Location: Chicago, IL US 60601


The Tri312 Triathlon Training Community is Chicago's premier beginner-friendly multisport community built specifically around helping endurance athletes become stronger multisport athletes!  We several different membership levels, including options that include access to all of our endurance sports classes and programs hosted at facility partners including BFF BIKES and LAKESHORE SPORT & FITNESS (to name a few). 

You can also join our official CHICAGO TRIATHLON charity partner Tri312 program through TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) at www.t2ea.org for only $59/yr +fundraising to receive full TRI TRAINING program access as well as a free triathlon jersey, race day support, and a race entry to the CHICAGO TRIATHLON included for free through your fundraising efforts! 

Otherwise, general non-charity membership options include:

Tri312 LEVEL 2 = TRI CLUB + OUTDOOR TRAINING ONLY = $70.3/yr +$100/mo
Tri312 LEVEL 3 = TRI CLUB + INDOOR & OUTDOOR TRI TRAINING = $70.30/yr + $200/mo

We build our RACING CLUB season and TRI TRAINING PROGRAM around helping athletes prepare for the Chicago Triathlon, but support athletes training for all types of endurance sports distances including TRIATHLON, AQUATHLON, DUATHLON, SWIM-RUN, OPEN WATER SWIMMING, and even INDOOR TRIATHLON RACING as the triathlon partner club and community for the www.Tri312.com Indoor Triathlon Series! 

We are a growing community of athletes and triathlon clubs that train together for everything from our first super-sprint, sprint, or indoor triathlon, up to full Iron distance 140.6 races... and we support several charity partners including TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) and the USA TRIATHLON (USAT) FOUNDATION.   Our athletes come from a wide variety of local triathlon clubs and communities that we proudly partner and sponsor, including:

- LAKESHORE LANDSHARKS - www.LandsharkTriathlon.com 
- BFF BIKES - www.BFFbikes.com 
- TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) - www.T2ea.org 
- CHICAGO TRI CLUB - www.ChicagoTriClub.com 
- xXx Racing Athletico - www.xXxRacing.org 
- 4 STAR CLUB - www.4StarEndurance.com/club 
- RunDot - www.RunDot.com  
- TriDot Triathlon Training - www.TriDot.com 
- USAT Foundation - www.usatfoundation.org 

With our community powers combined, we serve as both a RUNNING CLUB, CYCLING CLUB, OPEN WATER SWIMMING CLUB, and TRIATHLON CLUB community all in one for the greater Chicago are... we "Tri in the Chi" together!  Our community is open to anyone and everyone looking to enjoy the multisport lifestyle!  Whether you train with us year round and want to sign up for our full TRAINING program membership, or just join us on race days by joining our RACING club community membership - anyone is welcome to join the Tri312 "TRI IN THE CHI" community! 

Our Iron-distance athletes may be part of other triathlon clubs, or join and race with us as part of our "CHICAGO IRONMONSTERS powered by 4 STAR ENDURANCE" official IRONMAN TRI CLUB program!  Simply log into your Ironman.com athlete accounts and select us as your TRI CLUB AFFILIATION! 

Powered and supported by coaches from 4 STAR ENDURANCE, the Tri312 community is also an official USA Triathlon (USAT) club under our parent club "4 STAR ENDURANCE", meaning you get to enjoy a wide variety of 4 STAR ENDURANCE team benefits, perks, and discounts by joining our Tri312 community!

✶ JOIN USAT: https://member.usatriathlon.org/rb/ALFKY8LZLGVPXPCD
✶ JOIN THE "4 STAR ENDURANCE" USAT CLUB - https://member.usatriathlon.org/club/4528
✶ ENJOY USAT CLUB DISCOUNTS - https://member.usatriathlon.org/exclusive-partner-discounts
✶ VIEW RACE DISCOUNTS - https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Triathlon/USAT-for-Me/Clubs/Club-Hub

Some like to call us a "swimming club for runners" or a "running club for swimmers" - while others think of us as an "indoor triathlon training club" that helps athletes train for big local races like LEONS TRIATHLON and the CHICAGO TRIATHLON.  Whether you're a single sport or multisport athlete, consider joining if you like to Swim, Bike, Run... or just have fun!   


Whether you train indoors or outdoors, with us or by yourself, you can join our RACING CLUB simply to be part of our #LadybugProject #SwimSafe open water swimming community that swims regularly with unofficial meetups at Ohio Street Beach in downtown Chicago.  As a "social club for open water swimmers" we love to eat and drink at Caffe Oliva after a good swim workout almost every day of the week!  So whatever multisport motivation or training goals you have, we embrace everyone in a fun and open community for all ages and ability levels by offering free open water swim buoys to those who join us at open water swims!  Learn more about our free swim buoy initiative at   www.4StarEndurance.com/Ladybug


So whether you're a beginner training for our Tri312LANDSHARK indoor triathlons or the CHICAGO TRIATHLON - our community is for you!   Maybe you're a runner looking at learning to swim?  Or a long distance triathlete training for a 70.3 or 140.6 long distance race that needs some more year round training motivation?  Our community is open to anyone and everyone who wants to live a "multisport lifestyle" and especially those who like to integrate racing indoor triathlons as part of their training!  All Tri312 RACING CLUB members enjoy an exclusive INDOOR TRIATHLON TEAM DISCOUNT rate that automatically applies through the RunSignup.com system when you join the club and then register for a race!  Learn more about our indoor triathlon series of events at www.Tri312.com (and our prior series at www.LandsharkTriathlon.com)


Over the years, our coaches have led programs that have even been featured on WGN Channel 9 "Around Town" and recognized as "Best Club to Train for a Triathlon" (Examiner) as a great club for beginners - but we've also won the USA TRIATHLON (USAT) CLUB NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and helped train an ITU WORLD TRIATHLON AGE GROUP WORLD CHAMPION, so we truly serve athletes of all ages and ability levels, from beginner to professional!  Find more beginner resources at www.MyTimeToTri.com


MULTISPORT DISCIPLINES: Swim, Bike, Run, Tri, and more!!!
We live and breathe the "multisport lifestyle" to encourage and INSPIRE others to get into endurance sports that include Swimming, Running, Aquathlon, SwimRun, Cycling, Duathlon, and Triathlon - and all while promoting #SwimSafe initiatives on the side!   We are an open social and "racing club" community that anyone can join - whether you are a first-timer looking to join our www.Tri312.com Indoor Triathlon Series, or an experienced 70.3 or 140.6 athlete looking for a group to join for social swims and meetups at Ohio St. Beach! 


Even if you don't live in Chicago, we have members who train remotely to take advantage of USAT programs and virtual challenges that you can participate in as a remote club member - including MYZONE, a "Landsharks and Ladybugs" Strava group.  We also have 100% intimidation-free triathlon training programs based out of partner training facilities including BFF BIKES and LAKESHORE SPORT & FITNESS (LSF) adult group SWIM TECHNIQUE classes in downtown Chicago.  Club members receive discounts towards all of our partner training programs as the official triathlon club supporting BFF BIKES and LAKESHORE SPORT & FITNESS (LSF) members too (but you don't have to be an LSF member to join the Landshark training programs)!   Discounts include over $400 off annual gym memberships, indoor tri and outdoor race discounts, USAT sponsor discounts, 30%+ off wetsuits, triathlon gear, helmets, 10% off at local bike shops, $60 off MyZone heart rate monitors, and so much more!  Once you join, you can immediately access our team discounts on this club page! 


Join the Tri312 RACING CLUB membership even if you train solo but simply want to enjoy up to 20% off races, training, and more - including the Tri312 INDOOR TRIATHLON SERIES and CHICAGO TRIATHLON!  For only $70.30 per year you'll more than earn your money back in race discounts, but you will also be able to earn a swag item when you simply show up and complete your first fun run, swim/run meetup, or team event like our indoor triathlon series!   And you'll also become eligible to EARN A SECOND PIECE OF TEAM GEAR when you give back to the community by volunteering too!  Check www.4starendurance.com/volunteer to sign up for our volunteer email list!


As a Tri312 community member, you'll also be eligible to receive a FREE OPEN WATER SWIMMING BUOY and your annual Tri312 membership fee will actually support us providing a second free swim buoy to another athlete as part of our #LADYBUGPROJECT #SWIMSAFE initiative to encourage new swimmers to get into the sport through open water swim safety.  You can even have us gift that second buoy to another friend, or we'll simply #PassItOn to another random athlete!  www.4StarEndurance.com/Ladybug


Our team also provides training support and conducts fundraising for a growing list of multisport related charity partners including TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) and the USA TRIATHLON FOUNDATION - as well as several others!  Learn more at www.t2ea.org and www.usatfoundation.org 


Including team perks and discounts, you'll receive and save up to over $1,000 per year in value by joining the Tri312 Community - all while supporting a great cause in promoting open water swimming safety! 

Learn more at 4starendurance.com/landsharks and join today!!!


Consider upgrading to add on the 4 STAR CLUB if you'd like to enjoy an upgrade to TrainingPeaks PREMIUM, unlimited training plans, and a private 1on1 consult with head coach CHRIS NAVIN... www.4starendurance.com/club

Membership Levels


Join our Tri312 RACING CLUB to become a member of our Chicago-wide running, swimming, and triathlon COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP to receive an online training plan, join us at our team tents on race days at local events, and enjoy discounts on in-person training programs, classes, and services!  Note that this option is our annual club community membership option only and does not include any in person training or classes other than a free initial trial class and clinic drop-in (see other options to add-on TRAINING programs):

  • Discounts to team events - including 10-20% off INDOOR TRIATHLON events
  • Discounts to swim training - including 10-20% off SWIM TECHNIQUE and ADULT LEARN TO SWIM (ALTS) classes
  • Discounts to training - including 10-20% off 4 STAR ENDURANCE programs
  • Discounts on coaching services - including 10-20% off PRIVATE COACHING from 4 STAR ENDURANCE
  • Race day "4 STAR CLUB" TEAM TENT access and support at select races & events
  • 1 free annual TrainingPeaks TRIATHLON TRAINING PLAN from 4 STAR ENDURANCE for any distance of triathlon from SPRINT to IRON distance - saving up to $140.60 value per year!
  • 1 free piece of TEAM RACING GEAR when you simply show up and compete at any select team events (indoor triathlons, etc.), team workouts, or any of our charity partner programs and special events!
  • 1 free piece of TEAM VOLUNTEER SWAG when you give back to the sport by volunteering!
  • 1 free open water SWIM BUOY through our #SWIMSAFE LADYBUG PROJECT which also gifts a second buoy to another swimmer to encourage open water swim safety!
  • 1 free SWIM TECHNIQUE class using code "freeswim" at swim.eventbrite.com
  • 1 free TRIATHLON CLINIC or OPEN WATER SWIM CLINIC via RSVP using TeamReach.com phone app (join group code "4Star")
  • Discounted "Preferred Partner" membership rate at LAKESHORE SPORT & FITNESS (LSF) - saving up to nearly $500/year!
  • Over $500 in additional team discounts with select partners, races, and sponsors...
Maximum Number of Members Included in Membership: 1

Membership Options

Yearly Membership Ending On 12/31: $70.30 + $4.22 Processing Fee


Upgrade to "Level 2" to receive all the perks of our basic Tri312 RACING CLUB membership (listed above) in addition to joining our Tri312 OUTDOOR ONLY TRAINING workouts and meetups, including:

- Outdoor TRI CLINICS (usually Saturday mornings)
- Outdoor GROUP RUNS (e.g. Mondays PM at LSF, Tuesdays AM at Totem Pole, Thurs AM Track Runs)
- Outdoor OPEN WATER SWIM CLINICS (e.g. Thursdays at 5:30pm @ Ohio St Beach in July-August)
- Outdoor TRI CLINICS & BRICK WORKOUTS (e.g. Saturday mornings @ Foster Ave Beach in June-August)

Find the full schedule of classes and events by visiting www.4starendurance.com/calendar or join the TeamReach.com phone app using group code "4Star" to RSVP for classes.

Maximum Number of Members Included in Membership: 1

Membership Options

1 Week Membership: $44.00 + $3.00 Processing Fee
1 Month Membership: $170.30 + $10.22 Processing Fee
2 Month Membership: $270.30 + $13.52 Processing Fee
3 Month Membership: $370.30 + $18.52 Processing Fee
4 Month Membership: $470.30 + $23.52 Processing Fee
5 Month Membership: $570.30 + $28.52 Processing Fee
6 Month Membership: $670.30 + $33.52 Processing Fee
Yearly Membership Ending On 12/31: $310.30 + $15.52 Processing Fee


Our "unlimited" TRI TRAINING package includes all the RACING CLUB perks + access to Tri312 OUTDOOR TRAINING and our partnered INDOOR CLASSES & PROGRAMS.

This package includes access to our indoor "bring your own bike" trainer classes at BFF BIKES (RSVP at www.bffbikes.com/events) and/or all LAKESHORE LANDSHARKS swim and tri programs (www.4starendurance.com/landshark) at LAKESHORE SPORT & FITNESS (LSF) - ILLINOIS CENTER), which includes:

  • SWIM TECHNIQUE classes at LAKESHORE SPORT & FITNESS (http://swim.eventbrite.com)
  • ADULT LEARN TO SWIM (ALTS) SWIM classes at LAKESHORE (http://alts.eventbrite.com)
  • BIKE + RUN BRICK CYCLING classes at BFF BIKES (e.g. Tues PM) and LAKESHORE SPORT & FITNESS (e.g. Wed PM)

Normally it costs $200-250/mo for access to our SWIM only classes, but with the full TRI TRAINING package, you'll receive a reduced rate of $200/mo for unlimited access to all BFF BIKES indoor cycling classes and all the LAKESHORE LANDSHARKS multisport endurance training programs (even if you're not a health club member at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness)... this basically gives you full access to all of our endurance sports programs both indoors and outdoors... SWIM, BIKE, and RUN! 

This option is open to LAKESHORE SPORT & FITNESS (LSF) members and non-members alike.  Members have full access to health club, while non-members will have access to facilities only on the days of training sessions.    Consider joining LAKESHORE SPORT & FITNESS (LSF) for additional perks including ability to reserve your own swim lanes to complete your individual workouts.  Mention you are part of a 4 STAR ENDURANCE program for a "preferred partner" health club membership rate discount!

Maximum Number of Members Included in Membership: 1

Membership Options

1 Week Membership: $75.00 + $4.50 Processing Fee
1 Month Membership: $250.00 + $15.00 Processing Fee
2 Month Membership: $470.30 + $23.52 Processing Fee
3 Month Membership: $670.30 + $33.52 Processing Fee
4 Month Membership: $870.30 + $43.52 Processing Fee
5 Month Membership: $1,070.30 + $42.81 Processing Fee
6 Month Membership: $1,270.30 + $50.81 Processing Fee
Yearly Membership Ending On 12/31: $2,470.30 + $98.81 Processing Fee (Prorated)


Support a great cause and become a T2 TRIATHLETE receiving full access to all LAKESHORE LANDSHARKS training programs at no cost to you!!!

Select this option if you have already joined the TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) Chicago Triathlon training program by signing up at www.t2ea.org and have started your fundraising!

Maximum Number of Members Included in Membership: 1

Membership Options

Tri312 IRON MEMBERSHIP (w/ LSF-IC gym access)

SAVE OVER $400 per year on your gym membership with our IRON MEMBERSHIP package!  

Sign up for our RACING CLUB + INDOOR AND OUTDOOR TRI TRAINING + Lakeshore Sport & Fitness (LSF) - Illinois Center (LSF-IC) GYM MEMBERSHIP all included in one "IRON MEMBERSHIP" package... our most popular option for IRON-distance triathletes so that you can enjoy full gym membership including access to the 8-lane pool at LSF-IC in downtown Chicago, and unlimited access to all of our endurance sports programs to SWIM, BIKE, and RUN as often as you like!

LSF-IC Gym Membership is generally $175/mo+ but is reduced for members of our training programs, so you'll save over $400 per year with this package!  



Maximum Number of Members Included in Membership: 1

Membership Options

1 Month Membership: $399.30 + $19.97 Processing Fee
2 Month Membership: $728.30 + $36.42 Processing Fee
3 Month Membership: $1,057.30 + $42.29 Processing Fee
4 Month Membership: $1,386.30 + $55.45 Processing Fee
5 Month Membership: $1,715.30 + $68.61 Processing Fee
6 Month Membership: $2,044.30 + $81.77 Processing Fee
Yearly Membership Ending On 12/31: $4,018.30 + $160.73 Processing Fee (Prorated)

Club Officers

Name Title
Chris Head Coach
Shelley Run Coach
Allan Swim Coach
Joy Tri Coach
Marsha Run Coach

Club Contact Information

211 N. Stetson Ave.
Chicago, IL US 60601
Website: www.4starendurance.com/tri312

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