Create Event Result Set

Create a new result set for an event. If you specify 'results_source_name' and 'results_source_url', the results will include a link back to your website. The 'result_questions_contact_email' field can indicate an E-mail address that will be used when someone submits a question or issue regarding these results.

The 'pace_type' field can be:

  • "T" - Pace as time per mile.
  • "t" - Pace as time per km.
  • "M" - Miles per hour.
  • "K" - Kilometers per hour.
  • "N" - None (i.e. Don’t display).

The 'team_column_display_type' field can be:

  • 0 - Hide
  • 1 - Show if there are team results
  • 2 - Show

The 'alt_event_ids' field allows you to link a result set to multiple events within a race. This is useful for wave races where each wave is set up as a different event or when charity entries register for a separate event.

The 'sort_order' field is an optional integer field that specifies where to sort this result set in the list of result sets associated with this event. The default sort order if none specified is 0. Valid range is -100 to 100. Data is returned in ascending order of sort_order (lowest first).

The request parameter depends on request_format.

For 'json', the request should be an object with a 'individual_result_set_name' property, containing the name for the new result set. Note that any field not include will get set to the default value for that field. An example is below.

	"individual_result_set_name": "API Test",
	"public_results": "T",
	"results_source_name": null,
	"results_source_url": null,
	"result_questions_contact_email": null,
	"result_questions_url": null,
	"preliminary_results": "F",
	"pace_type": "T",
	"team_column_display_type": 1,
	"alt_event_ids": [123,124],
	"hide_splits_in_results": "F",
	"hide_event_names": "F",
	"disable_notifications": "F",
	"sort_order": 5

For 'xml', the request should look like the example below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
	<individual_result_set_name>API Test</individual_result_set_name>


HTTP Method


Standard Parameters

Parameter HTTP Method Default Description Datatype
api_key GET API Key string
api_secret GET API Secret string
tmp_key GET Temporary API Key from login API call. This should NOT be used in combination with API Key. string
tmp_secret GET Temporary API Secret from login API call. This should NOT be used in combination with API Secret. string
sp_api_key GET Super partner API key. If used, you must send the API secret in an HTTP header named X-RSU-API-SECRET. string
X-RSU-API-SECRET HTTP Header Super partner API secret. string
format GET xml Format of response. format


Parameter HTTP Method Default Description Datatype
POST ID of race. uint
POST ID of event. uint
request_format POST xml Format of request. format
POST Request in proper format. string

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