Sparks Kids Tri

Sat August 25, 2018 Fort Smith, AR US 72902 Directions

Kids Triathlon

7:30AM CDT - 1:00PM CDT
810 Lexington Avenue
Fort Smith, AR US 72902

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

On-line Registration Only

Entry Fee
$25 through Sun, Aug. 12th
$35 through Sun, Aug. 19th (at midnight)

Absolutely no entries accepted after
August 19th

Event Description
Sparks Kids Triathlon is for youth 14 years and under who like to swim, bike and run. The event will begin at the Marvin Altman Fitness Center pool, with the Bike & Run course on Lexington Ave. (which will be closed for event safety). Biking to B Street and Running to J Street.

Open to the first 130 individuals who register.

Each racer must provide a bicycle and an approved helmet. Helmet must be fastened before mounting the bike and should not be unfastened until dismounting the bike.


Starting time
All racers should be on-site by 7:00am.
All bikes must be in the transition area by 7:10am.
Racers and a parent must attend a mandatory pre-race meeting at 7:15am.
The youngest age group will start at 7:30am and other groups will follow in age order, with the exception of the 13-14, who will start before 11-12s, because of the increased distance they need to cover.

There are new rules in place for racers AND parents... please read the race day information you receive to prevent disqualification!

Each competitor will receive a T-shirt and medal, plus be eligible for a bobble-head trophy. Awards will be presented to 1st--3rd place boys and 1st--3rd place girls in each age group.

Race Packets
Packets can be picked up on Friday, August 24th 5-8pm and Race Day morning between 6:30-7am at MAFC.

Volunteer Meeting
Will be at 6pm, Friday August 24th at MAFC



Course Distances

Age Group Swim Bike Run
4 & under* 25 yards .5 mile .25 mile
5-6 years * 25 yards .7 mile .3 mile
7-8 years 50 yards 1.4 mile .55 mile
9-10 years 100 yards 2.1 miles .8 mile
11-12 years 150 yards 2.8 miles 1.05 mile
13-14 years 200 yards 3.5 miles 1.3 miles

*Assistive devices (i.e. kickboards, floaties, training wheels) will be allowed in the 6 and under age groups. Competitors in other age groups may use these devices but will not be eligible for an award.

For Additional information on the Sparks Kids Triathlon, please contact:
Bobby Harper at (479) 441-5469
or Tracey Harper at

We’re on Facebook!
“Fort Smith Arkansas Triathlons”

Want a race shirt?
Volunteers and Parents can pre-order race shirts for $10 each by contacting Tracey at


Age Group-------Swim------------Bike-------- Run

4 & under-------25 yards------.5 mile------.25 mile-- (red group)

5-6 years--------25 yards------.7 mile------.3 mile-- (orange group)

7-8 years---------50 yards------1.4 mile-------.55 mile-- (yellow group)

9-10 years-------100 yards-----2.1 miles------.8 mile-- (green group)

11-12 years------150 yards-----2.8 miles------1.05 mile-- (blue group)

13-14 years------200 yards-----3.5 miles------1.3 miles-- (purple group) 

see photos for map & turn around instruction


(The website charges a small fee, usually $2-3, for on-line registration.)
$25 registration fee through Sunday, August 12th

$35 late registration through Sunday, August 19th
ABSOLUTELY NO entries will be accepted after this date! (This is so a race shirt can be ordered, printed & tie-dyed specifically for each racer--to match their age group)
Individual events will not be timed, only overall start to finish time will be provided. Parents may wish to bring their own chrono timer (watch, stopwatch, etc.) if they want to time their child's individual events for their own personal knowledge.

The race will be chip timed by JAYMAX!

It's always a good TIME!

The Kids Triathlon will begin at the Marvin Altman Fitness Center pool, with the Bike & Run course on Lexington Ave. (which will be closed for event safety). Biking to B Street and Running toward Dodson.
Racers must provide their own bicycles and approved helmets. Helmets MUST be fastened & worn on the bike course. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
Each competitor will receive a T-shirt & medal, and be eligible for a bobble-head trophy. Awards will be presented for 1st-3rd place males AND 1st-3rd place females in each age group.
*participants in the 6 & under age categories will be allowed the use of floaties & training wheels and still be elligible for awards. Older kids can still use assistive devices, but will not be considered for a trophy.
Each racer will receive a race packet with fun kid items and coupons/discounts from local businesses. Packets may be picked up on Friday August 24th from 5-8pm and Race Day morning from 6:30-7am at MAFC.



Sponsors and Donations are needed!!! Both monetary gifts and/or items for door prizes will be greatly appreciated. Sponsors names will be printed on race T-shirts and printed materials according to the Category of Sponsorship. Contact Bobby Harper (Race Director) or Tracey Harper (FB Event Administrator) about Sponsorship Opportunities and Levels of Giving.



Volunteers are also GREATLY needed! It takes a lot of people on the sidelines to make this race run smoothly and safely for the kids on the course. There will be a sign up sheet for volunteers at the front desk of MAFC, or you can contact us by any of the means noted on this event page.

Volunteer Meeting will be Friday, Aug. 24th at 6pm at MAFC.


Packets should be picked up by 7:00am on race morning.

Bikes must be racked by 7:10am

Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting for racers and parents at 7:15am

You are welcome to come out on Friday and go over the course with your child.

Racers will line up with their age group outside, under the MAFC awning, and will be called into the pool area when they are the next group to start. We will proceed in age order, youngest to oldest (exception: 13-14 go before 11-12 because of the increased distance they have to cover). When it is their turn, racers will start out in the pool with their hand on the wall, in waves of 6 or more. There will be a lap counter assigned to each lane and these volunteers will help the kids out of the pool if they need it.

Racers will then exit out the side door and down concrete steps to the parking lot where the bike staging area will be. We will allow parents to watch their children in the pool and exit out the pool doors IF they can do this with respect to the racers and THEIR right of way. ASOLUTELY NO ONE will be allowed to enter through the pool exit while the swim is in progress. If you must go back in, you will HAVE TO go back through the fitness center front doors and main pool entrance. YOUR KID WILL BE DISQUALIFIED if we see you or them going back in through the pool exit!

Please bring a towel!

They will dry their feet, put on (socks) tennis shoes, shorts or shirts if they want, and their helmet.

We will again be using the MANDATORY color-coded to age group T-shirts, to help our volunteers identify racers and count laps. KIDS MUST WEAR THIS RACE SHIRT DURNING THE BIKE & RUN PORTIONS OF THE RACE.

They must also wear their race number on the FRONT of their body... either pinned to the shirt or on a race belt. We will also be marking their number on their arm & leg with a permanent marker before the race starts and be using bike numbers for the handlebars.

They will WALK their bike out of the transition area and exit to the left to start on the bike segment of the course. There will be volunteers to assist them in every area, should they need it (with shoes, helmet, mounting bike, etc.).

Most racers will be required to complete multiple laps on the bike/run course. The loops will be marked with flags, signs, and writing on the road... plus there will be volunteers reminding them where to turn around.

Please, Please, Please go over your child's distance with them before race day, so they know how many laps they are to do in each event. This will help their confidence & speed. We will have volunteers keeping track, but anyone can make a mistake, and it can only help the kids by working on being responsible.

Race day information including a map & course distances with number of loops will be e-mailed a week before the race. PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY.

A parent of children in the 6 and under age group may run the course with their child. Please try to stay out of transition areas as they can get congested with racers and volunteers. We do not want any racer slowed down by a parent or spectator. There is plenty of room on the sidewalks for fans and picture-taking!

Please only racers crossing the finish line (and only one time) because of the computer chip timing system.

Again, we reserve the right to DQ any racer whose parents are impeding the progress of the other racers.

When racers complete the bike portion, they will exit their bike at the dismount line and a volunteer will take and re-rack their bike and return helmets to the transition area. Then they will continue running South toward Dodson, and again will make the necessary loops to complete their distance in the run portion.

Once completed, they will follow the flag chute into the MAFC parking lot to the finish line, where pictures, hugs and high-fives are encouraged! But we will ask that you stay behind the flags in the finish line area to ensure racer safety and the recording of correct finish times. Time does not stop until they cross under the finish line, so encourage them to keep running until they are in the "cool down" area.

Once a child has finished racing, he/she is to STAY OFF the race course. This will prevent confusion for the volunteers and race staff and show respect to their fellow racers who are still competing. No second time run-throughs on the finish line and no free-wheeling bikes around the parking lot!

QUESTIONS? or for more information, contact Bobby Harper at MAFC
479-441-5469 or Tracey Harper at

We’re on Facebook!      “Fort Smith Arkansas Triathlons”

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