49IN49 Virtual Fitness Challenge

Sunday, September 20th - Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Team Roger Craig 33

Total Distance in Miles: 4,698.027 miles
Virtual 49IN49 - 49 Mile Challenge - Team Results: 8 Team Results

Sorry, you can no longer join this Legend Team.

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location Total Distance in Miles
Annalisa L. Photos F 51 Redwood City, CA 528.07 miles
Karen W. Photos F 50 Houston, TX 68.72 miles
Hiljin S. Photos M 31 San Jose, CA 0
Cameron H. Photos F 43 Ceres, CA 74 miles
Sydney B. Photos F 23 Ceres, CA 27 miles
Chris D. Photos M 36 Valley Center, KS 85.2 miles
Ashley H. Photos F 29 Cupertino, CA 0
Aaron S. Photos M 17 Los Gatos, CA 50.6 miles
Leilani S. Photos F 14 Los Gatos, CA 43 miles
Naomi S. Photos F 54 Los Gatos, CA 53.7 miles
Jeffrey S. Photos M 58 Los Gatos, CA 50.4 miles
Luda S. Photos F 62 Santa Clara, CA 2 miles
Christine W. Photos F 46 Hayward, CA 67 miles
Deb K. Photos F 48 Hayward, CA 43.79 miles
Kristen S. Photos F 41 San Mateo, CA 88.7 miles
Gloria P. Photos F 56 San Jose, CA 266.15 miles
Anne D. Photos F 49 Oakland, CA 133.48 miles
Deborah M. Photos F 51 Elk Grove, CA 3.1 miles
Nicole B. Photos F 36 San Jose, CA 56.8 miles
Julie J. Photos F 52 Tracy, CA 87.51 miles
Rachel M. Photos F 47 San Rafael, CA 209 miles
Ty W. Photos M 52 Woodstock, GA 143.36 miles
Rob T. Photos M 38 Saskatoon, SK 50.865 miles
Christina P. Photos F 36 Sunnyvale, CA 4.69 miles
Deborah K. Photos F 65 Oakland, CA 3.4 miles
Steven K. Photos M 67 Oakland, CA 3.4 miles
Scott C. Photos M 64 Hobart, IN 0
ImeldA A. Photos F 51 San Jose, CA 0
Rolando B. Photos M 42 San Jose, CA 0
Susan C. Photos F 63 San Jose, CA 0
Frederick P. Photos M 29 San Jose, CA 330.95 miles
Aminta G. Photos F 50 San Pablo, CA 0
Michael D. Photos M 38 Antioch, CA 139.03 miles
Enrico L. Photos M 44 Fairfield, CA 0
Diana L. Photos F 43 Fairfield, CA 0
Matthew V. Photos M 30 Burbank, CA 0
Catherine S. Photos F 51 Ukiah, CA 108.51 miles
Jack P. Photos M 39 Toronto, ON 98.222 miles
Irene K. Photos F 76 Sacramento, CA 0
Celestine S. Photos F 47 Las Vegas, NV 94 miles
Bryon B. Photos M 41 Las Vegas, NV 101.49 miles
Clara C. Photos F 54 Campbell, CA 52 miles
Jamie N. Photos F 30 Castro Valley, CA 26.17 miles
Rita H. Photos F 63 Vallejo, CA 0
John W. Photos M 57 San Jose, CA 181.37 miles
Stephanie T. Photos F 53 San Bruno, CA 49.37 miles
Melanie T. Photos F 51 Lexington, TN 134.29 miles
Harris B. Photos M 56 Palo Alto, CA 4 miles
Jack B. Photos M 13 Palo Alto, CA 60.51 miles
Anna B. Photos F 19 Chapel Hill, NC 0
Guy L. Photos M 62 San Carlos, CA 49.62 miles
Ram K. Photos M 31 San Jose, CA 57.79 miles
Rob O. Photos M 30 Santa Clara, CA 59 miles
Melanie R. Photos F 30 Santa Clara, CA 21 miles
Melissa C. Photos F 36 Folsom, CA 0
Al G. Photos M 39 Folsom, CA 0
Ellie B. Photos F 15 Palo Alto, CA 0
Liza G. Photos F 46 Jacksonville, FL 118.21 miles
Kenneth F. Photos M 54 Los Gatos, CA 0
Katie S. Photos F 38 Chico, CA 134.77 miles
Eric C. Photos M 43 San Jose, CA 50.08 miles
GEODY D. Photos M 43 Sacramento, CA 155.6 miles

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