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no one should have to actually walk four miles in hopes of finding clean water

Have you ever thought twice about using your tap water to brush your teeth? Have you ever had to choose between sending your child to school for the day or sending them on a four mile walk to the nearest water hole? Did you ever worry about your child falling into an unsafe latrine (an actual and frequent cause of death for school children in developing countries)? Are you aware of your good fortune just because we live in one of the most freshwater rich areas in the world?

Our homes are next to Lake Erie. Our water and sanitation infrastructure, while not perfect, is well funded, intact, and closely monitored. Why worry about water?! We have so much!!

But even Lake Erie needs to be protected and preserved. Urbanization, industrialization, and agriculture have contributed to toxic algae blooms, increased sediment loads, and effluent from raw sewage. 

Preserving and protecting is precisely what we need to do more of.  And that’s precisely what Drink Local Drink Tap, a Cleveland-based, non profit, does. While we take for granted our access to our abundant resource, much of the world struggles to stay hydrated. Team Hatchberg is on a mission to increase water awareness -- we want you to think about the opportunities you have to help preserve our Great Lakes and how you can help expand access to clean and safe water.

Each one of our ten team members -- Anna, Jonathan, Karry, Kate, Maggie, Matthew, Michael, Phoebe, Sophie and Stacy -- believes that access to clean water and safe sanitation are basic human rights. We have supported Drink Local Drink Tap for almost ten years. We have participated in DLDT Lake Erie beach cleanups. We have been students in classrooms using the DLDT water education curriculum. We have donated and fundraised. We have been to Africa and seen the differences between sustainable water projects and faulty ones. And, we know that clean, safe water is vital to children becoming healthy and educated adults. Help us raise awareness and funds. Join us for a run or make a financial contribution to DLDT here. And appreciate your next glass of water and shower. (Well, maybe shorten the shower a bit!)
#DigCleanWater #4M4W2023


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