Fri January 1 - Sun January 31 Anywhere, OR 97215 US

Questions About the Race and Swag

Q: How does a virtual race work?
A: Simply register for the event, complete the distance anytime and anywhere you desire between the allotted dates (January 1 - January 31) , and upload your times / mileage each day.  When you complete the event we will mail you your swag items.

Q: If I am on a relay team, do we all get the swag?
A: Yes

Q: Are the tech shirts unisex or gender specific?
A: They are gender specific

Q: Do I get a finisher's medal?
A: Yes! When you finish, we will send the finisher's medal to you.

Q: When will I get my medal and t-shirt.
A: Once you have completed the event we will send out your medal and tech t-shirt.  However, we will not be ordering any of the swag items until after registration closes on January 31st and they will take about 4-6 weeks to get to you after that.

Q: For relay teams, will you ship all of our swag to one address or each individual address?
A: We will be shipping all items to your captain's shipping address.

Q: Are there prizes for top finishers / teams?  
A: Not exactly.  Every finisher will get a finisher certificate and the swag.  However, there are no prizes for being the fastest individual or team.

Q: When does the race take place?
A: You can complete your race and submit your times any time between Friday January 1st and Sunday January 31st.

Q: Can I register after January 1st?
A: You can register anytime between now and January 31st.  However, you must finish the event by January 31st no matter when you begin.

Q: What if I am not able to complete my race during the race period?
A: In order to participate you must complete the race during the dates we have scheduled for the event.  If you miss this one, you can join any of our other virtual events.  Please email us info@terrapinevents.com if you have any questions.

Q: What do the shirts and medals look like?
A: Go to our Swag section to view

Q: Where is my bib and how can I print it out?
A: See the race bib section here.

Q: Can I change my zip, address, name, etc.
A: Yes, you can edit your registration information. Here is a guide on making these changes.

Q: How do I find out more about JPM Project?
A: Click on the Donate button at the top of the page, and then on subsequent links.

Q: I live outside of the United States, can I still participate?
A: Absolutely! 

Questions About Recording Distance (Tracking Mileage/Kilometers)

Q: Do I have to run or bike the average miles each day, or can I break it up and run / bike more on any given day?
A: You can run / walk or bike as much or as little as you want on a given day. In order to earn your finisher's medal, you'll have to finish your total distance (100 / 200 / 300 miles) before January 31st 2021.

Q: If I am in the run / walk category, can I mix up running and walking?
A: Yes. You can run one day and walk another, or even walk and run in the same workout. 

Q: How do I track my race / submit my results (Do I need a GPS watch/tracker, or Strava)?
A: You will not have to show any proof.  You can use whatever device works best for you to track your mileage and time. You are on the honor system. There are no additional awards given for running faster.

Q: Do treadmill miles count? What about Trail miles?  What about Peloton or stationary bike or similar?
A: Yes for all.

Q: Do elliptical miles count?
A: No. Sorry.

Q: I'm running / riding in another race during the same period as The Back on Track Challenge. Can I count those miles?
A: Yes.

Q: If I register after the race starts on January1st, can I include my back mileage to January 1st?
A: NO. If you register before or on January1st, your mileage begins on January 1st. If you register after January 1st, your mileage begins on the date you register.

Q: How will I report my miles?
A: Refer to the "results" section on the website for full details.

Q: Why does the day-by-day distance on the map show only whole numbers?
A: Only whole numbers are shown on the map's day-by-day in order to save needed space. Enter distance up to two decimals and the system will retain it., and your total distance shown will equal your totals that you entered.

Q: Which miles / kilometers count?
A: We stole this answer from another virtual run, but it is the perfect answer so we couldn't resist.

"Sure, you are self reporting, and we are not requiring "proof", but what miles (or kilometers) should count?  This should only be the distances you cover when you actually go out to run or walk and yes, treadmill miles will count as well... and no, elliptical machines do not count.  I know some people go thru the day bristling with more electronic devices than a spy plane, counting up every step they take from getting out of bed to retiring for the night... along with a few steps for driving across railroad tracks, jiggling their leg while watching TV, or any other activity that causes one of their devices to register movement. Those are not really fair...What should be added to the daily tally are only the miles you cover while actually doing your daily walk or run, on purpose to cover some ground. Please; no Perry Mason loophole searching... You know the intent of the rule, and that is the rule."

If you have any other questions please contact us at info@terrapinevents.com

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