John Jay Community Trail Race

Sun June 13, 2021 Cross River, NY 10518 US Directions

John Jay Community Trail

Donation Goal: $5,000

The Final Link Fundraiser!

We have the end of the trail (building) in sight!

We just need the FINAL LINK! Please donate to help us get finished before the race day. Your contributions are needed and appreciated.

The Championship Bridge is complete along with seven boardwalks and two other big bridges.

We are focused now on the Final Link Boardwalk with work remaining but the end of the project in sight. (Click here to see the other parts of the project your earlier donations have funded.)

The Final Link trail has two important sections - the Final Link Boardwalk and the final link trail.

The boardwalk is underway with the culvert crossing 70% complete. We have one more ramp to go and it will be passable via the gator utility vehicle.

The final link trail has been graded / flattened thanks to the KLSD O&M department. We have a plan to line the trail with geotextile material and weed barrier which will go underneath a layer of woodchips. This will prevent subsidence of the trail and stymie weed growth on this trail. The upper side and lower side of the graded trail will be shored up by 6x8 railroad ties lining the sides of the trails and anchoring the geotextile fabrics that will be laid across approximately 100' of graded trail. This trail is the final approach to the finish line at the JJ Contest Track & Field. 

We are also working on trail signage, marking, and recognition. Thank you to our generous donors who have gotten us this far. Add your name to the list while we are still fundraising

Our grand opening ceremony for the John Jay Community Trail was originally planned for the evening before the 3rd annual John Jay Trail Races on April 19, 2020. But the pandemic altered those plans. The grand opening ceremony for the trail system will wait for after the pandemic is under control and social gatherings and celebrations can occur with minimal risk. At that time will invite all donors, volunteers, athletes, sponsors, and community members who had a role in getting the project finished. This ceremony may take place before the 2022 race - stay tuned you are all invited!

We are working towards getting the final link trail ready to run on prior to the June 13, 2021 return of the JJTrail Race. We need your help with volunteer time and $$ donations! There is still work to be done - some of the work will require large groups to help. We will reach out to our volunteers as needed. 


(green = 10 completed bridges and boardwalks, yellow=Final Link Boardwalk and trail in progress)

If you would rather send your donation in via check, visit our Donate page on the JJTRAIL.ORG website.

There is a donation form you can download on the site here and mail the check to the John Jay Boosters Club, PO Box 586, Cross River, NY 10518.


Raised of $5,000


Top Donors

$4,498 Raised By 60 Donors

$250 on behalf of Aredien Corp.
$250 on behalf of Braun Family
$250 on behalf of Joseph Neu
$250 on behalf of Kara & Damien Whelan
$250 on behalf of Stuart Weitzman
$250 on behalf of The Pollak Family
$200 on behalf of Devin Braun
$200 on behalf of Stuart Weitzman
$150 on behalf of Lawrence Koppl
$150 on behalf of Rich Sklarin
$150 on behalf of Rifkin Family
$100 on behalf of Arthur & James Cunningham
$100 on behalf of Baird-Taylor Boys
$100 on behalf of Daniel Kortick
$100 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Leeds
$100 on behalf of Lisa Keenan
$100 on behalf of Logan B. Aceste
$100 on behalf of MacDonald Family
$100 on behalf of Michael & Janet Heneghan
$100 on behalf of Rhea Johnson
$100 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Carrie Barratt
$50 on behalf of Charles Frankel
$50 on behalf of Erika Pierce
$50 on behalf of Graham Brown
$50 on behalf of Jennifer Summer
$50 on behalf of Jill & John Gusmano
$50 on behalf of Marc Schreiber
$50 on behalf of Mark Ligorski
$50 on behalf of Nancy Kozuchowski
$50 on behalf of Rifkin Family
$50 on behalf of The Barniv Family
$25 on behalf of Amy Colley
$25 on behalf of Andrea Dallaire
$25 on behalf of Christopher Gambelli
$25 on behalf of David Gordon
$25 on behalf of Elizabeth McGoldrick
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of James Mcgough
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Jeremy Hill
$25 on behalf of John Spens
$25 on behalf of Julia Mord
$25 on behalf of Justin Stanford
$25 on behalf of Matthew Chen
$25 on behalf of Mike and Barbara Lena
$25 on behalf of Nancy Barlow
$25 on behalf of Rachel Massa
$18 on behalf of Karen Haitoff
$10 on behalf of Amanda Brenes
$10 on behalf of Emily Cunningham
$10 on behalf of Jerre Skeats
$10 from Anonymous
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Paul Funke
$5 from Anonymous
$5 on behalf of Christopher Eliot
$5 on behalf of Maureen Chiodo
$5 on behalf of Maureen Chiodo

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