49IN49 Virtual Fitness Challenge

Sunday, September 20th - Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Team Joe Montana 16

Total Distance in Miles: 5,563.327 miles
Virtual 49IN49 - 49 Mile Challenge - Team Results: 4 Team Results

Sorry, you can no longer join this Legend Team.

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location Total Distance in Miles
William V. Photos M 72 Pebble Beach, CA 188.06 miles
Kimberly C. Photos F 33 Bay Point, CA 57.1 miles
Jordan C. Photos M 37 Bay Point, CA 644.107 miles
Ernesto M. Photos M 35 Chula Vista, CA 0
Brenda P. Photos F 53 Novato, CA 216.14 miles
Minnie K. Photos F 52 San Lorenzo, CA 48.27 miles
Katie F. Photos F 28 San Jose, CA 23.01 miles
Angela B. Photos F 57 San Jose, CA 115 miles
Nikky A. Photos F 40 San Jose, CA 202.89 miles
Juan Jr. G. Photos M 36 Weslaco, TX 0
Johnny V. Photos M 31 Castro Valley, CA 65.91 miles
Gil L. Photos M 45 San Francisco, CA 58.9 miles
Ramona E. Photos F 39 San Francisco, CA 0
anna f. Photos F 41 Sunnyvale, CA 108.24 miles
Vanessa G. Photos F 38 San Lorenzo, CA 7 miles
Kelly G. Photos F 32 Cloverdale, CA 228.01 miles
Kimberley D. Photos F 57 Pollock Pines, CA 49.12 miles
Elizabeth I. Photos F 38 Pacifica, CA 60.83 miles
Susan B. Photos F 64 Sunnyvale, CA 99.18 miles
Teri J. Photos F 53 Mchenry, IL 50.2 miles
Carol T. Photos F 75 Newark, CA 52 miles
Kathryn S. Photos F 26 Rocklin, CA 100.85 miles
Lauren S. Photos F 33 Rocklin, CA 94 miles
Catherine C. Photos F 41 San Jose, CA 67.01 miles
Alyson D. Photos F 56 Lake Zurich, IL 66.33 miles
Ross W. Photos M 41 Morrison, CO 437 miles
Catherine L. Photos F 57 San Jose, CA 140.64 miles
Tamara Q. Photos F 40 Englewood, CO 0
Talha D. Photos M 38 Englewood, CO 0
Kathryn C. Photos F 43 Redwood City, CA 0
RosAnne N. Photos F 57 San Jose, CA 0
Keely G. Photos F 31 Fairfield, CA 116.85 miles
Noreen C. Photos F 48 San Jose, CA 50.2 miles
Nick A. Photos M 22 San Diego, CA 25.6 miles
Jennifer S. Photos F 45 Pebble Beach, CA 53.2 miles
Nicholas Z. Photos M 27 San Jose, CA 54.5 miles
Katrina H. Photos F 27 San Jose, CA 49.28 miles
Arnel Z. Photos M 40 Fremont, CA 49 miles
Shelley M. Photos F 62 Sunnyvale, CA 320.3 miles
Hazel A. Photos F 43 Santa Clara, CA 120.62 miles
Cheryl S. Photos F 44 Santa Clara, CA 59.94 miles
Chris A. Photos F 60 Santa Clara, CA 201.5 miles
Molly M. Photos F 45 El Granada, CA 26.3 miles
Mariah G. Photos F 27 San Jose, CA 45.4 miles
Gefferiana B. Photos F 13 North Las Vegas, NV 0
zayvyin s. Photos M 14 Las Vegas, NV 0
Michael C. Photos M 44 Edmond, OK 223.8 miles
Susan V. Photos F 59 Hollister, CA 0
Elizabeth V. Photos F 19 Hollister, CA 0
Andrea E. Photos F 39 Santa Cruz, CA 0
Ron F. Photos M 61 Encinitas, CA 0
Jenirae H. Photos F 26 Antioch, CA 51.21 miles
Joselito C. Photos M 25 Antioch, CA 174 miles
Joey K. Photos M 40 Livermore, CA 2 miles
Brian R. Photos M 49 Methuen, MA 378.52 miles
Dexter C. Photos M 38 San Jose, CA 0
Kirt I. Photos M 50 Santa Clara, CA 0
Francisco S. Photos M 42 San Jose, CA 0
Rochelle D. Photos F 38 San Jose, CA 0
Josselynn M. Photos F 35 San Antonio, TX 12.5 miles
Rod F. Photos M 49 Sunnyvale, CA 195 miles
Amy W. Photos F 51 Palo Alto, CA 63 miles

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