Save Our Homes WALK

Sun June 13, 2021 Somerville, MA 02144 US

Susan Chimene's Fundraiser to Prevent Homelessness
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Raised of $3,600


Please help keep people in their homes

Each year you have generously sponsored me as a member of Team TBB in the Save Our Homes Walk, which raises money to protect Somerville families and individuals from homelessness. I am proud that our congregation, Temple B'nai Brith, supports this vital fundraising effort. I am very grateful for your loyal support year after year. This year--our 19th annual Save Our Homes Walk--your support is critical, as the need is again overwhelming.

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, even as the economy has begun to open up, too many of our friends and neighbors have lost family members, and many continue to struggle with unemployment, illness, and other challenges on an unprecedented scale. Although there is an eviction moratorium currently, that does not mean tenants do not owe rent. Many of our most vulnerable Somerville residents do not qualify for mainstream rental assistance because they are unable to document their income or tenancies, and many are not eligible for unemployment, stimulus,  SNAP, or other assistance due to immigration status.  Many members of our community will face eviction when the moratorium ends unless we help.

Please consider donating as generously as you can.100% of the funds raised are used to assist families and individuals directly.  Donations are tax-deductible.

Top Donors

$6,619 Raised By 49 Donors

$500 on behalf of Cynthia Maltbie
$500 on behalf of Elizabeth De Lima
$400 on behalf of Tags Hardware
$300 from Anonymous
$300 on behalf of Lucas J. Warner
$250 on behalf of Ed & Dena Brody
$250 on behalf of Nathan Rome and Bonnie Alpert
$200 from Anonymous
$200 on behalf of Ellen Adelson
$180 on behalf of Ellen Stone
$180 from Anonymous
$180 from Anonymous
$180 on behalf of Karin & Jerry Blum
$180 on behalf of Rivkah Lapidus & Todd Kaplan in honor of the great work of Somerville's OHS!
$180 on behalf of Susan Chimene
$150 on behalf of Marjorie Berk
$150 on behalf of Robert Weiss
$118 on behalf of Happy Mothers' Day!
$118 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Aliza Chimene-Weiss
$100 on behalf of Brad Bortner
$100 on behalf of Deborah Belle
$100 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Ellen Chimene
$100 on behalf of Janet Shur
$100 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Jessica Daniels
$100 on behalf of Marc Ruben
$100 on behalf of Marianne Jacobbi
$100 on behalf of Strauss Penn Family Fund
$100 on behalf of Susan and Richard Winickoff
$100 on behalf of Susan Frieden
$100 on behalf of Yael Zabka
$75 on behalf of Emily Dexter
$60 on behalf of Ruth Juttermann-Bernard
$50 on behalf of Angela Pendleton
$50 on behalf of Beth Simon
$50 on behalf of Brett Goldberg
$50 on behalf of Debra Weisberg
$50 on behalf of John and Quaker Case
$50 on behalf of Karen Chimene
$50 on behalf of Marcia Zucker
$50 on behalf of Norah Mulvaney-Day
$36 on behalf of Caroline Chauncey
$36 on behalf of Janet Gottler
$36 on behalf of Rick Silberman
$25 on behalf of penny schwartz
$25 on behalf of Susan Simon
$10 on behalf of Temple B'nai Brith

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