There are so many things (a lot of them little) that you work to build out that have a massive impact on customers. The little details matter - that's the part that other vendors don't get.”

— Ryan Morris (DelMo Pro Sports)

We are part of a national organization, and our local affiliate has managed our Walk using national’s branding for 9 years. For our tenth anniversary, we wanted to venture on our own to have more flexibility. The website/CRM national shared with us was a big incentive to stay, but when we found GiveSignup we knew we could make the jump. We were blown away by how excellent the product was, especially because it was free for nonprofits to use. It was easy to create our website to match our organizational and event branding, even with very limited website management experience. It had all the tools and capabilities we needed to run a successful event. Customer service was excellent and very timely. We raised $150,000 -- $50,000 more than we ever have before, and this Walk was the highest attended event in our organization's history. Thank you, GiveSignup, for supporting the Mental Health Revolution!”

— Krista, NAMI Rochester

RunSignup is one of the few companies I've worked w/ for the past 24 years that make my life easier and I actually love working with. You find solutions to problems and challenges before I even realize it's a problem.”

— Kirsten, Pro Fit Racetiming

Please know how much we value and appreciate this platform. Your organization has been instrumental in allowing our nonprofit have fun and entertaining fundraising events. ”

— Tammy N., Super T's Mast Cell Foundation

This is our second year doing an event like this and GiveSignup has made everything amazing! So user friendly and amazing customer service. ”

— Loren B, American Association of Zoo Keepers

Just wanted you to know that we have nearly 300 participants in our 5k with only 58 of them being virtual. When the governor's mandate was released a few days ago, all the boxes were ticked! That is because of all of YOU! We followed all of your hybrid race suggestions and they match the governor's mandates. Wow, that's impressive. We have raised nearly $25,000. All is going great for us. Thank you for your expertise.”

We are just 1 week into our 8-week long Virtual Superhero Challenge & 5k and we have already exceeded our goals! Thanks to GiveSignup | RunSignup we were able to create a seamless registration experience for our participants. Beyond registration, the software also allowed us to automatically create fundraising pages for every participant with no effort on their part. This has proven to be a powerful motivator. Our hope was that 400 people would participate and raise $25,000 for our mission. With 7 weeks to go, we have 770 participants who have already raised more than $55,000!”

— Sparrow's Nest of Hudson Valley

Our last event posted in GiveSignup was a big success and we heard from several users that sign-up was very easy. ”

— Christina H

I appreciate all of the support I've gotten from GiveSignup so far. I chose to use it because it will be better for campaigning than just a PayPal button on our website”

— Amelia M

On a side note - I’m really impressed with how RunSignUp has stayed current on important social equity issues, all while overhauling both sites to keep up with the virtual event boom!”

— Rebecca R

Our fundraisers are loving the new GiveSignup platform and connection to Facebook!”

— Danny B, Students Run Philly

We just posted Presidents Weekend coupons for two upcoming races and registrations DOUBLED over the 3-day period. The key is to make coupons a limited time. What is nice about RunSignup is you can exclude current registrants from the coupon email.”

— Jim G

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all of your hard work on getting our registration site up and running. It has been the smoothest year ever.”

— Peggy J, Broad Street Run

Last year after two weeks of registration fundraising was at $5,900, so being over $33,000 is pretty epic. The Facebook integration is definitely spurring that initial surge. Additionally, with donations at $33,829 with a little more than half of all registrations sold, that already beats the $27,593 from all of last year. ”

— Chris C

Thanks for all the tips! This was our first race and it was an outstanding success all the way around and certainly runsignup was part of that. I do believe that another local race may have made a change to your platform as a result of our race. ”

— Jim S

We are still somewhat new to RunSignup and its endless possibilities, and it has been fun exploring them and making them work for us. IMHO, it is a fantastic platform, and your support makes it even better. RunSignup has streamlined our registration/club membership/grand prix process so much that I have freed up a lot of the time I devoted to these programs in the past. Thank you!”

— Peg G, Gulf Winds Track Club

I want to also say you guys have an excellent system. You thought of everything. The Race Coordinator really has very little to do, which I loved. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into making this system fantastic!!”

— Verlene Lampley, Run For The Homeless

The switch was … an incredible difference visually, so much more user friendly. Our numbers just started to climb. The customer service that RunSignup was able to provide walked us through everything and just make the user registration portal so much more friendly for the families.”

— Katie, Healthy Kids Running Series

I know I’m still a really small company but thank you all for supporting and believing in me. As I type this we just had a small milestone and hit 400 people signed up for one event, our previous high was 365 and this same event last year was 320 on race day. So I’m growing slowly and I know RunSignup will help me become the RD I want to be!”

— Brandon H, Advanced Running Project

Thank you so much for all that you do for us - you rock!! AND - the Facebook Fundraiser integration is absolutely amazing! I cannot believe how many donations we are getting from it. What an incredible addition to RSU. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on it - it is amazing!! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for you help with everything!!”

— Michelle, Semper Fi Fund

I’m so excited to utilize ticket events. We have used RunSignup for four years now and truly am appreciative of each feature. Again thank you.”

— Tammy N, Super T's Mast Cell Foundation

Before, we found it was very hard for our participants to go through a registration platform AND a fundraising platform, so when hunting for a new platform, RunSignup checked all of our boxes perfectly. It’s a very easy integration for our registrants to be able to register, and fundraise, all in one platform.”

— Courtney S

People love to know where their money is going to, and the fact that we don’t pay any processing fees really helps us in that every dollar is actually given to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and we don’t have to take any of that profit elsewhere.”

— Courtney S

Just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for all your help and patience as we figured out the new online registration system. We absolutely LOVE runsignup and all of it's features! We have plans to utilize even more of what it has to offer next year. Thank you for simplifying our race and making our lives so much easier. You can count on us for word of mouth advertising! :)”

— Molly S

So much work goes into these things, but I tell you what, runsignup has been the BIGGGGGEST blessing to this school fundraiser! We are truly grateful! And I'm sure I will do it again, but thanks for all your time and patience during this process. As a full timing working mom, trying to also help my girls school get up to date and do things more efficiently, I GENUINELY thank you for your knowledge, guidance and PATIENCE! ”

— Maggie C

THANK YOU for all the help and support. As you can see in the report, we had a really successful race and attendant events. [We] are over the moon about all the work you did with RSU and in linking to the donation pages. We plan to sign up with RSU for next year, once we talk to the board. We had lots of compliments regarding ease of sign up across platforms/devices, and the reporting/tracking we were able to do was fantastic.”

— Alison G

Your service is amazing. I tell everyone I know that your website it the Best! Thank you for being so customer focused.”

— Bryan L

Our Color Run was a great success. I cant thank you enough for all of your help, time, and patience...I was a rookie 2 months ago, but not anymore... I loved using your website, and we look forward to using it again next year.”

— Deena M

We seem to be moving ahead with our run and I have to tell you that I really love the RunSignup system and its emails to us on registration and donation results. VERY NICE!”

— Polly N

Just wanted to give a shout out! Bridge Run has been soooooo easy this year with confusion, no issues, no unhappy customers! Thank Bob for having a kick ass platform!”

— Karen B, WB Productions

I’m still so amazed by the platform. You guys have literately thought of EVERYTHING. I love it. Thanks.”

— Michelle M

Thank you! This has been a tremendous help to the way we track our participants. I'm not sure how we made it in the past.”

— Mary M

Wow, Melissa! You are so on top of this! Thank you so much! That is super helpful! I have been telling everyone what a fantastic experience we have been having with Run Signup. You guys are fantastic.”

— Jessica L

Oh, also wanted to let you know that I have been so impressed with the service I've received the couple of times I have emailed the I had a couple of members who were having trouble and I copied the help email and the issues were resolved within a couple of minutes each time. Just wanted to pass that along. Everyone, including you, with Run Signup has provided excellent and timely service and help when it was needed. I appreciate it greatly and it has definitely made the transfer over to RunSignup a positive one. ”

— April F

I have been using your services for many years for obvious reasons... because it is AWESOME!”

— Candido R

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for creating such a beautiful and intuitive product. This is my first year using Runsignup for registration and so far I am over-the-moon happy with the transition. Our previous product was not nearly as customizable, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Our registration hasn’t even gone live yet (less than 2 weeks though, whoop, whoop!) and I can’t wait to use all of your cool reporting features and race intel to improve our event and the overall participant experience. Thank you so much for making my job so much easier!!”

— Katherine H

We recently put on our first ever Adventure Race, a 5k trail run and an 8.5 mile paddle. Runsignup was recommended to us to use for registration and we couldn’t have been happier with how easy it was to set up, use and how customer friendly it was. When I did have questions, Melissa was quick to answer them in a timely manner, walked me through the steps, sent me the procedures or videos, called me if needed and was always available to proof read and look over our race and web site to ensure everything was done correctly. Coordinating a race for the first time is daunting in itself, but having to deal with creating a website, registration and payment information and everything else that goes into the race coordination just adds to all the tasks. I can’t say enough about Runsignup, and especially Melissa and her knowledge and outstanding customer service! We can’t wait until next year!”

— Pam Z

WOW thank you so much! i didn't even know you could do that kind of reporting. thanks!”

— Leah C, Charlottesville Track Club

I attended the Run Toledo Race Director Summit thru Dave’s last week, and I wanted to thank you for presenting! I learned a lot! We do the Hero Hustle 5K here in the Toledo area and through Dave’s help and Run Signup, the event has grown steadily every year! I was thankful that we do use a good number of the features offered through Run Signup, but I learned about a lot of other features that we can enable.”

— Abby B, Hero Hustle 5K

Thank you VERY much! Your customer support team rocks Incredibly fast and efficient. If I get a survey it will be an A+ for everything. ”

— Jeff G

Thanks so much. I wasn’t really sure how to set up the relay team pricing, so I planned on checking today to see if there was a video on how to set this up correctly. I really appreciate you sending this. All of you at RunSignUp must be psychic, since you help us before we even ask you to!”

— Lisa F, Annapolis Running Classic

I have to say this platform is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I’m just blown away with each tab on the dashboard because you guys have literately thought of EVERYTHING!! I’m sure excited to use this for our 5k this year and for many years to come. ”

— Michelle M

Over the past year, we’ve seen a significant increase in our participants, especially with using RunSignup.”

— Nic D, Fusion Racing

We tell all the races that we work with not to worry about having a professional build their website, or even to put it on their organization (school or church) website. We tell them just to focus on using RunSignup.”

— Brad M, Bodies Race Company

We had 18 years worth of data that we had to move over into the platform, and it’s been a seamless process.”

— Chris T, Corrigan Sports Enterprises

One thing that’s really great for people in our position who do the full gamut of race production is that from start to finish, everything we need to do in relation to the racer is housed in RunSignup.”

— Michelle B, 3W Races

I couldn't be happier with Run Sign Up. We literally could not have pulled off the event without it. ”

— Jay M, Boerne Point 0.5K

Of course you do, because like I said, you've thought of everything! ”

— Jay M, Boerne Point 0.5K

Things are working awesome, we're ahead of pace from our race last year (one that grew over 50% from the year before). Full steam ahead! We couldn't do it without the fantastic services RSU provides. Let me know when your collective legs get tired from kicking so much ass so I can send everyone an encouragement email to keep going!”

— Andy H, Columbus Running Company

Just also wanted to say RunSignUp is killing it with all the new features/themes.”

— Brian, Gulf Coast Runners

Today has been going pretty well. We’re mostly excited about the bib mailing and training shirt orders!! J Heath keeps refreshing the dashboard and he’s super excited about all the bells and whistles in the reporting area. We might lose him to that for the next 6 months!”

— Sabrina D, Tulsa Sports Commission

Hey RSU team - the race status feature is fantastic!”

— Michelle B, 3W Races

This is just a note to say thank you - with hopes you'll forward to Bob B. and the rest of your leadership team. We used Run Sign Up as a platform to fundraise for our first ever "Do What You Love to Fight What You Hate" campaign. Five participants each did their own activity during the month of February (pushups, hiking, running, hitting tennis balls) to raise funds to fight sexual exploitation/human trafficking in Washington state. We have raised almost $20K... We are so grateful for your platform, the ease of use, and that we could leverage it for a campaign like this. I know it's not a running race, and that is your primary focus (as a runner, I love that!), but your platform is helping change and potentially SAVE lives in a whole different way this time, and we're super grateful for your partnership to help make our Do What You Love campaign happen. THANK YOU for developing this great tool to make a difference in the world!”

— Heather T, Strategic Alliance to Fight Exploitation

That was easy! Thank you for your help! I am LOVING RunSignUp. I am the President of a local HR chapter and wish our platform was this easy. I’m constantly amazed at what RunSignUp can do. ”

— Elizabeth W

I plan to learn as much as possible from the information provided by RunSignUp for race directors. It is great to be working with a company that reaches out personally, and extends a helping hand. That is what prompted me to search for another race registration company. Results Event Timing (out of Ft. Walton Beach, Florida) suggested your company to me. Thank you!”

— Linda R, St. John Sunset Run

Thanks for the support. This is a great tool. I get so many return emails from people saying, can't believe you took the time to email me directly.... too funny. We hit a record turnout for our first Winter Series race of this year this past Saturday, a large part due to all of your tools!”

— Ed S

Although I know that Jordan and your team handles a multitude of daily questions, he handles my questions as if I am the only customer that Runsignup has. He is gracious in his responses and although I’m sure I ask the same set of questions every year, he has always been responsive in offering advice and encouragement to get through each situation. He also has helped me to navigate all of the new features and offerings of the site which I must say are helping and have really increased the usefulness of the site. Jordan remains one of my greatest assets of our event and I needed you to know how much I (we) appreciate his efforts.”

— Dave G, The Great Pumpkin Classic

Thanks, Matt! You all are Rockstars at RunSignUp!”

— Heather H, T&H Timing

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for creating RSU. Our timing company Pro-Fit Event Services, urged me to use RSU for our Light Up The Dark 5K and I am so glad we finally made the jump over. It’s a great resource for race directors and has been very helpful as we continue to grow our race and expand into more cities this year. ”

— Brian C

I love ya'llz. Lots. ;-)”

— Susan D, National Race to End Women's Cancer

just wanted to take a minute to thank you for creating RSU. Our timing company Pro-Fit Event Services, urged me to use RSU for our Light Up The Dark 5K and I am so glad we finally made the jump over. It’s a great resource for race directors and has been very helpful as we continue to grow our race and expand into more cities this year.”

— Brian C, Unbound Now

I just personally wanted to say thank you for your excellent website and quick and courteous customer service. I was a first-time race director of a local 5K/10K fundraiser, and my race went without a hitch!! My timing company recommended you, and I was so impressed. I will recommend you to anyone that asks. Thanks for always answering my questions so fast and thoroughly! ”

— Amy C, Peshtigo Fire Tower Run

I just want to tell you that this sponsor management tool is awesome. I've never seen anything like it. And while I'm at it, I have to say that I have NEVER EVER EVER worked with a platform that I've liked as much as RunSignUp. And I've worked with a lot of them! You guys have done an amazing job, thought of everything, and it's SO easy to use. Not to mention the phenomenal customer service!! I'm so glad Danny recommended you guys. Thanks very much for everything.”

— Susan B

Thanks for always watching out for us. We’re hearing more and more runners in our area looking for events on RSU. That’s music to my ears. ”

— Laurens F

I learned how to add a customized URLl!! Your tutorials are GREAT! ”

— Cheryl M

Wow! I am VERY impressed!! You have removed all the (potential) deal-breakers that might be raised by the marketing committee tomorrow morning. And thanks again so much for doing this so quickly. You are an excellent example of someone who goes the extra mile! (pun intended)”

— Will R

Thank you! I'm super impressed that this all got sorted out on a Sunday, too :) And as a race director, I love using RSU for all of our organizing. The new features in the sponsor section (management, ability to sort by tiers, etc.) especially have been fantastic this year. Three cheers! ”

— Joy C

It was so nice meeting you last week at the symposium! You were so helpful and friendly, honestly the entire RunSignUp staff that I met were that way. It’s very nice to work with people who enjoy their job and it shows.”

— Mollie H, Sarcoma Foundation of America

I've never before worked with a platform that pretty much has a way to do EVERYTHING! You guys are great.”

— Susan D, Race to End Women's Cancer

Everything went so well this year compared to previous years! Our team is definitely impressed by your software and plan to use it going forward. In fact, we are taking away the paper sign up process altogether next year and only using RunSignUp. Thanks so much for all of your assistance this year- we look forward to working with you in 2018!”

— Lisa B, Summersplash 5K

You guys are the best!!!!!! Thank you for your awesome customer service. ”

— Sarah B, Crazy Horse 10K

Thanks for the detailed response. You guys crush it in terms of helping people out. Have a good day. ”

— Jon T

Thanks again for everything. We are so thrilled to have found RunSignUp!”

— Jodi S, Race The Helix Greenwood

RunSignUp is the best web site I've ever had the pleasure of registering my races. Unlike others who have hidden fees and bill you extra without notification. Thank you RunSignUp!!!?? ”

— Keith H

I have a race coming up Saturday: the Little Moe 5K Walk/Run in Cazenovia, NY. We are a small race to raise funds for horse rescue. Until this year, we used [another registration site] as our registration website. I was just commenting to my colleague about how happy I am now that we have switched to! It is a world of difference! So, we’re not a big race and we’re not super-experienced, but I wanted to thank you for making this so much easier, and so much more fun! I love how easy the site is, and how responsive you are when I have a question. The features are smart, and really helpful. Just discovered I can let my timer access our registration — what a breeze! So thank you!”

— Ellen B

You are a lifesaver! Thank you so much for doing all of that for us! We have had such a great experience using RunSignUp. We will most certainly be using this site for future events. Thank you again for all of your help!”

— Valerie C

Just FYI….I LOVE the feature that allows me to see the tshirts that I need to order!! So much easier!!! ”

— Andrew M, Event Mercenaries

Alright...That is amazing at 4:00 on a Friday! You fixed it in 3 minutes! I will let my club execs know this! Thank You!”

— Brian K, Colonial Road Runners

Perfect! Thank you very much. This saves me a ton of work. I love RunSignUp!”

— Ed F, Race Director/Owner Hound Hustle 10K, 5K & 1-mile Trot with Spot

Thank you It was fabulous. Our runners ran thru a 3800 acre plantation. Times weren’t really a biggy so we have them written down but don’t plan to record them. We gave out medals and all, but our project was to celebrate Earth Day in the garden. Our fund raiser was to raise money for the Good Food Project that helps people grow their own food. Thanks and we will see you next year!”

— Donna C, Inglewood Classic 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run

Terrific! It's actually an Add On, so I made the adjustment on the Add On's page. Your system is so easy to navigate! Love it!!”

— Celia B

Awesome!!! Thank you so much! Y'all are amazing! ”

— Kelly O

I am SO IMPRESSED with you guys.... just fantastic timely response. Made the change - easy once you know where to look.”

— Dave M

Thank you so much Lauren! We love your race site and have recommended it to others too.”

— - Joanne D

I need to say Thank You for being so supportive and helpful with event setup. I just got off the phone with another registration platform for a race I’m timing this weekend and I gotta say that their attitude and demeanor really demonstrated to me how WONDERFUL everyone is at RunSignup (and Race Director). I will never take you for granted!”

— Julie S, On Your Left Fitness and Timing

We just finished our first event using your system...I will say I've used many software is over the race's nine your history and this one was really awesome. We enjoyed using it and look forward to using it again next year.”

— Lauren K

Moving to [RunSignUp] was the best decision I've ever made. Trust me. You will love this system.”

— Nick Z, Best Damn Race

Thank you thank you! I must say, your customer service is AMAZING!! I appreciate you guys!”

— Jennifer B

You guys have thought of everything... that's nuts!”

— Rick S, Leone Timing

So many hidden treasures in the Runsignup platform, never ceases to amaze me. ”

— Sandra Z

We loved the first RaceJoy experience. My fans weren't able to come but it was almost like they were with me. Plus, you get to hear everyone else's cheers, so there is non stop encouragement. The alerts were perfect and everyone near me loved getting the updates. It eliminates your need for a watch. I hope to get to use it in all future races!”

— Jennifer M

The [RaceJoy] app is awesome. Not only does it alert the participant of their progress, but it also alerts anyone following the participant on their phone. Awesome app. Highly recommended.”

— Steven H

I continue to be thrilled with the RSU platform and all of its enhancements. And, Matt Sinclair is still a rock star of a customer service rep.”

— Susan U, Sarcoma Stomp

I was setting up an event in RSU and it warned me that another event was taking place in a nearby park and I should check on it. The county didn't even know they had double booked a trail but RSU did. Catastrophe averted. Now that is great software!!!”

— Sean O, Silver Circle Sports Events

Great Job guys. It gets smoother and smoother every year.”

— Phil H, Spring Lake Five

I love – and appreciate – how thorough you and your team are!”

— Dawn M

I love your site and all the features it has, specially after using other sites. ”

— Paulo M

Thank you and your whole team for all you did to make our day special. It was easy to work with you, and I am especially grateful for your prompt attention to the questions I had.”

— Alice M, Operation Troop Appreciation Veterans Day 5K

And, by the way, that's just awesome customer service! This is why we picked you and continue to choose you and recommend you over other registration providers.”

— Kristy A, Knoxville Track Club

I am happy to, once again, use RunSignUp for our Turkey Trot. Everyone is always so helpful and friendly there when I have questions.”

— Amy S, Lincoln YMCA Turkey Troy

As a first time Race Director, customer service with this site ROCKS! I even got someone on the phone promptly to answer my questions. You can certainly use the above for any kind of testimonial. I know that you probably don’t want to do phone trouble shooting, but for someone like me, it really helped A LOT! FIVE stars for Run Sign Up!”

— Sandy M

HOLY CRAP your Participants Heatmap is AWESOME!!!! Just now discovering it!!!!”

— Eric M, Run the Bluegrass

I love RunSignUp! Thank you!!!!!”

— Susan G, Gallagher Fitness Resources

Monday Gratitude: "Just wanted to reach out to say thanks for finally making a site that is user friendly and easy to register for races (especially multiple participants). Seems like it should have been an easy task to figure this out, but in my 20 years of running, this may be the first time I’ve found it easy and convenient. Thanks!”

— Happy Runner

Thank you again. You and your team have been really helpful!”

— Curt S, Run the Ranch 8k

I love it…it is super slick. Moving up in the world. Guess it was meant to be to switch to this one.”

— New Race Director

Thank you so much for the quick response and a great platform. They say the grass is always greener on the other side but it isn't!!! We are extremely sorry for not using your site this year.”

— BV Memorial Race

Just wanted to say thanks for an outstanding results platform. We used it for the first time this weekend & the RD was so impressed with the layout that he has already booked us for next year. I think what sells the system is just how professional it looks & is very easy for the runners to interact with. From my end it does take a bit of getting used to, but you have to play around with it, make some mistakes, figure out where you went wrong, but once you've got a grip on the system it is quite easy to use.”

— Tony M

BIG thanks to Herman Kinard at RunSignUp for his help with getting the registration site set up for our FPK 5k! Truly a helpful guy from an amazing company! ”

— Fallston Community Pre-K 5K

Holy smokes...what a great response. You folks are really listening...thank you!”

— Rocky Mountain Road Runners Club

That is correct - and thank you guys SOOOOO much for your site!!!! I was having many problems with another more "popular" site and it has held me up way longer than it should have. The ease and style of your website was the answer to my prayers! Thank you so much for all that you are doing!”

— Karena S, Heels of Hope 5K

For me, it's easier to have access to the data - in the past, it was always provided to me, but I didn't have daily access. This way, I could go in and make distance changes, people subbing out, etc, as they came in instead of waiting until the last minute. I could do bib labels in advance; seeing the numbers as they came in let me stay on top of numbers and bibs/chips needed.”

— Eric B, Synergy Race Timing

I am very pleased that Ken Auyer and Karen Allen Turner were so insistent that this format would work better for us. So far things have gone amazingly well. Our charitable contributions are up. The ease of having a store, the registration, a donation site and volunteer signup managed together and with ease has been amazing. Having spend 4 years with [another registration provider], I am thrilled with the change. Thank you.”

— Eric P, Gillie Girl Sprint Tri

Always thinking ahead with great innovation!”

— Zack L

Thank you!!! So many features we've hoped for! You guys rock!! ”

— Christie E

I just have to guys read my mind. These are the features I was just about to inquire about! Thank you!!”

— Aaron D

[Referrals 2.0] is a game changer! Honestly, my mind is boggled. Those numbers don't just kicked it up a notch.”

— Beth C, Night Nation Run

I just logged in for the first time since last week. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the edits to the Donations/Charities section on adding charities and moving them. I am grateful, this makes a big difference in time for me. I have five more charities to enter this week, so it’s going to save me tons of time!! Your responsiveness as a company has really impressed me (despite the fact that it may not come across). I actually already recommended you to another nonprofit who is considering hosting their own race event.”

— DuPage Human Race

The more we use RunSignUp the more I learn and the more I like a lot of features offered by this program. For years we used another registration provider which basically signed participants up for an event but did nothing else to help us as a timing company. The more and more I tinker and learn about RSU the more I really like this program. I really like the way it integrates and works so smoothly with Race Director. I wish SRM would have made the switch to RSU years sooner!”

— SportSpectrum

Thank you so much for all of your help with the system and training us on the backend. It’s been so easy to work with!”

— Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation

Thanks guys, I'm sure the RD is SUPER pumped right now. Flawless.”

— Jason W, Bayshore Marathon

Signed up at 9:01! So much more efficient than years past where the site would crash!”

— Amy C, Bayshore Marathon Runner

Easiest registration process to date - this will be my 5th Bayshore half.”

— Nicole R, Bayshore Half Marathon Runner

I commend you on the excellent customer service and the effective system you have developed. Kudos to you!!”

— Verlene L, Run for the Homeless

Thank you! You guys ROCK!”

— Brian C, Panera Bread Diabetes Dash For Life

I absolutely LOVE using RunSignUp! It is amazing!!!!!! I just sent my first email to the 2014 participants. So easy!!!!! Even for ME!!!!”

— Chris G, Nite Lites Christmas 5K Fun Run/Walk

THANK YOU for this year's registration form. I registered and paid for my NC brother and my TN self. It was SO much easier to do so this year than last. THANKS for the multi-person/one-pay system. ”

— Runner

Used RaceJoy last Sunday for the first time tracking and updating family and friends in my progress for my full marathon. Loved it. Loved getting cheers during those high miles.”

Once I got the setup figured out, the downloads work well. First time using online registration for this race. First time using RunSignUp ever. Won’t be the last!”

— Bill S, Conestoga Trail Run

I’m a total nerd, I love data. Being a nerd and wanting the data is the biggest reason I went to RSU. Well, and Frank was real cool. And you’re (Natalie) pretty awesome too. Seeing all these graphs and heat maps, I’m in heaven, thank you :)”

— Terrain Racing

I wanted to say to the entire RSU team 'thank you' for the offline check in app! We have used it at our past 3 races with tremendous success. Our events are held on farms and orchards with little to zero wifi or cell access. Being able to go offline and check in makes our morning 10x easier!”

— Erik Y, Riff Raff Productions

Love the new RunSignUp layout!!! Yea :)”

— Lake County Milers

I appreciate your watchful eye. That is another reason why I love RunSignUp!”

— Chris LG, Nite Lites Christmas 5K Run/Walk

Sue really has been absolutely great. The funds did arrive today which I am so happy about. Your customer service and follow-ups like these are exactly the reason I refer to everyone! Thank you again.”

— Nicole D, Gut Check Fitness

Thanks so much Natalie! You and your RSU wizards are making my life so uber easy!”

— Jenn S, Bubble Run

What has happened over the last five months has surpassed my expectations. I'm constantly learning of the various dashboard applications, on the pre and post event side of things. It absolutely makes my job as an event director easier, especially in those moments prior to a race where time is of the essence. Most of all, I want to thank you all for the dedicated support, user friendly applications, and integration with timing systems.”

— Jonathan K, CompetitorME

Thank you so much! I love RunSignUp!”

— Hannah H, 8K for MS

I love the app [RaceJoy]. I think it is seriously an awesome feature and I'm happy we were able to collaborate with you on enhancing our offering to those involved in this event. ”

— Justin S, Scranton Running Co.

My fiancé used the app to keep track of us during the race and it was great to have him waiting for us at the finish line. He really appreciated being able to see where we were so he could better plan when to arrive at the finish line. Thanks!”

— Rheannon S

I enjoyed using racejoy tremendously. My family signed on as spectators and were delighted with how accurate it was and the progress reports. The cowbells were a nice touch. They were able to use the cheers functionality as well. Everything worked fine for me as a participant also. Great product, thank you. ”

— Donovan D

Thanks again and great catch! I fixed the date on the Age Based Pricing and I think everything is finally all set! Thank you for all your help. I would highly recommend using the Run Sign Up site to anyone organizing a race.”

— Caroline L, Deb's Dash for a Cure 5K

That is exactly the idea I needed- thanks - you just made my life easier!”

— Bob S, Ralley in the Valley

I appreciated the GPS tracking and progress alerts but the CHEERS from my kids, when they came through, was the icing on the cake! This [RaceJoy] is a wonderful app that combined useful information AND motivational support. I look forward to using it again at another race! ”

— Cyndi R

My hubby really LOVED having it [RaceJoy] give him updates as to how I was doing and how fast. He thought I had gone out way to fast too LOL! I also really, really liked the projected finish time. It really helped me to push for my PR. I really like the app for my family members and I will use it again at my next half, Rock the Parkway. I will recommend it to all of my runner friends! Thanks for making this wonderful app!”

— Michelle C

The app [RaceJoy] worked exactly as it was supposed to! I received all my updates, cheers & proximity alerts. Thank you for this cool app!”

— Amanda W

As a first time user, your site is easy to navigate, clear, and those little (?) spots provide helpful information. I'm sure that with the help of RunSignUp, we'll have a successful race.”

— Launa V, Race for Redemption 5K

I absolutely LOVED the app! I loved being told my pace and estimated finish time. I really think this encouraged me to run a little faster and beat the estimated time. Will definitely use this app again. I saw the 15k Hot Chocolate run is on this app. I will definitely use it and look forward to each progress alert!!!”

— Becky W

Thanks for looking into this so quickly. RunSignUp customer service is second to none!”

— Randy S, Lynchburg Road Runners Club

This is a really cool app that helped track my progress throughout the race. Without a GPS watch like most of the serious runners have that are very pricey, your app allowed me to use something I was already planning to use on race day with just a free app. Thank you!”

— Casey H

My friends and I had a wonderful time using your app this weekend at the Space Coast Half Marathon. We started the cheers on Saturday as we headed up, and, well, we haven't stopped! I was most impressed with the way that the app notified me when I was in close proximity to people I was tracking. Well done, RaceJoy!”

— Laura P

There were so many fantastic bells and whistles in this app that were really useful like finding people after the race. But my favorite was getting real time split updates on myself and my friends plus cheers from friends and family who were following me.”

— Greg S

My wife was able to track my every move. I set the alert so she would know when I was within 200 meters of her location. Though it was raining, when they got the alert they braved the rain and were waiting for me. It worked very well. I’ll definitely use the app again.”

— Jason J

Loved this app. So many details available. Easy to use. Just pick event & the athletes you want to track. Plus many more features! ”

— Robert Y

Worked perfectly. Well worth the 99 cents so my family could GPS track me. The sounds you can send friends are motivating and hilarious and the one I got "go mommy go" was complete motivation!”

— Yvonne A

I just wanted to thank you for your awesome app. I am a 55 year old grandma of 11 who did my first half marathon on Saturday (Ogden Marathon). I now understand what it means to “Hit the Wall”. I was on about mile 10 when I felt I couldn’t go one step further. It was then that my phone made that beautiful bell chime sound with an update from RaceJoy letting me know my awesome son had just crossed the finish line and had qualified for Boston! It was the emotional boost I needed to complete the race. It was one of the highlights of my life getting that update and crossing the finish line with tears and smiles. ”

— Renee G

Love RaceJoy!! My husband, son and a friend were able to track my whole race from home, from two different states!! Thanks RaceJoy!!!”

— Lucy L

Overall this is a phenomenal app and my girlfriend really appreciated that I was able to follow and cheer her on to the finish line and I got there as she crossed. Major cool points for me and RaceJoy. ”

— Dwayne I

Pretty cool! Great for runners! Used this to allow my family and friends to track me during my race. They really enjoyed getting the updates. It also worked great for the handful of people at the race who knew me, because they could see when I was getting close to where they were standing.”

— Matt P

Cherry Blossom used RaceJoy, which was awesome…could get split times for a friend so I knew when they were finishing. RaceJoy was freaking awesome!”

— Duchess P

Houston Half-Marathon! … RaceJoy worked great. Posting my splits automatically to Facebook was awesome. People who couldn't come watch me could still see my progress!”

— Eugene O

Used for the first time this past weekend. Loved the fact that I got my split times within 5 minutes of crossing the markers. Wish more races used RaceJoy!”

— Brian B

Tracked racers in Ohio from my home in Iowa. What a great experience! Would highly recommend!!”

— Annette O

[RaceJoy] is a GREAT app, looking forward to using it again!!!”

— Pam J

Good app. Was able to follow the runner easily. Setup was easy too. Overall good value.”

— Sumeet S

Thank you so much. This [RaceJoy] app is amazing. I really love it. I will encourage all my friends to use it with their next race.”

— Lyra R

Used RaceJoy for the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, FL a few days ago.... it was AWESOME!”

— Stacey H

Love RaceJoy! My husband cheered me on as I was running which was a real motivator!! I am able to see progress alerts in the buzz area and I did get an alert each mile. Thanks for sharing this app during our race! ”

— Denille M

Great way to support runners when you are unable to attend race. The cheer feature is the best!!! The voices and cheers priceless. Great mile tracking.”

— Tamara R

I received RaceJoy Alerts at every mile. Very helpful to keep pace. My family really liked the visibility to find me on the course to cheer. Overall nice product.”

— Bradley J

RaceJoy is my favorite app by far and I have tried them all! Great job!”

— Felicia R

I am SO happy to have RunSignUp. Today has been a great first day with registrations.”

— Michelle E, Cherryfest

I have enjoyed using RunSignUp, and I think it will work great for us.”

— Rick Z, Trinity Peach Festival Run

You guys are awesome! Love the FB post – I recommend you to EVERYONE! RunSignUp has made my life so much easier this season and the Coordinators are raving about it! Way to go!”

— Tamara V, Healthy Kids Running Series

AWESOME! I don't know if you all know how awesome you are! For the past 2 years we have been on our own when it comes to our registration site. NEVER EVER EVER would I think you would just happen to look at my site and see something that needed to look "better" and just take care of it for me.”

— Amy H

Wow. Thanks for the quick response, this late at night!”

— Rachel C, Run the Bluegrass

Hi Jordan – Thank you, it worked! Just heard from Reggie and she got in – problem resolved. Thanks again, you’re awesome!”

— Susan G, Active Salem

The setup for our race was very user friendly. I really appreciate that.”

— Mary S

I am so excited! That was so easy! Thanks again!”

— Debbie B, Pro.Active 5K

People think I am a genius - which I am, but with RunSignUp's help - haha!”

— Tom C, Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon

Everything is going well. The priority registration has been a success so far. Bryan and Matt have been so attentive through this learning process as well.”

— Corrie O, Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon

Jordan! You saved my life Again. I just followed what you said and even tweaked it a bit more. The site looks great now. Thank you for straightening out my mess. You are wonderful!!!”

— Bill C, Spring Run for Fun

RunSignUp is totally awesome and me being a first time director it helped so much.”

— Lindsay H, Step Into Summer 5K

As a timer, this site has everything to offer! And if they don't, all you have to do is send them an e-mail with your idea and they will look into adding it. Very impressed so far and look forward to a great year of timing.”

— Ricky C

Thank you so much! You all are so wonderful and I have had a very positive experience using RunSignUp!”

— Lindsay H, Break the Ice 5K and Frosty Dash

I really appreciate you reaching out to help me. It shows exemplary service. Thank you.”

— Amy A, Intestinal-Track Stars 5K

Thanks for using my photo as your cover page! I really like working with you guys. I can't wait until later this year when I can start pushing the "renew" button for all my races. I like your service a lot. Thanks”

— Chris P, Good Times Event Timing

I think it's exciting the way your company is growing. On your end it is both exciting and challenging. I appreciate the way you are still able to get back to me with answers to my questions and I always appreciate the way your responses don't show frustration with my lack of technology skills. Your company and it's employees seem to be well-grounded; I hope you can maintain that as you grow. Looking forward to all your improvements (and more videos to go along with them).”

— Dawn H

You are all so easy to work with and your program is exceptional.”

— Debbie M, Miracle Match Marathon

I just want to say thanks to you for your support over the past several months. I appreciate that you were so responsive and willing to help when I had a question. You all have made some great enhancements to RSU since last year and it was once again a great tool to use to manage our race.”

— Julie S, Bold in the Cold

You guys/gals are rocking the on-line registration process. Absolutely the best.”

— Ken M

We found the right place, your site is so dang easy to use - we love it so far and are just about ready for opening our registration! Thanks for everything Jordan!”

— Cristy K, Volkslaufe - The People's Race

RunSignUp is light years superior, sweeter and smarter than any other registration formats I have used as a lowly 5 and 10 K runner.”

As a runner - every time I plan to register for a race and I see that the registration platform is with RunSignUp I say 'Oh Thank Goodness!!!'”

Matt Sinclair and Bryan Jenkins were very helpful!”

RunSignUp continues to blow my mind!”

— Dan K

You guys are leagues ahead of most and for that reason I can see that making sense for my company to work much more closely with.”

— Jason B, Jersey Mike Rock + Run 5K

I have to say, I really like working with you guys; the customer service has been great. ”

— Dan M, Medved Walking & Running Outfitters

Thanks so much….You are very helpful!!”

— James C, Veterans Day 5K

We’re excited and think this will really improve our membership. We catered to many “older” people in the past who were comfortable with the mail-in format, but as we reach out, we are finding that not being on-line has been a hindrance. You guys have been really easy to work with. I tried another registration service, but just never could figure out the website.”

— Nicole S, Colorado Masters Running / RaceWalking Association

Just uploaded my first set of results. Oh my goodness! How easy!!!! I usually put off uploading results to our previous registration site because it was so difficult. Thank you for making this simple.”

— Nancy K, AAA Race Services

It truly is the most mature online system integration that I have in that it is both additions and changes that go bi-directionally.”

— Roger Bradshaw, Race Management Systems

The biggest feature we are integrating with is Race Day Check-In. It allows us to assign bibs right at check-in.”

— Matt S, Race Timer

With having a toddler at home already and with another one on the way, I was thinking about giving up helping with the 5K, but with the help of your website my job is much easier. Now that I know how to navigate the site, I look forward to learning about the new tools that I did not get to use this year for next year's race!”

— AJ C

Our 9th Annual Buffalo Creek Half Marathon was a great success and enjoyed by over 1000 runners. was a great resource. We will be using the website again next year. Thank you to you and to all of your crew. Everyone was very responsive and helpful.”

— Debbie S, Buffalo Creek Half Marathon

Rad man. Thanks. It adds a nice touch and hopefully it will generate some traffic to the site. Also, while I was wondering around the site I noticed the new Volunteer management changes. Wow, incredible. This is HUGE!”

— Matt P, Authentic Sports Timing

You are an angel :) Thank You for making my day!!!”

— Bonnie C, Miles of Smiles Timing Services

I also want to say how impressed I am with RunSignUp. The ease of use, and the customer service is outstanding. We will definitely use RunSignUp for future events of this kind, & will be telling other groups about it.”

— Leanne W

Darn you guys are fast....and great to work with. Thank you!”

— Julie P, Race Time Inc.

Your website was fantastic, smooth, and easy to work with. I was so overwhelmed in a good way with all of the features available to me. Thank you so much for this amazing tool and I assure you we will use this tool for many races in the future. I absolutely LOVED it!”

— Richelle W, COMPACT Run for the Family 5K

Thank you so much for all your help with our First 5K. You guys are Amazing! You always responded to our questions quickly and helpfully. We look forward to working with RunSignUp again for our next event. ”

— The Students of CHS Musical Theatre Cast & Crew

The setup was easy as pie!”

— Gretchen L, Heritage 5K Trick n Trot

You are so fast and helpful with your responses!!! I feel like such a pain asking you all of these questions, but I'm so appreciative of your help because I really like using this website.”

— Jaime L, Trailside Events

I'm glad to be working with RunSignUp. You make this stuff easy.”

— Jim L, Big White Trailer

I've said it before but I can't believe how much better this setup is over [another registration company]. The RunSignUp integration is really nice. I've been playing with it all week and see it as a huge benefit.”

— Chris H, Agee Race Timer

You guys did great! I will recommend your website to all my friends.”

— Ivona R

Great product and great customer service!”

— Jean K

Both my timing company and RunSignUp are great and we will definitely use both companies next year (and tell others about you). [The Email Marketing feature] worked like a charm! Thanks!”

— Mike H, Boring Marathon

I wish I could answer my emails as quickly as you do... Great customer service, Jordan!!!!”

— Melinda T, The Middle Half

And thank you right back! Great service from you all means we will do exactly that - return, and recommend!”

— Debbie B

I like [RunSignUp] because they give a little "widget" that I can paste directly onto a webpage on my site that makes it look like runners are signing up at Ohio Race Day. It is sort of like a portal directly to RSU through my site.”

— Michael B, Ohio Race Day

Your product is VERY ADDICTING! In all seriousness, we are very happy with your product. It is easily one of the best products we have every worked with. Our event has so many variables, and RunSignUp has been able to fulfill all of our needs. I feel a little guilty for not reading the instruction manual but it is so easy-to-use that I have not needed to.”

— Mike G

First I’d like to say that, in my first year of using RunSignUp (after 10-15 years of using another registration company) I’m quite pleased with the site and it’s features. I’ve especially liked how easy it is to modify a registration or refund money to a participant.”

— David F, Eastman Road Race

Your company has been more than extremely helpful. I even spoke with Johanna on the phone who was just as helpful as you have been via email. Please give her kudos for great phone etiquette and customer service.”

— Barbara M

We added video to two of our results pages from the weekend: super easy to set up on the RSU end (YouTube is another story), and a huge hit with the masses. THANK YOU for making this feature available. It's something I didn't know I would ever use, but greatly appreciate you all thinking outside the typical registration/results box to provide what I consider the leading product in the marketplace. Kudos.”

— Andy H, Columbus Running Event Management

The event went very well last weekend and RunSignup made a huge difference in our ability to pull it off! We met our goal and plan to make it an even bigger event next year.”

— Robert S, Running Wild

Thanks for this service. It was easy to use and we had great luck using online registration!”

— Jill D, Alaska Statehood Run

I love RunSignUp!”

— Deanna C

Great service!!! Glad to be a partner!!!”

— Greg W

I just used your integrated bib assignment and then label making feature. I am so impressed. You guys have your act together. Your product is great! Keep up the good work.”

— Chris P, Cycle & Fitness

Awesome! I love that model! To be transparent, I was looking into your service and another registration service but the fees with the other service can add up really fast and they sign you up for a bunch of emails. I didn't want to pass on a ton of fees to our runners, so yours are reasonable! Thank you for the info!!”

— Shannyn A

Jordan is super helpful and very quick to respond.”

I just wanted to thank the RunSignUp team for all your help and great customer service throughout the process of planning our Healthy Trails 5k. The site does so much and it made my life so much easier.”

— Alix H, Healthy Trails 5k

Holy crap thats awesome you implemented all of those changes already. Default report view is super cool and giveaway inventories/projecting. Thanks.”

— Josh S, Ventura Marathon

This site has made our lives so much easier!”

— David W, SCEF Annual 5K/10K

It was my first experience, having migrated from a 'paper only' spreadsheeting system. What a breeze! I was actually considering NOT being race Director for this race any longer a year ago, and now I'm stoked for next years race! Thanks for your help, great communication and fantastic website!”

— Gary G, Bill Oliver Riverton 4th of July 5K

Jordan is AWESOME!”

— Eric M, Run the Bluegrass

My timing business has exploded and I like to handle online registration for my races. RSU is a great company to work with.”

— Chuck B, Michigan Running Foundation

Just wanted to let you know that my 4th of July Run went AWESOME! I can now deliver live results, email/text messaging, and all that other good stuff! So all and all a very good day - I hope you don't mind hearing positive comments... Because I'm a very happy camper with RSU!”

— Matt S, Race Timer

Result publication was perfect - I used the scoring software I wanted to use and pushed up the results after having checked them over... Much, much smoother than what I used last year.”

— Matt S, Race Timer

We just completed the Boulder Mud Race in Colorado. Thanks for the Great service you guys provide. If registration gets any easier we might not even have to show up to hold the race.”

— Fred M,

Wow. That was easy! I also created the age-based pricing! Thanks so much for your help!!!!”

— Jessica S, Run4theArts 5K is slick. You guys have developed a great set of tools here.”

— Steve L, Pettisville Friendship Days 5K

This was our first time using RunSignUp. I am very pleased with the interface, both in setting up the race and what runners see.”

— Pat M, Manhattan Cross Country Club

The NeurRun is stoked to be using RunSignUp!”

— Phil H, The NeurRun

Thank you!!! RunSignUp is the best thing that has ever happened to me as the Race Coordinator!!!!! Thank you for making this year's race so much easier for me! Class Act!!!”

— Gina W, Covered Bridge 5K

Thanks for your help! Looks great. This will be our first year. We don't have a timer yet. I think that we will just be using the high school's cross country timing system. By the way, I chose to use RunSignUp because it's so user friendly. I also appreciate the personal attention that you have shown. I plan to let others know and to use RunSignUp in the future. Thanks again for your help.”

— Hannah N, Firecracker 5K

We had a wonderful race and now that I know how your site works I’d definitely choose again in 2015. I may even do a reduced rate for kids who want to run the race. We didn’t have many and I’m sure the price had a lot to do with it (and the 5 mile route!). Thank you for all your help. Your customer service was superb!”

— Vicky B, Barrel Fest 5 Miler

First time planning a race and loved this site!! So easy to manage!! Kept things organized. Loved all the different ways I could keep track of signups and giveaways!!”

— Karen B, Java Jog

Great setup. This was my first time to host a run and I could not have asked for a better experience with online registration. Thanks for your help and support.”

Customer Service and Responsiveness from RSU continues to be EXCEPTIONAL! I appreciate the personal replies and the respect for my troubleshooting (as a retired Software Engineer).”

Jordan - I just successfully used the bib generator to print my race bib labels....and it turned out exactly the right size! Thanks for your work with this and the heads up about 'fitting to scale' which I'm sure my computer was doing for me. :) I'm happy! Thanks!”

— Michelle B, 3W Races

I could have called Andrew at 4am and told him I needed a Dancing Monkey in a pink dress and he would have made it happen.”

— Kelly R, RRCA

Thanks! Your registration process was so easy - our runners loved it! See you in 2015...”

— Viking Victory Run 5K and Fun Run

I LOVE the website! I find it very easy to navigate through. And, very easy for the participants to register -- which is GREAT! Payments arrive promptly and on time. Looking forward to next year's event and using the website again!”

— Stephanie M, Live Life Active 5K

Bryan is the BEST! He is incredibly helpful and prompt in solving my problems. He goes above and beyond for me each and every time. Dirty Farm Run is an event that I work on in my spare time and the majority of times due to my full time job I'm not able to fix a problem that a race registrant is having. I email Bryan and he's on it. The service is top notch!”

— Sarah H, Dirty Farm Run

I tripped across the incomplete registrations report this year - this was great because I was able to get in touch with people that had experienced a problem and get them straightened out before the online registration closed.”

— Cathy S, Salmon River 5.5 Mile Run

RunSignUp was so much easier to use. I loved everything!”

— Brett M, Run for the Red 5K & 10K

Thank you Jordan - I love you guys. I am meeting with a new timer in the business next week who will soon be extremely busy. I will be sure to let him know about you.”

— Jeanine B, Spring Has Sprung 5K & Kids K

Jordan, Thanks so much for fixing our info! I am new at this director thing! I looked at the site and you did a great job! It's 500 Total for the event. The police dept says that is the limit! I didn't know how to set the numbers up on the site. I figured we would have more runners than walkers. You are so amazing for helping us!”

— Patty M, Sam's Club Run

I must say that the process was very easy compared to other vendors I have used.”

— Deb V, Save Your Breath 5K

Oh wow! Now that is awesome. This will save me about 30 minutes and the 15 steps it takes to make my bib labels.”

— Ryan H

Thanks for the update there - the new page setup for donations is killer.”

— Dan K, Gretna Gritty Mud Run and Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser

Will definitely use RunSignUp again! Very user friendly and accurate.”

— Stacie S, Forever Young 1 Mile & 5K Walk/Run

Thank you for creating such an incredible on-line registration site! My husband and I recently used your site for a teenage alcohol awareness run. We organized and setup everything for registration with a little help from our local running store (we have no experience). Everything went very smoothly!”

— Cindy H, Brian Matters Challenge Run

Your tools, technology, and service have been a perfect fit for what I needed and wanted to keep my service level on par or even exceeding some of the "old timers" in the business.”

— Richard L, DoMore Race Services

Thank you again for the quick reply and simple solution!”

— Daniel G, Operation Vet-Fit 5K Memorial Tribute Run

Your customer service is some of the best there is!!”

— Jennifer F

We love your website; thanks!”

— Charlotte M

I loved using Run Sign Up for our race! Everything from getting our race set up to registering runners and running reports was easy to do.”

— Staci W, CVCC Run of the Mill

I love, Love, LOVE your customer support!! Answers were prompt and helpful... even when the errors were mostly Operator Error!”

— TJ W, LOGJam 5K

I just want it to be known that Matt Sinclair has been a tremendous help to me along the way. His knowledge and his patience with me has been wonderful.​ I would not have been able to get the registration page to the way I wanted without his help. He is awesome!”

— Katie D, Strides for Life 9

Thank you for the super fast response.”

— Katie M, Women Run Arkansas 5k

Just wanted to say thank you for doing a kick ass job with results and certificates. Finally figured out how to quickly upload results from RD to RSU and stoked how easy it was.”

— Josh S, Ventura Marathon

I love your website!”

— Carol E, Walk Run Wag 5K & Fun Run with Longleaf Elementary and Hub City Humane Society

Thanks for the prompt reply on a Sunday. :)”

— Daniel G, Operation Vet-Fit 5K Memorial Tribute Run

Thanks a bunch. We love using RunSignUp for our event.”

— Blair S, UT Arlington Homecoming 5K

Awesome! Thanks for the super fast response! Have a great night!”

— Shad M, Stop the Trafficking: End the Cycle Run/Walk

RunSignUp makes it extremely easy to keep track of the race participants. Being busy organizing the event itself, it’s a relief knowing that RunSignUp is there for my registration needs.”

— Krystal O, YMCA Sweetheart Run

We raised $5,800 for the Boston One Fund using your fundraising heart feature.”

— Craig B, Plymouth Rock Racing

We have the best customers!”

— Bob B, RunSignUp

RunSignUp has been a good partner to work with on this collaborative effort. This integration should help many of our timers deliver accurate information to their races since it greatly eases the burden of syncing and participant and result distribution.”

— Roger B, The Race Director

RunSignUp has emerged as a real innovator in the running community. We have been working closely with them for over two years now on how to make races easier to find and more accessible to runners.”

— Bill F, Running In The USA

This was our first 5K to raise money for missions. We used RunSignUp for both our live event and our virtual one alongside it. Easy and efficient! Thanks, RunSignUp!”

— Angela G, Run for the Love of It

By using RunSignUp online registration and donation page the race raised over $50,000 to help a local runner who had a stroke.”

— Chuck B, Run 4 Phil

We are using for registration to the virtual Run for Dignity to support Days for Girls International. Last year we hosted a Spring Celebration virtual race to benefit Jersey Rising. We really like how easy it is to set up a race on RunSignUp and how easy it is for users to register. Because we don't have to wait until the end of the race to receive a check, we were able to purchase medals and other essentials for the race immediately.”

— Tina P, Race Virtually

Playmakers uses RunSignUp for our community online calendar. We have 100's of events add their information to the community calendar on our website seamlessly with little involvement from the store. It has saves us 50+ hours a year in managing our calendar and continually updating everything. We also use RunSignUp for our store events. We host upwards of 20 events a year. Some of those we charge an entry fee and most of free volunteer events. RunSignUp works equally well for both of them but our biggest advantage has some through donations. Our old platform did not accept donations, we have now collected $1000's of dollars by simply turning on donations for all of our events with a little information for about our foundation.”

— Andy M, Playmakers

This is only the 2nd year for our event, and the first time I’ve used With that said, I have noticed a definitive difference in the amount of registration traffic compared to last year. I’m no expert with, but I have had a lot of success utilizing the coupon feature.”

— Kelly S, NC Troopers Footchase 5K & Fun Run

I was delighted and relieved to find an online registration site by runners. It's about time a race registration site exudes attention to detail and provides nurturing support 24/7. They have exceeded my expectation.”

— Helene N, National Nurses Half Marathon & 5K

RunSignUp makes it easy for participants to register for the Mike Hike and support our fundraising efforts. Online donations increased 57% when we switched to RunSignUp!”

— Laurel W, Mike Hike 5K

I have been organizing, race directing and timing races for over 25 years and finally there is an online registration system that is very user friendly but still offers a lot of information and that system is RunSignUp, with their friendly staff and tremendous support, it is the best online system on the market. ”

— Chuck S, DQ Events/DQ Timing

RunSignUp made our paperwork for the Critz Tybee Run Fest a breeze. We always know where we stood at each part of the registration process, and our runners had easy access to registration, store items and other information - Thank you RunSignUp for all your assistance!”

— Critz Tybee Run Fest

Overall my experience with RunSignUp was great. It was easy to learn how to set up a race and use the different features. I was on the system almost everyday, setting up coupons, responding to participant changes, and watching my registration numbers grow. The online help section and videos made it easy as a first-time user to get up and running. When I had a question (or made a mistake), they were very responsive and helped me resolve my issue. I was also impressed at how receptive they were to feedback and ideas to make it an even better tool for race directors.”

— Julie S, Bold in the Cold


Thanks Jordan - Love the new setup so you can tell exactly what the person is receiving in their e-mail.”

By the way, the few refunds we've had to do have been SOOOOO easy!!! I'm telling all my race director friends about your service!!!!”

I have created a race called the Old Settler's Day Fun Run/Walk in Chester, IA through your website. It's a wonderful website and very user friendly!!!”

— Brooke C, Old Settler's Day Fun Run/Walk

The updated participant search is saving me so much time - thanks a million!”

— Brandon D, Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon

You have been so great, thank you so much!”

I forgot to add that you really did a nice job on the race-creation wizard. A lot there! Nicer than any I've seen up until now.”

— Alan J, RunScore

Thanks guys I got it fixed. Keep up the good work we are looking forward to using your service for our upcoming events.”

— William B, Cardboard Boat Regatta and 5K

We got a lot of signups using your site and we will for sure use you again. Thanks so much. Our goal on our first time event was 1000 and we are at 1200.”

You are awesome!”

We were very happy with our experience with RunSignUp and will definitely use you again for future events!”

Great program and help when we needed it. Thank You.”

Jordan was very helpful.”

I'm certainly liking everything I'm seeing so far! If you keep it run only, very clean, fast and with support you should get lots of appreciation for your work.”

— Jamie S, Trapline Marathon

I LOVE the How To videos.”

— Kim M, Larc School

You guys have been great! I will definitely recommend RunSignUp to others.”

Thank you for such wonderful service with your website. I LOVE using it and intend to use next year as well. Jordan was extremely helpful and the fees are reasonable.”

— Kim T, BCC 5K and 1 mile Fun Run/Walk

Thank you so much for all your help! The only downfall with you being so helpful is it makes it easier for me to ask more questions!”

Thank you Jordan. You have been verrrrry helpful. Until next year then....”

You are very kind and thorough - my thanks!”

The customer support you have provided is exceptional as well. We are very satisfied with "RUN SIGN UP" and will continue to use the service.”

Your service and support were outstanding! What a great help you were and saved us so much time and paperwork. I am spreading the word about your great service! Thanks!”

i worship u.”

Stephen is amazingly responsive to my queries. I hope I'm not too much of a nuisance.”

It worked! Thanks. Your directions were very clear and easy to follow. It only took me a few minutes to get it set up. I wish I could always work with such easy programs and people who respond quickly and clearly. I'll promote your site as much as I can.”

Just used the multiple participant import for the first time. Works nice!”

— Patrick H, York White Rose Run

The website was fairly easy to maneuver and I was able to find things within a few clicks - not frustrating at all :o)”

I've done a pretty thorough assessment of all the online registrars and you guys have the most straight-forward and elegant interface. Additionally, you have new technology. While Active may have big marketing dollars and reach, for me to use the same interface that Active built back in 2005 seems like a bad business decision. I know that your space is crowded, and I need a very good and flexible platform in order to scale the company. I need a partner. RunSignUp is that partner. :o)”

— Craig B, Plymouth Rock Racing

I really like what you are doing and your site is helping us a lot. I have recommended it to a few local races and I hope that your business gets something from that.”

The one thing that makes me most confident about the folks from RunSignUp is that their hearts are in the right place. They've never failed to correct unforeseen issues, and they've done so in a timely fashion. I stake my business on them.”

— David L, Lee Timing LLC

I definitely send everyone who asks me to RunSignUp. You guys are great and you especially are very quick to respond and help with everything.”

Awesome! I got a registration not long after you made that change, and the notification email is exactly what I wanted to see. Thanks a ton Jordan. I REALLY appreciate how receptive and accomodating you and your site are to us organizers. Keep up the good work.”

Awesome!!! Thank you for responding so quickly and with such an easy solution!”

— Will G, Virtual IronMAY Challenge 140.6

Run Sign Up is working great, we already have more entrants for our race than last time.”

Your site provided me a simple web-based application for pre-registering for the race reducing the amount of labor that would be needed otherwise. As we are a volunteer-based organization, you can imagine the relief it is to reduce the labor.”

Amazing! Thanks for the top-notch service.”

— Owen S

Just an FYI, I had put in inquiries for info to 3 other race-services websites before I found RunSignUp and you are the only company who has responded to me. I think I made the right choice!”

Thank you for everything you do! We truly appreciate your hard work!”

I'm not sure if you remember talking to me, but I am the totally confused person who decided to have a 5K with little to no understanding of what to do. You were a great help to me in this process. We have had many sign up using our sign up forms so it's not a total flop and all seems we will be okay.”

— Dianna C, Kiwanis 5K Walk/Run

Thanks for the follow-up. Have a great year and you'll see us again for next year (with less questions)! Great help and an effortless service you guys provide.”

It was incredibly easy to make the bib labels - loved that feature. People loved the speed at which the results went online - instantaneous!. [The RunSignUp Mobile Timer App] Huge improvement over previous no-frills way we have timed the Roxbury races.”

— Mark L, Roxbury Half Marathon

Thank you guys so much for the speedy response and taking care of that for me! Awesome customer service!”

— Eric Z

I love your how to videos. Just figured out how to switch runner's to different heats. It's SOOOOO much easier than last year!! I really appreciate all the work you do to update your site.”

It so so nice to communicate with hard working, responsive people like you and the rest of RunSignUp.”

Thanks, your site is great! Much easier and more user friendly than”

I want to say a big thank you for all your help and let you know that our Show the Trail Who's Boss a great success thanks to your online registration. Everyone was really happy and it was so easy to keep up with our participants.”

— Show the Trail Who's Boss

I used the bib label stuff twice now - it works great.”

Your service and support were outstanding! What a great help you were and saved us so much time and paperwork. I am spreading the word about your great service! Thanks!”

ALL of us LOVE your services and look forward to doing more racing events through you.”

— Danielle M, Wild Hearts Fun Run

Thanks so much Bob, you and your company are so great to work with.”

— Nicole D, Gut Check Fitness

Thanks for running a seamless online registration process for my race. I really like your site and plan to stay with it exclusively moving ahead.”

Andrew ROCKS!”

I greatly appreciate you and your companies customer service, it makes me feel confident that I have all of our races listed with ;-)”

RunSignUp always answered any questions that I had in a timely manner and made the process of listng a race so simple. Thank you.”

Love using RunSignUp.”

We had problems with the store part and the group rates. But the support was great and the problems were fixed quickly.”

Once I got used to your format it was very easy. At first I had some trouble with where to find or enter what, but the learning was fast. I now prefer your site to I have recommended you to other race directors in our running club. Your lower rates make it possible for the race to pay the fees - which the entrants like. I had no complaints from entrants on the sign up process. Shortly after publishing, my race was on the first page in a google search for snow shoe races. Overall, a happy experience.”

No worries about the error. I really appreciate you providing the credit and reaching out in the first place. Top notch customer service!”

— Bruce B

This is outstanding! It's about time someone finally broke the old fashioned online results paradigm of companies like! I'm a believer in RunSignUp and your commitment to continuous improvement. I'm looking forward to growing together.”

I'm excited to use RunSignUp. I work at Elite Feet in Brighton and they use it a lot.”

Wow, you're quick. I have been telling my race directors about you so there will be some jumping on board with you in the future more and more. I personally have been very happy with you guys so far and have been saying so to my race directors.”

The new Results look really slick.”

I have to say that I took a gamble on you guys a couple of years ago after being completely frustrated with my experience and have never looked back. Most important is that no one has ever gotten lost in the system and shown up on race day without being accounted for - I can't tell you how many times that has happened at other races I volunteer for and even to me, personally, at races I've signed up for through Active. One feature I do wish you had, though, was a follow-up survey to runners who ran the race as a way to give feedback to the race director. I suppose I could do that myself, but it would be cool if it was automatic... Anyway, thanks for a great service!”

By just looking at your website, I could tell that you were what we needed for our fundraiser event, without the extra corporate pressures and confusion, and without a budget to start.”

Awesome. These new possibilities really open the door for a much more unified solution. These are some impressive enhancements, you guys re-define the term "best practices". Keep up the great work!”

No one complained about using RunSignUp. We also used for this event per the race organizers request. They sucked.”

You're doing all the right things, and I am quite pleased to count myself among your satisfied partners. Is everything perfect just yet? No, but I see things moving in the right direction and am glad to be on board. Just keep doing what you're doing.”

I really like the services offered. It's such a HUGE improvement over the likes of which I hate for several reasons. I only came across because I'm a power RunScore user and a recent update of RunScore mentioned which I was not aware of up to that time.”

I see the new option on coupon codes where we can apply it to specific events - THANK YOU! This was much needed and is SO HELPFUL!! I appreciate the innovative work of the team to make that change.”

Love using RunSignUp.”

Registrations this year I am hearing from folks is AWESOME! Thank you!!! Very positive experience!”

I can't say enough good things about RunSignUp. I use it exclusively at this point. I have a few Active stragglers that will be switching over this year. It's been a great partnership.”

— Tom T, TNT Event Management

I used the kiosks at a small race this past weekend too. First time using it, everything went great. After walking the volunteers through a couple of registrations they picked it up easily, super easy to use.”

I just wanted to say that I have been working on my first race and have had tons of questions and Jordan Desilets has been a gem. Without his help I wouldn't know what I was doing at all. He's been a super great help. So kudos to Jordan. Thank you for all your help.”

I've had the best experience working with Run Sign Up and Jordan Desilets! This was my first experience using a online registration company and the process could not have been easier, thanks to Jordan.”

RunSignUp is AWESOME! I am beyond thrilled with having the opportunity to work with them on behalf of the Dirty Farm Run!”

— Dirty Farm Run

Excellent work on the recent updates. Digging how fast everything is and having events on specific days, transferring events, etc.”

You guys are kicking your competition's ass!”

— Craig B, Plymouth Rock Racing

You are THE best.”

— Michele A, Jaime Rosellini Healing Hearts Foundation 5K Race/Walk

PS... We are already very happy we switched from Active. Thank you for the great option of RUNSIGNUP.”

— Mike K, Run Around Hopkinton Marathon Relay

Thanks! Your website is great to work with!”

— Dan M

I've checked out most of the major online registration platforms. Plymouth Rock Racing chose RunSignUp because it is the most user friendly and fully featured registration platform on the web.”

— Craig B, Plymouth Rock Racing

Thank you so much!! It was an awesome experience. I really appreciate this service. I am grateful.”

This is a wonderful website. Your allowing multiple entries for a single processing fee is a major bonus for families & friends wanting to run together without excess fees.”

I LOVED the report features.”

Setting up group pricing was a little tricky, but your customer service was very helpful.”

Loved the email capability that you have added. It's so convenient for sending out race emails and reminders.”

This is a wonderful service and we'll be ongoing customers!”

Setup of the event was very easy and registration went well. The Donation piece worked extremely well. We had lots of participants also make a donation when registering for the race. It really helps a non-profit raise money for the cause.”

The website was easy to navigate. I liked that I could add custom features to my sign up form. Our race required an emergency contact, and I easily added that to my form. The reports were easy to use and very helpful. It definitely made my run a success!”

Thanks for speedy responses, much easier to work with than Active.”

— Deanna S, Fast Dog Timing

I really like your service and how fast you respond. I think I will be switching to use you guys for the main link to all of my future races. You have been very helpful.”

— Regina J, Will Run for Bling

Great work guys!”

— Craig B, Plymouth Rock Racing

Thank you. You made this very easy!!”

— Lisa D, TeamQuest Urban Race

All the clients that we have directed to you so far are very happy with your service and so am I. We appreciate the level of service we have received from RunSignUp and are looking forward to a successful relationship.”

As always thanks for your quick reply. Sorry I did not get back sooner. I timed 4 races this weekend and got swamped. I am glad to be part of the RSU team. I have confidence that you guys will keep making it the most user friendly site. Talk to you soon.”

— Chuck B, Michigan Running Foundation

Thank you for being so awesome!!”

— Toni B, ECBOR Classic 5K Race

I LOVE the graphical reports!”

— Michele L, Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk

The stats (graphics) are making me look good!”

— Michele L, Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk

I. LOVE. YOU! At 8:00am, no less!”

Not a hassle, I'm new to the online sign ups. These are all lessons I am learning for future events. And you have made this part of my job really easy!”

Thanks for the prompt reply (One of the things I love about RSU!)”

You all are awesome. Thank you very much for your help. The codes have worked and you can add two more to your total participants for the race. We look forward to this event and I'm pushing to gather more.”

— Frankie F

Awesome responsiveness, Bob, once again. RunClub is really coming through with the customer care, and we appreciate it! Plus it was super fun yesterday to meet you and Jordan in person. I look forward to our ongoing work together.”

We have loved using runsignup. It has been easy to use and we have not gotten any complaints from our members, which is a huge plus for us! :)”

I check the blog out from time to time and almost every time I am like, "Wow, these guys are active in dev. So much new stuff.”

Help on a holiday. I am impressed.”

— Scott H

Thank you so much for being accessible! We did read through all of your contract guidelines and checked out the website. We did decide to go with due to it's professional look and easy usage. Thank you very much for getting back to me. We will start promotion for people to start registering later this week. I look forward to working with you!”

— Alyssa T, UNI Dance Marathon 5Kolor Run

Perfect! Thanks so much for your prompt assistance. I have logged in and will update our password. I LOVE RunSignUp!”

— Kathryn G

You are awesome!!! I'm all set now. Thanks so much for your time!! :))”

— Rebecca E

Wow, thanks for the quick response. Yes it worked great, both accounts are now combined. The instructions were very detailed and easy to follow for me.”

— Chris D

Thanks Bob!! Everything worked out great. I really appreciate all of your effort to correct the problem!”

I had a very easy time getting great customer service!”

Your site made everything very easy and we made a ton of money on donations which I did not expect. I was very happy with this program.”

Loved run sign up and will definitely be using it for all of our races.”

It was my pleasure working with your group. Mr. Jenkins was alway accommodating and returned e-mails in a timely manner. Thank you for your support.”

Awesome Experience!!!”

We were so impressed with how user friendly your website was. We barely tapped in to all of the resources offered, but RunSignUp was just perfect for us! Thank you!”

The responsiveness of the entire RSU team is impressive! Thank you!”

THANKS Andrew, appreciate the great service!”

I am incredibly happy I chose this website for our first run at this Treatment Trail event. It has been fantastic, and getting the prompt feedback is one reason I will continue to use this site.”

— Treatment Trail

Hi! I've meant to email you about how happy we were with your website. Having this be our first time taking on such an event, you made it simple! Thank you so much! Our run raised $5000 for our Leader In Me program at our elementary school! Thanks!”

As someone that has been involved in planning a lot of events, I have to say, I LOVE RUNSIGNUP! Might even get a shirt made up that says that!”

— Michelle P, Playmakers

Thanks Jordan so glad to hear you're expanding. The website is so nice to use and customer service is awesome so I can see why you're getting bigger. Best of luck to you!”

So glad Bryan and staff were there for questions. That made it MUCH easier for me - thanks!”

For being a first time race director, I found RunSignUp to be user friendly. I had no difficulty importing paper registrations and running reports. I thought that it was very helpful to get an e-mail noting each day's registrations.”

Love the site and the concept. About damn time!”

— Helene N, National Nurses Half Marathon & 5K

Thank you! Also I just wanted to let you guys know how great you are... we've been using you for our online club membership for a few months now and every time I've had an issue or problem and sent off an e mail I've gotten a response within and hour or so. It's very refreshing!”

— Aubree C, Southern Tier Running Club

My plan this winter is to get more than half of our races on with you guys for 2014. Been very happy with and plan on expanding into this more.”

— Herb C, Miles of Smiles Timing

We want to make it easy for our timers to download participants from the major registration systems like RunSignUp. The Results Sharing API is the first of it's kind and we are happy RunSignUp is making it open so others can use it. This will make it easier for timers to post results quickly.”

— Alan J, RunScore

I appreciated it so much that it was easy to email the info address to request help when I had trouble figuring something out... and I always got a prompt and thorough reply. SO helpful when I'm so busy with many other things to not have to spend hours trying to figure something out.”

Just wanted to let you know that Bob contacted me! He was amazingly helpful! Thanks again for great customer support.”

— Kate B, Fleet Feet Sports

Whenever I had a question regarding logistics of the website, someone always got back to me promptly.”

Notice how quick Jordan answered you and this was a holiday. This is normal business for them. I have had race directors trying to get a hold of Active for days before talking to someone. Just wanted to point that out.”

— Herb C, Miles of Smiles Timing

Wow. Pardon my autocorrect mistakes in previous message. Long day! Thanks for fixing that so quickly. You guys are the best.”

Whoa, this is some radical stuff you got here. I love it. Looking forward to playing around with this and make 1+1 = 3”

Everything worked great... we are raving fans of RunSignUp! The features and tools are awesome and we are recommending it to many other races. RunSignUp is so good we stopped using paper forms, but have several "old school" regulars at our races that won't race unless they can register by paper. We accommodate them, but also charge them our own "$1.50 green fee". RunSignUp makes life for the race director so much easier.”

— Bob B, 3 Way Racing

Overall, the experience was great. Andrew was very responsive when I had an issue. The backend functionality is pretty good and the support documentation helpful. Again, thanks to Andrew for supporting us!”

Thanks as always. Your customer service continues to be astounding, and you have blown my expectations out of the water.”

Thanks for always helping me out. As a new race director I am often left with random questions and your group has made it so much easier!”

We cannot tell you enough how refreshing it is to have a partner in crime who can help us reach our goals. Thank you again!!!”

Went well for first time user. I really liked not having to download and send participant info to Pro-Fit Events [RunSignUp Timer]. I liked that they could download everything they needed.”

Great as usual, Enjoyed having Bryan and Bob from RSU join our event.”

Thanks for your help. I love your website!”

— Charlotte M, The Good Race 8K & Relay

Thank you so much. Your customer service is awesome!”

— Sandhya S

I want to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciated the individual attention and patience of your employee, Jordan Desilets. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me set up online registration. I needed some hand holding and had several questions. He patiently emailed me 11 times! I am usually not that needy, I swear! Thank you for providing such excellent customer service.”

— Carrie K, Rock & Root Ramble

Thanks Bryan! Can I tell you that I LOVE RUNSIGNUP!? It is so great, so simple and your support is much appreciated. It is going to help to make our customer service so much better.”

Perfect Matt. You are so 'easy' to work with and I do want to tell you how much I appreciate all your help. I also love how you notify me when someone registers. It is so easy. I have highly recommended you all to Embry Riddle for an event they are doing. Hope they take my advice! :)”

Thank you so much for all your guidance during the registration and donation process for the WinterKids 2nd annual Downhill 24! The event was a huge success in every way and I really appreciated your response time and eagerness to help solve any problems. Thanks again!”

— Downhill 24

Oops! You're too efficient! I was typing this message as your reply arrived! I just found the "Sponsors" area of the website -- That answers all my questions! Thanks for the help. Sorry for the alarm!”

Jordan was a GREAT help that I wasn't expecting! Thank you!!”

We love your website; thanks!”

If I haven't mentioned lately, RunSignUp's support is phenomenal!!! Thanks!”

— TJ W, Log Jam 5K

I am a race director and I am registered with RunSignUp. I have found it most enjoyable to customize my race.”

— John D, Race In Peace

Thanks for the quick response - great service!”

— Maxine M

Thanks Guys - I'm good. Appreciate the help. We really love you guys - excellent customer service!”

I think you all have done a great job with this software, and I'm really looking forward to getting a ton more experience. Thank you for all you have done for the running community with RunSignUp, and for the Columbus Running Company in improving our image through use of your software platform.”

— Andy H, Columbus Running Company

I really like that you do not charge a flat rate for each registration, but use a percentage for multiple registrations. It is one of the main reasons I used your site to set up my race. As a parent, I do not like paying a fee six times for my family to do an event.”

— Dawn H, Run for Global Education 5K

This is my second year to use your site and I am very pleased. Planning an event is a strength of mine, but technology is not, so for me to use your site with success speaks volumes about how user friendly your site is. Thank you!”

— Dawn H, Run for Global Education 5K

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