ASHFoundation Virtual 5k Walk/Run

Sat August 28, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About the Virtual 5k Walk/Run on August 28, 2021

With a virtual walk/run, you pick where you do it, who you do it with, and what time you start.  Here's everything you need to know to join in!

Why should I participate in the ASHFoundation Virtual 5k Walk/Run event? One in six Americans has a speech, language, or hearing disorder that can keep them from reaching their full potential in school, work, and life. That’s 50 million people with conditions that can make human interaction a struggle to connect and convey ideas. Their everyday life can be very frustrating—and we all miss out on their potential contributions. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation) supports innovators and sparks innovation in the field of communication sciences and disorders. We provide resources for passionate and promising investigators exploring forward-thinking solutions and conducting groundbreaking research. All proceeds from your race registration go directly to the ASHFoundation funding programs supporting students, researchers and clinicians in the communication sciences.

What is the cost of the event?  $40.00 per registrant. All participants will receive an official race t-shirt and bib!. All race materials will be shipped directly to the participant's shipping address starting Aug 1, 2021. Register by 8/1 to be sure to receive your t-shirt in your size and in time to wear on race day. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Digital race bibs will be available for any participants that may not receive their race materials prior to the race due to late signups.   

How do I sign up? Click on the 'Sign Up' button to get started today

How far is a 5k Walk/Run?  3.1 miles

Do I have to complete the entire distance all in one day? No!  We want everyone to participate and recognize that this is a long distance.  All we ask is that you try to complete a portion of the distance on August 28.  If you need to start your race a little earlier in the week to reach the full distance - that is fine.  Once you complete the full distance on August 28th you can enter your race time or simply check that you completed the race (optional).

What if I can't do the race on August 28? That's okay!  Simply sign up, complete your 5k anytime that week and wear your t-shirt.  On the day of the race, feel free to upload your race time to our leaderboard (optional).  We'll be sharing photos of the race on social media that day, and hope you will too, but we'll be excited to hear about your walk/run experience whenever you complete it.  

How do you know if I completed the race?  Honestly, we don't, but we trust you!  The ASHFoundation is all about community and support.  We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the spirit of this event.  We'll be following along with all our racers who post on social media, so be sure to share your experience and use #ASHFoundation5k.

Will there be awards for top finishers?  No.  Our race leaderboard is simply for bragging rights and to share your accomplishment with others.  

Can I walk with a group or team?  YES!  When you register, you'll have the option to join or create a team, which is ideal for walking/running with friends, colleagues or other groups who want to race together.  You do not need to be part of a group or team to participate in this event.  It's an optional feature.

Can I make a donation to the race without actually walking/running?  YES!  If you would like to donate to the race you have two (2) options.  The first option is to go to the ASHFoundation website and complete this donation form . When you are completing your donation form you can specify in the comment text box that you want your donation to go towards the 5k race event.  The second option is to sign up for the race!  You can choose not to walk/run that day and your registration fee will still go to the ASHFoundation.  You even have the option to donate your T-shirt if you want to donate a little something extra.

Will I get a T-shirt before the event and when should I expect it to arrive at my house? All ASHFoundation Virtual 5k Walk/Run participants will receive an official T-shirt and race bib while supplies last. Race T-shirts are available in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL (unisex).  Shipping and handling is included in your race registration so no additional charges are required. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks.  If you sign up after August 10th, we can not guarantee you'll receive a T-shirt or race bib in time for the event.

What is a race bib and do I have to wear it on race day? The race bib is more of a commemorative gift for you.  You do not need to wear your race bib the day of the race.  However, the number on your race bib is important because you'll need the number to upload/report your walk/run time to our leaderboard.  It's also a nice way to show your support for the ASHFoundation on the day of the virtual 5k walk/run.  

How do I know I've walked/run 3.1 miles? We recommend that you use a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit, Garmin, SmartWatch, pedometer, etc.  If you don't have one of these devices, then make sure to map out your route before the race. There are several free online tools such as Google Maps or other free apps like 'MapMyWalk' or 'MapMyRun' to help you determine the best path to complete the distance.

Is my race registration considered a taxable deduction? $30.00 of your race registration fee goes to ASHFoundation funding programs. 

Why was I charged sales tax for a charitable fundraising race event?  Due to the recent tax changes, sales tax is charged based on the state in which the participant/buyer resides. Currently, four states charge sales taxes for race admissions.  If you reside in one of those four states, then you may see sales tax included in your race registration fee.

How do I create my own team/group for the race?  Once you select the 'Sign Up' button there is a question at the bottom of the registration form that asks 'Would you like to join or create a Group/Team?'.  Simply select 'YES' and you will be given the option to join an existing team from the drop down menu and selecting an existing team/group name or you can create your own team.  To create your own team, select 'create a team' and enter your own team name.  

Can I join a team after I already signed up for the race?  YES.  Simply log into RunSignUp and click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.  Select 'My Registrations'  and select MANAGE REGISTRATIONS.  In the upper navigation bar - select GROUP/TEAM.  If you want to join an existing group/team, select that option and pull down the team name you want to join.  If you want to create your own team - select that option and complete the steps.

How do I create a Corporate Team?  On the main race registration web page select the 'More' option and then select 'Corporate Teams' .  Select the button 'Create a New Team' and follow the prompts.

What is the different between a Corporate Team and a Group/Teams? General group/teams are for anyone that wants to race together virtually with family, friends and colleagues.  A Corporate Team is formed when a company or small business wants to underwrite a portion of the race registration fees for their employees.  We ONLY recommend this option if a group wants to subsidize a portion of their race fees.  

How do I sign up for a 'Corporate Team'?  To sign up for a corporate team go to the Corporate Team Race page : . Click the 'Join' button next to to the team you wish to join. Complete the initial race registration information. Make sure to select 'NO' when asked to Join a Team/Group?  Remember that is for general group/teams and you're already on the corporate team sign up page that you selected. Consent to the race waiver and enter this corporate team code you were provided.  Select 'Employee' when asked about your affiliation to the company. The discount for your race registration will be applied once you enter the code and indicate your employee status.


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