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Saturday September 10, 2022 Hopkinton, NH 03229 US Directions
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Mark Schiewetz
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Let's Have A Wedding...On The Same Day As P4P!

Welcome Back...I Have All Kinds Of News!

     Good news is that Cedar (the last of our three children to do so) is getting married this fall!

     The bad news is that because of the COVID backlog and various other scheduling conflicts involving the happy couple's chosen venue the wedding had to be booked for the same weekend as this year's Pedaling For Payson event...can you believe it, trust me when I say that I couldn't!  Therefore, I will not be physically present for P4P for the first time in some 15 years (yes, I have to admit that I missed the very first year of the event, but my continuous streak was solidly intact until now!).

     However, more good news...I shamed my guilt ridden child into locating an overnight rental that is exactly 16 miles from the Vermont state park where the wedding ceremony is to take place.  Thus on the morning of September 10th I will be pedaling to Cedar and Kristen's wedding the very same distance as the shortest P4P route (in the spirit of the ride I'd truly like to challenge myself by simulating the 30 or 50 mile courses, but even though it is an outdoor celebration I don't want to show up too sweaty...that just might be considered bad form for such a prestigious member of the wedding party!)

     Oh dear, more possible bad news...the predominate reason I didn't want to just skip this year's event because of the conflicting wedding date is that with my retirement somewhere on the not too distant horizon it is certainly conceivable that this could be my last Pedaling For Payson ride.  A sad thought indeed, but never say never and in reality I would much prefer that I am actually present for my final P4P chapter...only time will tell!

     The best news is that whether it be my last ride or not, the teams I have been involved with over the years have to date raised well over $200,000 for the Pedaling For Hope Fund at the Payson Center and I am hopeful that we can add another significant chunk of change to that total in 2022.  I am so very appreciative of any size gift you might be able to share and I can assure you that many patients receiving cancer treatment at the Payson Center will benefit from your generosity.

With Sincere Thanks,   Nurse Mark


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$8,470 Raised By 85 Donors

$550 from Anonymous
$500 on behalf of Fred Dawson
$440 in honor of All Bobs Everywhere
$355 from Anonymous
$300 On Behalf Of Gerald Sardella, MD
$300 on behalf of Mark Schiewerz’s 15 yr streak
$250 on behalf of Mary Fiske
$250 on behalf of Matthew Gibb
$250 on behalf of sidney poret
$200 on behalf of Peter Wilson
$200 on behalf of Rebecca Spencer
$140 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Adam Fountain
$100 On Behalf Of Andrea Main
$100 on behalf of Ashish Chaudhari
$100 on behalf of Bill and Cheryl Ennis
$100 on behalf of Christian Wilke
$100 on behalf of DB
$100 on behalf of Don & Lorraine Fournier
$100 on behalf of heather smith
$100 on behalf of Janna Pitman
$100 on behalf of Jeffrey Morin
$100 on behalf of Kevin OConnor
$100 in memory of Leslie Brett
$100 on behalf of Mark Schiewetz
$100 in support of Mark, my favorite cyclist, whether he's riding the Payson or riding to a wedding!
$100 in honor of Meagan
$100 on behalf of Meagan, Matt, Liam and Fitz
$100 On Behalf Of Melissa Hoyt
$100 in memory of my parents, Sal and Corinne
$100 on behalf of Norrine Nixon
$100 On Behalf Of Pam Puleo
$100 On Behalf Of Pamela Puleo in support of Mark's "final ride"
$100 on behalf of Patricia Mozzillo
$100 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Ronald Yap
$100 on behalf of Scott Fabozzi
$100 on behalf of Scott Sloane
$100 on behalf of Sharon Gunsher
$100 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Tim Toutain
$100 on behalf of Virginia Sheehan
$75 on behalf of Team Day Surgery
$50 on behalf of Amanda Gilman
$50 on behalf of Angela Coletti
$50 on behalf of Brian Dawson
$50 On Behalf Of David and Shoshana Siegel
$50 on behalf of David Snyder
$50 on behalf of Deborah Shimkus
$50 on behalf of Diane Scott
$50 in memory of Don Nute and Joe DiClerico
$50 on behalf of Jaclyn Hieken
$50 in memory of JC
$50 on behalf of Jen Beaudry
$50 on behalf of Kristen Vorderer
$50 On Behalf Of Maureen Brochu
$50 on behalf of Michelle Cote
$50 on behalf of nancy flagg
$50 on behalf of Nestor Torres
$50 On Behalf Of Nicole Varasteh and Nicholas Horangic
$50 on behalf of Patrick Vaughan
$50 on behalf of Robert Mitchell
$50 on behalf of Ryan van Hoff
$50 on behalf of Sally Hatch
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Shannon Clark
$50 on behalf of Stephen Belle-Isle
$50 on behalf of Susannah Schultz
$50 on behalf of The Sweaty Guy at the Wedding ♥️
$40 on behalf of Kim Cass
$25 on behalf of David Hill
$25 in memory of DB Schiewetz (Uncle Don)
$25 in honor of Diane and Amanda
$25 in honor of Jean Tower's mother Ann Ramsey
$25 on behalf of Meg Scienzo
$20 on behalf of April Connor
$20 from Anonymous
$20 on behalf of Christie Beaudoin
$20 in support of Dawn Welch
$20 on behalf of DB Schiewetz "A Very Good Man"
$20 on behalf of Jessica Bailey
$20 on behalf of Lauren Clattenburg
$20 in support of Marcus Aurelius Roundball
$20 on behalf of Mike Hogan
$15 on behalf of Michelle Foley

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