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Big heart, big philanthropist, big family— Rivers is a father, a husband, a son, a brother, and a friend to so many across the globe. Rivs, as he’s known by his friends, has spent his life helping others, now he’s fighting for his life. Diagnosed with a rare lung cancer, he’s now under specialists’ care in Scottsdale, Arizona. Join Rivers’ family and the endurance world in raising funds that will off-set his life saving treatment.
“You can’t always control how you feel, but you are responsible for how you treat others, always.”  TRP


*Mention @runwithrivs and use the hashtag #runwithrivs on Instagram


It’s our turn to help! Let’s all #RunWithRivs! 

Make your impact felt! Pick a day or multiple days between August 1st and 9th and take on a challenge of your choosing. Join Rivers in the sports he adores—run, ride, hike, paddle, and/or walk for as many miles as you can to raise money for his family. 
It's important to note that Rivers is not someone who asks for help, he’s usually the person offering it. Any close friend or family member will tell you that he’d rather fix this predicament himself. However, Rivs wasn’t given a choice. 
Our goal is to allow his family to focus their energy on helping him heal, not be consumed with mounting medical costs. Lift them up by doing what Rivers does best—cover ground, breathe, involve friends and family, and share the journey! Share your stories with us by using these hashtags:
#RunWithRivs #RideWithRivs #HikeWithRivs #TriWithRivs


"I suppose context is everything and ‘relative perspective’ is an adaptive trait that we should value as a gift. Perhaps it’s the reason we’re all still moving forward through this tunnel, knowing it‘s not a cave. There will be light. We know it intrinsically. Otherwise none of us would be here clawing our way out." -Thomas Rivers Puzey

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And mention @runwithrivs and use the hashtag #runwithrivs on Instagram




  • Accept the Run With Rivs Challenge
  • Design your Challenge Entry – Choose one or more activities: Run, Ride, Jog, Hike Walk, Paddle…
  • Make your own donation
  • Create a fundraiser, connect with friends and family, and ask for donations for your efforts
  • Log your challenge miles under "results" in your runsignup account
  • Push your fundraiser by word of mouth and on social media during the week-long window.
"Life is a fragile thing. Be grateful for each new day and hold tight to all the good things this world has to offer. "  -Thomas Rivers Puzey


The results page is for logging miles.  They relate to earning donations for your miles as well.  Both earn appreciation.  
This results page is also where you can load up your own photos.  Share the joy through your photos - your route, your running partners, your inspiration, your revelations.  It's always about more than just the miles, share through photos the way Rivs always does. 
Mention @runwithrivs and use the hashtag #runwithrivs on Instagram
"Love, like faith, or fitness, or resolve, has a short shelf life. Live it while you can. Soak it up until you’re over saturated. Drip off the excess to the others around you. Maybe they’ve got room to absorb a bit more. Maybe they’ll be able to return a bit of it down the road as the well runs dry again." TRP 

A TESTAMENT AND REQUEST - Fasil Bizuneh speaks for so many ...



Recently former elite distance runner, Fasil Bizuneh summed up his impression of Rivers. They have never met, but he captured the man in a way that's worth sharing with you here...

I've never met Dr. Tommy Rivers Puzey, DPT , but I trained in Flagstaff for 7 years just before his time there. We share many mutual friends and I'm sure we have run many of the same trails.

He seems to have squeezed the most out of this life while carrying himself with grace and humility. He's a Doctor of physical therapy, speaks 5 languages, has lived all over the world, is a world class ultra and trail runner and fitness model, is an online coach, and is a husband & father to three young daughters.

Although being the epitome of health and fitness at only 35 years young, he was just recently diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of lung cancer and is currently fighting for his life.

The more I read and learn about Tommy, the more impressed I am by the impact that he has had on those that have had the good fortune to come in contact with him. As a father of two young children myself, I can't imagine what his family must be going through. The world truly needs and thrives upon the the positive energy of people like Tommy.

The lasting effect he has been able to have on the people around him is more than evident from the outpouring of support from all over the world in response his current predicament. It reminds me of the marigold effect. A marigold is a flower which gives and gives if itself so that all the plants which may enter their close proximity may grow strong. If you plant a marigold beside most any garden vegetable, that vegetable will grow big and strong and healthy, protected and encouraged by it's marigold.

I can clearly see that Tommy is a marigold in the lives of many far and wide - encouraging, supporting and nurturing growth in others on their own paths through life. It is an inspiring way to live and we are all hoping that miraculous healing may come for Tommy so that his story may continue.

May we all harness the power of focused intention and will Tommy back to good health, back to the sacred mountain trails, back to the life he so evidently loves and lives to the the fullest, and back to his family.

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