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My Heroes: My Son. And Now, My Best Friend

Update, April  29…Two days ago, my best friend of 43 years died unexpectedly. Thankfully she was a registered organ and tissue donor. I am now walking in memory of both my Stardust boy Scott, and my best friend Nancy. Here’s my story…

My extraordinary “villagers”, I’m once again asking for your support…and boy do I have a great story to share!! 

Sixteen months ago as our world came crashing down upon Alison and me. Yet in seven words from his medical team, one glimmer of hope flickered in our broken hearts. “Your son is a registered organ donor”. With that little Pink dot on his drivers license, my Scott's legacy would be his final gift - the opportunity to save lives.

Days later, as Alison wrapped her arms around her trembling mom, we watched Scott’s lifeless body as he was taken to have his still-beating heart, kidneys, and liver recovered. Gifts of life. Prayers answered for four patients, simultaneously being prepped in separate OR’s at different hospitals. 

Each time I see the video of us saying goodbye to Scott as his  gurney headed down that long hall to surgery, I relive the devastation our family felt in those moments. Then I imagine the four recipients’ families - feeling the extreme opposite. And I find tremendous comfort and gratitude that my Stardust boy’s last act in his earthly life was the most precious gift of all. As of September, 2021, I have been notified that four anonymous men are thriving with Scott's kidneys, liver and most precious of all - his heart.

Now imagine my elation, one year later, after waiting months hoping the recipients had received my letters telling them about my organ donor son. It was Thanksgiving weekend. Twelve months and five days since that tearful goodbye. Scott’s heart donor had replied to me, and it was the most welcome gift I could have asked for.

Scott’s heart now beats strongly in a healthy, kind, compassionate and very grateful new friend. Jeff! And together we are celebrating organ donation by participating together in the Donate Life Run/Walk, taking place Saturday June 4. Our team, Following Scott’s Heart will be walking at Mount San Antonio College in Azusa, CA. 

Last year, thanks to my generous village of donors, I was the top individual fundraiser for the virtual run walk that many of you participated in with me. Together we raised over $6000, and nothing would make me happier than to do it again in 2022. 

Please help Jeff and me celebrate the quite rare and extraordinary experience of meeting the recipient of one of Scott’s heart! As deceased donor family members, we are counseled in accepting the fact that hearing from an organ recipient is not common, and meeting them is even less frequent. Survivors guilt perhaps? And not all recipients survive the grueling surgery and recovery of organ transplant. To meet and be accepted by Jeff as “family” is truly a blessing. 

Sometimes I imagine Scott orchestrating the circumstances that led to him “selecting“ Jeff as his heart recipient, as if he knew this man would share it with me. I know Scott loved me with all of his heart and wanted me to know that his big, loving heart lives on.

If you have read this far, I thank you for your patience, kindness, compassion, and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of MY heart. 


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$22 on behalf of Joan DeFilippo

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