Constant Forward Motion

The journey through life is about Constant Forward Motion. Your motion is different from mine but as long as we move forward we grow, we learn, we love, and we become…

Ridgefield Running Company represents Constant Forward Motion. Our symbol, the triskelion is all about motion. The triskelion is a Celtic symbol which dates back to Neolithic time and appears to have three legs that are in motion, representing movement and is believed to represent a tale of forward motion in order to reach life understanding.

Ridgefield Running Company believes that moving forward is paramount to a healthy self. Movement creates a healthy, happy being and clarity of perspective. These ideals come to life when you visit our store, meet our staff, join our training groups or participate in our community events.

We are passionate about movement.

We move at different paces but we all move forward.

At Ridgefield Running Company, we move #forwardtogether.