In 2017, Apex Personal training was inspired by two lifelong friends and fitness fanatics, Skaz Gecaj and John Swertfager. Successful athletes at both high school and collegiate levels, Skaz and John were determined to help individuals find and achieve their own stronger and healthier selves through customized one-on-one personal training.

Now, in 2018, Apex has outgrown its humble beginnings, and expanded its mission in a spacious, brand new fitness center in Cross River, New York. Apex Fitness (formerly Apex Personal Training) invites all levels of athlete, from beginner and casual to the most advanced levels, to come work out every day with a gym membership, or sign on for personal customized training, and let them help you find your healthiest, strongest self.

Let us help you reach your Apex!  Join us today.     

Located in Orchard Square Plaza

Rear Tennant

20 North Salem Rd.