miles
Timothy C. Photos M 42 Castro Valley, CA 26.3 miles
Kathleen H. Photos F 70 Reno, NV 53.95 miles
Shannon H. Photos F 31 Reno, NV 80.82 miles
Bari G. Photos F 58 Bakersfield, CA 83 miles
Kelsey R. Photos F 57 San Jose, CA 219.49 miles
Meria R. Photos F 16 San Jose, CA 227.56 miles
Doug J. Photos M 45 Windermere, FL 0
Kathy P. Photos F 54 Newark, CA 49.7 miles
Tony P. Photos M 54 Newark, CA 49.4 miles
MARTHA M. Photos F 49 Fremont, CA 160.841 miles
Annalise S. Photos F 33 Morgan Hill, CA 0
Mike S. Photos M 71 Morgan Hill, CA 0
Jeanne S. Photos F 70 Morgan Hill, CA 0
Cathy L. Photos F 56 Newark, CA 31.17 miles
Roger S. Photos M 61 Redwood Estates, CA 50.43 miles
Laura S. Photos F 62 Redwood Estates, CA 49.9 miles
Joanne B. Photos F 48 San Carlos, CA 49.15 miles
Megan L. Photos F 50 Loomis, CA 23.63 miles
Lara D. Photos F 48 Portland, OR 111 miles
Laura H. Photos F 51 San Jose, CA 0
Brett J. Photos M 54 Modesto, CA 138.57 miles
Robin J. Photos F 52 Modesto, CA 114.95 miles
Breanna J. Photos F 23 Galt, CA 2.36 miles
Lupe E. Photos F 44 Redwood City, CA 63.45 miles
RANDY L. Photos M 37 San Jose, CA 82.43 miles
Veronica M. Photos F 46 San Jose, CA 540.64 miles
Elena B. Photos F 38 San Jose, CA 0
Oscar B. Photos M 42 San Jose, CA 0
Chris A. Photos F 60 Santa Clara, CA 0
Linnea L. Photos F 54 Novato, CA 0
Kevin K. Photos M 35 San Jose, CA 55.38 miles
Arlene I. Photos F 57 San Jose, CA 1,239.93 miles
Sarah W. Photos F 31 Sunnyvale, CA 1,205.06 miles
Gina Z. Photos F 47 San Jose, CA 959.62 miles
Jasmin F. Photos F 45 San Pablo, CA 79.728 miles
Robert W. Photos M 56 San Carlos, CA 56.11 miles
James S. Photos M 64 Sunnyvale, CA 0
AJSTUNTZ H. Photos M 12 San Mateo, CA 0
Liana L. Photos F 32 Daly City, CA 50.81 miles
Victoria N. Photos F 39 Richmond, CA 71.75 miles
Yvonne G. Photos F 44 San Francisco, CA 79.929 miles
Tiffany G. Photos F 51 Stockton, CA 0
Leslie P. Photos F 40 Las Vegas, NV 129.75 miles
Elsie S. Photos F 38 Pittsburg, CA 50.93 miles
Christian M. Photos M 36 Pittsburg, CA 21.51 miles
Zoila D. Photos F 50 Los Gatos, CA 72 miles
Rick D. Photos M 41 Auburn, CA 184.79 miles
Lori G. Photos F 54 San Jose, CA 119.25 miles
Hannah M. Photos F 39 Jersey City, NJ 3.1 miles
Theresa E. Photos F 37 Albany, CA 50.45 miles
Rhealynne Q. Photos F 36 San Francisco, CA 53.43 miles
JOSEPH H. Photos M 29 Cypress, CA 49.08 miles
Stephanie C. Photos F 37 Cupertino, CA 0
Terence H. Photos M 28 San Francisco, CA 0
Darlene H. Photos F 59 San Francisco, CA 0
Amy N. Photos F 39 Oakley, CA 91.26 miles
Phillip G. Photos M 38 Galt, CA 0
Shionda N. Photos F 41 Menlo Park, CA 0

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