Desert Storm 30K

Sun January 17 - Sun February 28, 2021 Your Town, AA 00000 US

Desert Storm 30K Run/Walk

$0 Registration ends February 28, 2021 at 11:59pm CST

Desert Storm 30K Ride

$0 Registration ends February 28, 2021 at 11:59pm CST

Desert Storm 30K Ruck/Hike

$0 Registration ends February 28, 2021 at 11:59pm CST

Desert Storm 30K Roll

$0 Registration ends February 28, 2021 at 11:59pm CST
Your Town, AA US 00000

A Challange to comemorate Operation Desert Storm. Ride, Roll, Run, Walk, High Crawl, Low Crawl any way you know how, complete the 30K distance during the 42 day window.  
 It is a just for fun virtual challenge. It is split into 3 events to hopefully allow anyone who wants to try to have an event for them. All are progressive so you do not need to do it all at once. You will have the duration of ODS Jan 17th - Feb 28th to complete the challenge. The events are a Run/Walk, a Ride, or a Hike/Ruck. You just keep track of your distance and enter it into the website.
The Run/Walk, is as you would think run, jog, or walk as far as you want any day during the challenge time frame. You can do it all at once or break it up just keep track of your distance and time to be entered into the website. A GPS is useful but not required for outdoor activity and info from a treadmill can be used as well, you are on your honor to be as accurate you can after all it is just for fun.
The Ride can be like the run/walk on a road bike, trail bike, or an exercise bike, just try to keep a good idea of time and distance. This can also be broken up into multiple sessions.
The Hike/Ruck event involves carrying a pack with gear and/or weight in it. While one could do this on a treadmill with incline, I would think most would want to do this outdoors. The gear/weight should be 30 LBS minimum not counting water and food that would be consumed during the hike. By all means bring those things and any thing else you might need. So if you are doing a late season bow hunt and your gear adds up you can count that hike to the stand back each day. Take some time to check out some of the great hiking trails in our State and National parks. Again just try to track your time and distance GPS helps but not required.
All events will have distance added in miles, I figured most of you do not want to do the conversion (30KM = 18.64miles). All are free to signup for and you can sign up for any or all three. Feel free to share with friends or family to have them do it with you, or compete against. I will share it with my local running club and the the Chicago Team RWB chapter. In hopes of doing a local live event.
Take Pictures!!  You will also be able to post and share pics on the event page. So take a pic or have someone else take a pic of you taking part in the challenge. I really do want to see how your doing, maybe take old glory out for walk, or a pic of that trail you just explored or a fellow group of vets you hang out with. The point is to get out and do something active. Know it may not be easy, it's not supposed to be, but you are not alone. We have done difficult things together before. Remember our time together in the service of our country and the 30 years that have passed.
I hope to see you on the sign up page and even more in the completed section with a picture showing pride in what we have accomplished.

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