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Welcome to my fundraising page!

I'm proudly supporting the Semper Fi Fund - an amazing non profit that assists wounded, critically ill and injured service members who have given so much and are an inspiration to many.

I am attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most 70.3 Ironman races completed in a single year. The record currently stands at 23. Why??While I break this record, what I'm really working towards is improving the lives of the many service members who have returned home to a different fight.


I served in the United States Marine Corps from 1997-2007, had multiple deployments overseas where I was severely wounded, earning the Purple Heart. In addition, my combat actions earned me various awards, with the highest being The Navy Cross; the United States military's second-highest decoration awarded for valor in combat. I intend to raise money for wounded and injured service members to help them recover through sport and recreation.


We often hear about a service member still in the fight, not overseas but at home fighting their inner demons. I know this all too well. I was told over and over again that medication and talking to a stranger once a month would make life more manageable, yet it always proved false.


I’ve learned that one way to recover from various injuries, both seen and unseen such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and insomnia is to become involved in recreation and sports. All too often we hear about doctors prescribing medications upon medications to alter the mind, often to little effect. We don’t hear about the research that claims being active and surrounding yourself with active individuals alters the mind positively as well.  


For some, being active is easier said than done. A doctor will prescribe you medicine but won’t prescribe you a gym membership, pay for race registration fees or fund a bike to be outfitted for those with adaptive needs. The costs can be prohibitive to those who really need them. The cost of race registration fees can be as little as $100.00 and an adaptive bike can cost upwards up to $20,000 for those who are amputees or have other special needs.


This year, I’m going to help alleviate some of those burdens by raising money for those who will recover through sports and recreation.  I’ve dedicated myself to  raise  as much as I can in donations while I break the Guinness World record for the most Half Ironmans completed in one calendar year. To cap this incredible year off and maximize donations, I will run two marathons and set a minimum goal of $26,000 for the 26 70.3 IM races.


I can’t do this alone. I need your help! Please spread the message about this mission, so that all who are recovering at home can benefit. All proceeds I collect will be used to help fund the races as well as provide others with an opportunity to get out and get active. Thank you in advance for helping all those who have served!


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