49IN49 Virtual Fitness Challenge

Sunday, September 20th - Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Co-Commissioner Steve Young's Representatives

Total Distance in Miles: 5,562.93 miles
Virtual 49IN49 - 49 Mile Challenge - Team Results: 7 Team Results

Sorry, you can no longer join this Legend Team.

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location Total Distance in Miles
Michael A. Photos M 58 San Jose, CA 495.26 miles
Kimberly B. Photos F 45 Little Rock, AR 74 miles
Kristopher S. Photos M 35 North Port, FL 495 miles
Ernest E. Photos M 44 Sunnyvale, CA 69.4 miles
Maureen M. Photos F 61 Sunnyvale, CA 107 miles
Bridgette G. Photos F 32 San Pablo, CA 0
Ann H. Photos F 68 Mountain View, CA 4.2 miles
Jenny A. Photos F 33 South San Francisco, CA 0
Michele E. Photos F 40 Tracy, CA 53.5 miles
Arleane C. Photos F 50 Tracy, CA 50.08 miles
Jose Angel R. Photos M 39 Houston, TX 62.3 miles
Sandra L. Photos F 47 Manteca, CA 54.5 miles
Erica C. Photos F 35 Santa Clara, CA 63.75 miles
Jim F. Photos M 53 New York, NY 34.87 miles
Amy P. Photos F 35 San Francisco, CA 86.7 miles
Dan P. Photos M 39 Las Vegas, NV 136 miles
ALISON P. Photos F 39 San Mateo, CA 61.5 miles
Noah P. Photos M 17 San Mateo, CA 122.08 miles
Judy Z. Photos F 42 Santa Clara, CA 50.88 miles
Daisy M. Photos F 38 MILPITAS, CA 62.86 miles
Brandon C. Photos M 36 MILPITAS, CA 73.26 miles
Darryl E. Photos M 40 Castro Valley, CA 0
Noly T. Photos M 44 San Jose, CA 145.95 miles
Patricia R. Photos F 32 San Jose, CA 75.48 miles
Tiffany P. Photos F 44 San Jose, CA 8.81 miles
Yolanda G. Photos F 48 Manteca, CA 172.38 miles
Melissa L. Photos F 40 Gridley, CA 99.73 miles
Laura i. Photos F 34 Martinez, CA 259.26 miles
Doran T. Photos F 25 Austin, TX 0
Sam J. Photos M 25 Austin, TX 53.69 miles
Michelle A. Photos F 47 Antioch, CA 0
Sara D. Photos F 45 Pleasant Hill, CA 32.92 miles
Kevin C. Photos M 34 Pleasant Hill, CA 0
Debbie D. Photos F 65 Salinas, CA 0
Sherri M. Photos F 52 Santa Clara, CA 3 miles
Jim T. Photos M 53 Modesto, CA 0
Anna G. Photos F 21 Los Gatos, CA 214.52 miles
Bea G. Photos F 44 El Paso, TX 104.53 miles
Amy H. Photos F 45 Los Gatos, CA 2 miles
Mark H. Photos M 41 Los Gatos, CA 159.95 miles
Bienvenido C. Photos M 55 Sunnyvale, CA 52.04 miles
KATHLEEN S. Photos F 55 Concord, CA 161.55 miles
Janice A. Photos F 50 San Jose, CA 6 miles
Joyce H. Photos F 44 Marina, CA 12.38 miles
Allison M. Photos F 44 Brentwood, CA 0
Dawn F. Photos F 52 San Jose, CA 77.26 miles
Jennifer L. Photos F 38 Ceres, CA 49.15 miles
Amber W. Photos F 40 San Anselmo, CA 77.53 miles
Noelle M. Photos F 13 Las Vegas, NV 0
Anonymous Participant Photos N/A 50 N/A 354.5 miles
Denise Jo C. Photos F 58 Sunnyvale, CA 87 miles
Sean F. Photos M 47 Schellsburg, PA 0
Yvonne C. Photos F 28 Fresno, CA 0
Carol M. Photos F 70 Santa Clara, CA 49 miles
GERARDINE K. Photos F 53 Gilroy, CA 70.15 miles
Kat M. Photos F 48 San Jose, CA 57.96 miles
Sheena D. Photos F 33 Salinas, CA 78.22 miles
MJ W. Photos F 35 San Jose, CA 0
Mallorie J. Photos F 18 San Mateo, CA 275.98 miles
Ari F. Photos M 21 San Mateo, CA 0
Meagan W. Photos F 50 Burlingame, CA 0
Ed N. Photos M 61 Menlo Park, CA 71.9 miles

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